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Throne of Fire

Throne of Fire

Release Date:  April 15, 2012
Publisher:  Snail Games USA
Developer:  Snail Games
Genre:  MMORPG, Fantasy, Action

Throne of Fire (Chinese:龙战) is a turn-based side-scrolling Fantasy MMO that can be played via browsers with internet connection. Developed by China-based Snail Games, the game is now published by Snail Games USA and Frogster for Europe. It is also licensed to Vibrant Communications which re-titles the game under Blazing Throne.

The iOS version is being developed and its Chinese version is now internal testing stage.


The game features four races – Human, Forsaken, Orc, Elf – and various classes for each race – Warlock, Paladin, Rogue, Priest and etc.. Players are able to pick up quests, attack monsters or human-formed creatures, collect resources and explore dungeons and instances.


Throne of Fire, the browser RPG from Snail Games, might as well be called “Snail in Dire” because the game reflects on what Snail Games are doing in all frustrating directions.

The game had long been buzzing around the Chinese gaming community just as Snail Games made sensations for their Age of Wulin: billions of dollar investment, three-year development, and even the company boasted that they successfully sold tens of thousands of beta keys for Age of Wulin. The fact is Snail Games is in dire condition. Much effort was spent on the online self-indulging buzz and sensation while they almost forgot the guy’s job is creating great games.

This game is no doubt crafted by a group of guys still wet behind the ears and it should serve as perfect negative teaching material that most of the Chinese publishers, which have urgent desire to bring their games for English-speaking Market and to make quick money, should learn from.

If anything entertains me in “Throne of Fire”, that should be the Boss monster’s artwork, which occasionally compensates a little for my frustrating experience.

Of course, the first impression on the frontpage’s art design drove me into the game and the visual effects of its characters are great, which is, I can’t believe I’m saying this, a rarity among Chinese games.

However, this is not a conventional game where you simply click away around the maps. That is the basic part of the game though. The world is also populated by messy text descriptions, and crowded NPCs and monsters that left you trouble in finding which is which. As a matter of fact, this is caused by the poorly executed translation. Prior to ten level of your character, you will find no problem in tracking your quest, the confusion comes after you reach level 10 or higher. The monsters that you quest for cannot be found if you strictly follow the guide and Tips. If the wordings of “the same monsters” are differently executed, how come players find the target monster?

The combat works as a turn-based machine. All of actions can be automatically completed if you tick the auto-combat before your enter the combat. If you try to use the manual combat, you will feel frenziedly bored.

As in most of RPGs featuring a storyline, Fire of Throne also has it. It even fills in the fact how God creates human beings, complicated enough to let you stay away if you take a look at the storyline first.

The worst thing is nothing but the grinding. The system invariably makes you switch between a couple of maps either to have a dialogue with NPCs or attack enemies. You will end up being killed by some the powerful boss and ultimately the system hints you to enhance your weapons with purchasable items.

In conclusion, Throne of Fire is visually titanic, but the rest of the game makes the game itself far from being playable. An enchanting world was ruined by a band of Chinese folks. I love Snail; I love Games, but I do not love Snail Games.

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  1. garbert says:

    hi.. im from phillippines im looking for a nice game.. 😀 have a nice day .. let me try this Throne of Fire 😀 <3

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