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The Stratagems

The Stratagems

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On September 1, 1939 German and Slovakian army forced open the door of Poland and an eventful period in history, that is, World War II. Now the game of The Stratagems will take you back to that very war, in which the desolate frontline is constantly lit by the devouring fires and enveloped by bellows of black smoke, and the battlefield is merciless with bombs, bullets and mines ubiquitously ready to claim more lives. Commanders-to-be, do you feel the weight on your shoulders when you issue orders to send your man into such places?

In this military simulation game “The Stratagems”, players will take up the role of military leaders who station armies in a seized town and develop into greater forces through strategic schemes in all facets, including supplies planning, research advancing, structures building, units upgrading, and diplomatic alignment and so on. Starting from city management, players have all together 21 different types of buildings to construct for specific purposes which are mainly concerning resource production as well as civil and military issues. Once requirements are met, each structure can be unlocked to function. With all preparatory works attended to, players as commanders can lead their well-equipped units to the test of war. While each unit has its cutting edge and Achilles’ Feet at once, a balanced game presents itself, making it possible to allow strategy and tactic to play the pivotal role in choosing winner of each combat. Besides warfare on the field, marine combat is also included in this game. Players can build navy and air force too, competing for the control of coast lines.

The Stratagems purely takes on browser game War2 Glory, which has been published by a great number of game providers such as Just a Game, Wistone, Playcomet, Joyfort, check our report here.

It is not unusual to adopt WWII as background; fortunately, this game does not restrain the Second World War in backdrop, but rather let it seep into every corner of the gameplay. In other words, this game vivifies the warfare with great efforts to incorporate authentic historical materials into the game, ranging from the wide ranges of military units including King Tiger Tanks and Stuka Bombers to in-game famous generals such as field marshal Erwin Rommel known as Desert Fox and George Patton noted for his ruthlessness and tactical brilliance.

Just as General Patton said, fear kills more people than death. Commanders, are you brave enough to test your gold in the war fire?

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  1. billy says:

    this is a verry good game i play it all day.

  2. home says:


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