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The War Z

The War Z

Release Date:  October 2012
Publisher:  Arktos Entertainment.
Developer:  Hammerpoint Interactive
Genre:  MMO Shooter

The War Z is an upcoming zombie MMOFPS from HammerPoint Interactive and should appeal those gamers that have sunk many hours into the popular Arma 2 modification DayZ. In the game, you need to fight zombies and other real player-controlled characters in order to survive in the world of Colorado. To do so, you must equip yourself with food, equipment, weapons and other necessary items for your survival.


Five years after the zombie apocalypse, humankind is on the brink. A large proportion of population has been transformed into the bloodthirsty undead, and only few survivors roam in search of food and resources through the infected areas. But there is hope: A special zombie mutant contains stem cells, from which a vaccine can be made for the disease. The beasts emerge primarily at night, and the players must venture into dangerous areas to hunt for such special zombies. Their stem cells can be extracted, and can be sold for ingame Gold Coins.

Speaking of characters, you can create up to five different characters. Throughout the game you can get experience points that can be used to learn different skills. You can also teach your character, for example, to heal small wounds effectively. The goal of The War Z is simply to survive as long as possible!

In terms of game mechanics, the model of The War Z is obviously based on The Day Z. The developers want the players to go out the big wide world (200 to 400 square kilometers in area) to search for better equipment (weapons, ammunition, etc.), materials (eg food) and valuable artifacts.

With up to 250 survivors on a server simultaneously, players can join together in clans and alliances with other groups.

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13 Comments on The War Z


  1. Mick says:

    cant wait, will be the best game of all time!

    rated 8.7?? no way, 10-10 easy.

    • Jak says:

      No, I rate it 5/10 because some of the in-game mechanics is disturbing, safe camps; yeah sure when the world gone to hell, just camp inside this NPC camp. in-game coins, if the world collapse there won't be any currency left, maybe barter, but mostly murders, and side missions? this is like World of Warcraft with zombies, NO THANKS! I'll stick with dayz.

      • fdafdsafdasfds says:

        how do u know, u haven't played it.

      • Weskers says:

        They also said that you CAN kill other player in safe camp, so theyre not really safe.
        Only thing is there is Npc guards in the safe zone, and they will kill you if you attack anyone.

        Kinda like in the game Mortal Online.

      • Fich says:

        Actually most post apocalyptic movies/novels/games make currency out of bottle caps, decks of cards, monopoly money, real money since there will still be enough to keep the currency, etc.

        Just like in the beginning of the walking dead there is safe camps (though you can "destroy" these ones but they will eventually spawn back)

        Your logic is bad

    • Brakos says:

      You are easily amused, evidently. This game sucks! More than my vacuum!

    • Guess what. Its all a scam. Awwww. You thought it would be something good. Well none of the stuff in the overview is true.

  2. Brakos says:

    Worst F'n game I have seen in years!!! GUI is terrible. Mechanics are 4th (yes, 4th) rate! And I can not believe I wasted $40 bucks on this garbage!

    Do not waste your money on this. Minecraft will give you more satisfaction in the end. Yes, I know it is 8-bit graphics, but it sure as hell beats out this poor excuse for a game.

    Heed the warning!

  3. Tyron says:

    Gays commenting about how bad it is stfu get a life then dont sit round playing games me personally loves this game

  4. kirk says:

    Cookies anybody? you seem like your getting hungry from talking…

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