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The Sims Social

The Sims Social

Release Date:  2011/8
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  Playfish+EA
Genre:  Sims

The Sims Social is a 2D simulation social game developed by Playfish and EA for Facebook exclusively. It was announced during E3 2011 and weeks later, the beta version was officially live. Till now, there have been 45,478,097 Facebook monthly active users and this number continutes to grow. It supports five languages, allowing players to create their own Sims, build the house of their dreams, make friends or maybe more, and experience exciting adventures with all their Facebook friends! Check our Preview to learn basic gameplay.


In the game industry, what is the average lifespan of a game? Given the constant emergence of brand new games shooting out like bamboos after rain even on daily basis, chances are that those able to thrive over a decade with no recessing charm can be crowned as classic at least.

If so, The Sims, a PC game made by Electronic Arts, is undeniably a classic, for since its first appearance in 2000, this single game has been played in sixty countries worldwide with millions of copies of various versions up to now. Its everlasting appeal is indebted to the fact that it actually sells dreams to people; anyway, who wouldn’t want to try on another life?

And now, Electronic Arts is working on a converted version titled The Sims Social out of it, ready to spread this great Sims craze on the largest social platform, e.g. the Facebook.

Landed on the social Facebook, The Sims Social is only too predictably going to allow in-game Sims to interact with one another rather than with the original computer-controlled Sims. The interaction is not constrained to the usual chitchats, mutual visits, occasional helps in cleaning-up and the likewise, but proceeds further like cooking meals for friends, developing in-depth relations, and even carrying out intimate activities, say, kissing and something more.

In fact, its debut trailer serves as a perfect example that in it a couple can be seen to get undressed and jump into the same hot tub from where bubbles out many a heart. Of course, Sims can also pull friends’ leg from time to time; anyway, a little prank and mischief can do no serious harms but add flavors to life. And it’s up to players to decide whether peeing in a friend’s lawn belongs to such acceptable category.

But mind you, what you have done in friends’ domicile, helpful or mischievous, are all able to replay for the house owners to keep updated with all happened during his/her absence. Just like the catchword in its site, Sims in this fantastic world will “befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray”. Doesn’t that sound like the real life? Perhaps, out of this blurring line between virtual and real comes the charisma of the Sims life.

In this lively world abundant with humor, romance and life, all Sims can enjoy themselves and relish life, be it a guitar-playing rock-star or a gourmet-creating top-chef. Who wouldn’t want to be a Sim in “The Sims Social”?


The Sims series has already conquered diverse domains, ranging from PCs and HD consoles to portables and mobile phones. Nonetheless, the journey of conquest never ceases, and The Sims Social is now marching into the social networks

The magical world of The Sims, which has actually been available to us for eleven long years, allows us to have the role of a self-created avatar and manage a wonderful daily life. In short, it provides social interactions of all kinds, which can be called the most brilliant feature of the series. Now Electronic Arts and Playfish develops a F2P game on Facebook, the largest social network in the world, enabling you to interact with your real friends online.

Your character can be easily and freely customized, but some fabulous accessories still cost a certain amount of money. Similar to the original games, The Sims Social requires you to lead your little character to conduct a series of activities in a virtual house after you have chosen your preferred name, gender, appearance and key personality traits. Though The Sims Social is merely a web game, it cherishes enormous possibilities. First of all, you have to take into consideration your avatar’s basic needs, such as hygiene, entertainment, social interactions, hunger and so on, which can all be handled by simply clicking on their relevant icons. If you want to live a happy life, you must, first of all, set up a cozy home, so don’t hesitate to equip your room with shower, toilet, fridge, and bed. In general, it is not very difficult to satisfy these needs.

The gameplay of The Sims Social revolves around a diversity of challenges for you to achieve, ranging from making an IQ test to other fictional characters to drawing a bridge with a vast number of shapes. There is also a quest that asks you to compose a song and play it on guitar to five other avatars. Judging from the aforementioned tasks, you may conclude that one of the key features is the emphasis on the participation of your Facebook friends. But you do not need to worry about not having enough buddies at first because in the initial phase, the challenges are quite easy to accomplish.

Indeed, the virtual universe will be largely populated by avatars that are your acquaintances or friends. There is even a chance that one of your virtual neighbors is actually your neighbor in real life. And as mentioned above, most quests require the participation of a certain number of friends in the game, so it is necessary to establish a vast community and keep adding new friends to your list. Moreover, the interactions will continue even in your absence, because your friends can visit your home at any time, help you repair a defective object or even perform an act of malice! But you will also notice quickly that your avatar’s attributes will decrease bit by bit when you are not connected to the game.

As for the economy system, The Sims Social is fortunately a little more generous than it appears at first glance, for each of your actions can generate some points which may help you recover from a fuel drain. Besides, this game keeps traditional Simoleons which can be used to obtain clothing, furniture and other accessories directly in the in-game store. It is also possible to gain some experience points that can increase the level of your avatar by means of completing some special actions. If you are looking for long-term gaming pleasure, you are highly advised to purchase new traits for your little character. In fact, there are a total of six features that can be gradually boosted up using these points

Electronic Arts incorporates a typical energy system which gives you fifteen points in total at the beginning of the game. But the points will be consumed quickly when you engage in some specific actions that are symbolized by lightning in the radial menus. When the energy bar drops down to zero, you will be, to some extent, incapacitated in the game. All you can do is try to pick up energy points that fall randomly on the screen until you are finally recharged. Fortunately, the energy rises relatively quickly even if you log out the game, but this may frustrate some players who are looking for some challenges.

Spending money will definitely help you progress quickly in the game. Fortunately, the competition aspect is almost absent, so you are not forced to empty your pocket in order to stand out among your friends.

Though The Sims Social is generally intended as a free game, Electronic Arts added the concept of Simcash alongside the traditional Simoleons, the virtual currency in this series. The former cash that can be achieved by spending your real money offers a lot of enviable advantages, thus alluring players to invest quite a tidy sum. For example, you can spend some Simcash in exchange for various objects, which will, of course, quicken your process. Simoleons can only be used to purchase some mediocre items, such as energy points and clothes; on the contrary, Simcash has no bounds in The Sims Social and it can be turned into almost anything. Moreover, if you choose to play in a desolate corner with AI-controlled neighbors, you’d better opt for Simcash to compensate for the lack of friends. For example, if you can not fulfill the quests which require the cooperation of at least five friends, you can be exempted from this tedious step by spending 8 Simcash.

The necessary items can be obtained by spending some points that are generated from the completion of quests. Besides, you will also have access to some original items which fall randomly on your screen. All kinds of objects, including sponges, pillows, night-caps, remnants of food, can be accumulated and stored in your backpack. Some of the items can be used to create potions that affect the mood of your Sim or give him extra energy points. If you want to get rid of the grinding procedure of collecting all items required in one recipe, you can undoubtedly spend some Simcash in laying hands on those missing objects. It should be understood that this expense is always optional, but throughout the progress, players will be continually encouraged to draw money out of their pockets so as to gain an edge over their friends. But there is no need to be deterred because The Sims Social is playable without spending a penny if you are willing to wait a little longer from time to time.

And the downside of the game is that your progress will become dauntingly slow after a couple hours of play. And you will also soon discover that The Sims Social fails to bring some major new features compared with other titles in the franchise. Nevertheless, it still offers a precious chance for you to constructively communicate with your Facebook friends, as long as they also succumb to the temptation of The Social Sims.

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  1. james says:

    Tried to play on facebook jus gettin white screen

  2. Renee says:

    It is such a cute game. My Sim is a weirdo who farts a lot. He's given me many laughs.

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