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Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  Kabam
Developer:  Kabam
Genre:  Strategy, Vampire, Horror

Thirst of Night is a vampire-themed browser game developed by Kabam, the maker of Dragons of Atlantis, EdgeWorld, and Godfather: Five families. The game does have the same gameplay seen through those Kabam”s social games, but it is currently only playable on Kabam”s platform. Perhaps It will be connected and integrated to Facebook when everything runs smoothly.


With Thirst of Night, Kabam demonstrated its genius by adapting the Vampire-inspired city building online games like EdgeWorld, and Global Warfare into a new art and design style that appealed not only to Horror gamers but also to the strategy gaming lovers. Even it could possibly capture social gamer”s heart with later”s connect of Facebook and Google Plus. What a big deal!

When it comes to Vampire browser games, most of us would probably come with Immortal Night, or Reign of Blood. These two games are not as that good as a lame video game. What I dislike on those games is that I can only click on the game button without any soundtrack or music, which seems not that realistic and terrifying when dark night creeps. Although Thirst of Night does set a repetitive note of music, it still cannot satisfy my thirst for bloody music. The more, the better. In a world, it just compensated a little bit compared to those mutely text-based games.

Admittedly, I have some geek on graphics, especially when a new game comes out. Chances are I would love it if the graphics looks beautifully crafted on its texture, color and grandness. I was never expecting original, creative art design in Thirst of Night. To my surprise, Thirst of Night did a good job on character”s colors and textures and even its interface gives me a clean, and satisfying feel. A beautiful picture tends to reminds you of those past memories. A crystal clean interface could easily put me in the vampire-hunting environment.

As I read the quest log, I begin to build and upgrade my home, which, according to the ingame descriptions, could help squeeze more vampires in home. The vampires are not just vampires. They can be trained into Troops. You know, troops are the most powerful weapons of your fate, so make sure you get as many vampires as you can.

From my registration to completion of tutorial, I spent about 30 minutes on my journey to “Thirst of Night”. It would never be a final verdict to a new title, but it looks promising indeed. If you are ready to find a new browser city building game, Thirst of Night may be your favorite game of your recent search. What I have to say on last conclusion is that the game should be more open to those completing, yet free gamers and gives them a chance to build at least 3 buildings at the same time.

Background Story:

Vampires took the Stellar is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, leveraging a set ofcomprehensive recovering deleted files methodologies to provide you success in allinstances of data loss. cities in a heartbeat. Humans, once grotesque in their rule, were thrown aside by a lunar flare of hellish proportions. With it came magnetic pulses that ravaged the world of 2051, scarring the landscape and casting an eternal dusk.

For vampires, it was solace. Freedom. No longer exploited for their scientific prowess, the “”Bluebloods rejected their human oppressors and turned on each other – bloodline purity was everything. Now, under threat from vampire rivals and psychotic redblood humans, there is a chance to remodel the world in your image. You are the future, vampire.

The city can hold many building types, each with a specific role. Now, even though the skies are dark, your vampires must have somewhere to rest.

Generals or Classes:


Baltazar: Sullen, quiet, powerful, Baltazar has spent eons running from a shattered past. It is time to take a stand.

Damon: of noble blood that spans millenia, Damon skillfully mastered the art of staying hidden. Until now.

Lucius: Once a legendary vampire hunter, Lucius underestimated his last target. Now a vampire, he refuses to be hunted and is once again on the chase.

Vincent: Highly disciplined and fearfully lethal, Vincent”s thirst for battle and power is never quenched.

(Tempest, Kane – unlocked at the moment)


Grey: With a human brain holding her back, Grey made the ultimate sacrifice so she could revolutionize science.

Angel: Her parents slaughtered, Angel chose immortality to save her brother. Now dead, she seeks something new.

Beatrix: Known by fellow gypsies as the Dark Seductress, Beatrix was herself taken by the lure of immortality.

Raven: Obsessed with vampires and eternal life, Raven used her sharp intellect to force the change alone.

(Velvet, Scarlet – unlocked at the moment)

19 Comments on Thirst of Night


  1. scott mullenix says:

    great game.i like it

  2. roronoa says:

    thank you for this preview 🙂

  3. yeison castañeda says:

    como puedo jugar

  4. Michael says:

    This game is fun but irritating because it takes sooooooo long to do anything unless you spend real money, and a lot of it, to hurry things along (like buildings, troop development, society). The site is constantly hitting you up to spend money and I will never spend a dime on this game. I don't mind watching ads or completing surveys, but dishing out real money to play this slow game is absurd.

