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The Nuclear War HD

The Nuclear War HD

Release Date:  May 10, 2012
Developer:  IPANDA LAB
Genre:  RPG

The Nuclear War HD is an iPad massive-multiplayer RPG set on the near-future modern warfare battlefield where you need to choose a nation to engage in the world war with other big powers. Each power features its own unique nation bonus to a specific unit type. For example, Germany has a bonus over ground units while USA has a bonus to air units.

The game contents can be basically split into four parts: doing mission to level up; using skill points to build up your characters stats; trying to keep a good PvP record and managing your money flow from business buildings.

Nuclear War doesn’t provide any exploration mode allowing you to walk around and accomplish objectives. It is very similar to old-school text-based RPGs, but Nuclear War has images to go with it. So everything can be easily done by taping the corresponding button.

Doing mission is the most important way to earn EXP, money, and loots. Each quest has its own requirements in terms of character level, energy consumption and combat units. The proficiency gauge of each quest fills up progressively as you repetitively do the same quest. A mastery badge will be displayed next to the quest name when the gauge is fully filled. You have to earn mastery badges for all the quests available in the first scenario to unlock the next.

By attacking other players, you can own a small amount of EXP and money. Each PvP battle consumes 1 ammo point. Generally, you tap battle button on the home screen to bring up a list of opponents who are around your level. By sending scouts, you can gain information about enemy strength. Comparing it to your own and you will know if it’s worth the fight. Likewise, there is no attack animation, a warp-up report pops up and shows the casualties and loots.

The business management part of the game is also simple. Each income building gives a specific income that will be added to your Money Flow after a certain intervening time period. Buildings are gradually unlocked as you proceed through the game.

Nuclear War is easy to pick up and its interface is neatly structured, but it is fun and addictive. The modern warfare theme might be appealing to older players and of course, gains popularity among males.

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