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The Tribez

The Tribez

Release Date:  
Developer:  Game Insight
Genre:  adventure

The Tribez, a new city-building game, is developed by Russia-based Game Insight for iOS mobile devices. It outshines the ordinary city-building titles with its diverse tasks, time-limited challenges and multiple collectible items. According to a prophecy, you are a savior of an ancient tribe, so you travel back to that era and assume your role as a tribe leader. In The Tribez, you have to search for precious resources, build up cities and towns, and satisfy all demands and desires of your citizens. Besides, the wilderness is also full of ferocious monsters and starving dinosaurs, so it is far from easy to bring peace and glory to the tribe.


Tribez is a management game in every sense. You are no longer confined to a single character that is tasked with everything. Instead, you tap the mission target, and a villager will rush to do it for you (though sometimes it does look ridiculous when a villager takes a roundabout path rather than an obvious shortcut).

The Tribez allows players to construct various buildings, plant crops and vegetables, attract new comers, and accommodate villagers. As far as I can see now, a huge part of simulators like this is chopping numerous trees. Without wood, you can hardly do anything. That is almost the case in the Tribez, only this time you gotta make sure that you have available villagers and adequate food. One can easily run out of food and cannot proceed in this game, having no choice but to wait for the fruits and crops to ripen since the gold-the game currency-cannot buy food. The limited Gems can, which apparently requires real cash.

Nevertheless, it is my conclusion that the Tribez shows everything a simulation game should be. It incorporates varied chores such as crop, vegetable and fruit planting, cottage building and repairing, commercial building construction and use, village defense, revenue collection, and villager management. And it never fails to surprise me. I have to watch out for the vicious man holding a torch in his hand and setting fire on my cottages, I am supposed to treat my villagers to a drink in the Ancient Bar, and I at times just relax myself by watching the rain falling now and then and the villagers sitting casually and happily on the grassland whenever they have nothing to do.

But be careful when you finish a task and claim the rewards, because sometimes it is selected by default to post your progression on Twitter and Facebook, under which circumstance you are directed to those websites. To avoid such interruption, you have to deselect the options to continue the game.

8 Comments on The Tribez


  1. This has become one of my favorite games…I love the music in it too…it's relaxing

  2. goldeagle37 says:

    jammer dat je deze alleen via de telfoon of tablet of de iphone kunt spelen en niet gewoon op de pc

  3. Sara says:

    Sadly it won't load on iPad since new update hoping its fixed very soon

  4. enza maggio says:

    io l'ho istallato sul galaxi s3 ma non mi fa connettere su facebook…qualcuno mi sa rispondere per favore?aspetto vostra risposta…grazie mille

  5. unhappy gamer says:

    I've purchased an upgrade to my warehouse, but received nothing. Waited a few hours, tried again, and still nothing. My bank says the money has been taken out for both transactions, but there's nothing to show for the payments.

  6. helen says:

    U purchase stuff takes your money does not give u anything!! Warning guys

  7. Mike says:

    Downloaded last update and now I cannot get back in the game. Please help.

  8. Dawn says:

    downloaded newest update and it will not play on my android. Help please. I play everyday..

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