  5. Mark says:

    This game is fun but it has its problems. To name a few. Almost after every update the game will lag horribly and actions will likely not work at all. Expect long waits for a reply. (24 hrs plus) if you need help and contact support. The worlds are riddled with inactive player cities. Expect about 30 around you anywhere on the map. Support views you as a nobody even if you do buy rubies and a paying player. Game is centered around getting money from players one way or another rather then player satisfaction. Good game but needs a whole lot of improvements and stability fixes.

  6. nick says:

    I like the game, but just like any other game there's always some people who think its "OK" to cheat and ruin the game wish something could be done about that. Another thing, I understand that the people that created the game need to make money but there needs to be other ways to earn rubies other than "paying" for them (loss of players) , like by completing quest or something(more players guaranteed) because new players (like me) are always gonna mess up more than others and need more help. Most of us rather not spend money, that's the real reason people quit. Overall this game isn't bad for a free game but could be lots more fun.

  7. Guest says:

    you do realize everyone of their games are identical, right?

  8. marty says:

    i love the game it is so fun

  9. Daka says:

    Dont bother with game or any product from Kabam, UNLESS you love to CHEAT in games. ToN has many bugs cause of scripts and hacks that people use in the game it causes the game to lag severally, which you will have to reload/refresh your browser constantly. KABAM is nothing but in-game item purchase pusher since its free to play. It constantly will send emails, in-game pop-ups to push you into buying items. But dont bother… just download the scripts and you will never have to buy anything for the game since KABAM WILL NOT do anything to hackers on the game. Support of this game is so bad… its been out for over a year… and it STILL SAY BETA on a finished game??? Please stay away from KABAM. If you dont, DO NOT PURCHASE anything. SHOCKWAVE/FLASHPLAYER GAME BASE… hence easy hack game.

  10. sheenaese says:

    kabam games suck, they allow cheating and only ban certain people, thy have nothing put into place to stop the cheaters, the game is based on power, it is impossible to get 5million power in a day, yet people are getting it, ans when you report them they do nothing, but they ban people that do not cheat, and they pick who they ban, they do not monitor there chats, they are the worst company for games i have ever come across, i will write a review everywhere warning people, the game is highly addicting and then u try to have fun and they let people walk all over you, the customer service is awful, they senbd u an automated reply and then dont get back to you, they are raking on allot of money and i think they should be responsible for there games, my advice to anyone is stay away from all there games, i hear they ar all the same, filled with cheaters

  11. sheenaese says:

    scripts, how to use them , use firefox, down load greasemonkey,
    the make an account here http://userscripts.org/login
    go to either one of these and install http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/136950 http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/140856
    refresh your browser
    look at the top
    you hit attack
    then you put in the rbc you want to hit
    make sure you use 1 troop type and can take the rbc
    then put in how many troops
    hit zerg and update, wait a bit should work
    you can do same to get speeds from shanks
    put in 2 troops types
    after you are done goto the firefox button on the top in the corner
    remove the script, and clean your cache there you did it

  12. Guest says:

    Dont even bother with ToN what sheenaese says is right it is that messed up now that a lot of people havent even been able to log into their accounts for the last two weeks. Kabam have been ignoring all complaints and havent even sent a message to say what they are doing about it. A lot of people are angry as a lot of time has been spend building up their cities and in some cases a lot of money has been spent aswell.

  13. Amy Reineri says:

    Kabam had decided it is done milking Thirst of Night and is shutting it down as of January 31, 2013. Some transfer (last six mo purchases) of the money people put in. LOTS of work by Kabam to get more ingame currency purchased just before the closing was announced (highly unethical.) Game has a great interface, when it works. Controls and screen layout not being transfered back to other programs like Dragons of Atlantis where it could help.

  14. Gabe Kibler says:

    Is there ANY FREE online game like ToN? In that i'm looking for another vampire based game that is NOT from kabam but has the same gamestyle with world chat and alliance options?

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  16. Stephanie says:

    Does anyone know a game that is close to ToN? I loved the game and was heartbroken when they shut it down. I've been looking for a new game ever since but havent found one close. If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it.

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