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Throne on Fire HD

Throne on Fire HD

Release Date:  May 2, 2012
Publisher:  RockiFone
Developer:  RockiFone
Genre:  Strategy

Throne on Fire HD (Previously Lords of War) is a free iOS city building strategy game set in the medieval ages. You begin your adventure by building your farm, city hall, barrack, academy and etc. Beyond that, you can train a powerful army and fight with other players in PVP arena or dungeons.


By playing the game, you will be reminded of Kabam’s Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North and Eternal War HD. They are all coded in the same way, especially in its gameplay and slightly different in its graphics, storyline and user interface. For those who have been familiar with Evony, or Grepolis, this game might be easy to pick up, but it takes too long before you touch on the combat part.

It all begins with a short tutorial, meaningless for hardcore gamers and disorienting for newbies.  Early on, you will have to spend lots of time to build up your city hall and Cottage in order to get more idle workers that can conduct a series of work like building farm, digging mine and collecting resources. As the game progresses, you can access the academy, a place that can affect your farming, lumbering, mining and forging. More importantly, the academy is where you can unlock and research military or economic strategy in order to train your troops like infantry, archer, cavalry, chariot and catapult.

The main interface as a whole is not perfectly laid out. When you want to talk in the chat panel, it is ok, but when you are going to hide the chat box, the problem arises. You cannot entirely hide the box that also functions as a system message bulletin, which covers too much space the main game’s look has. Specifically, the system message font is too big.

Throne on Fire HD has a farm mechanism, but it runs slowly. You have to wait, wait and wait for the resources necessary to upgrade your academy or barrack. This is a huge problem for players because at this time, you can do nothing except buying Gold or VIP membership.

Quests often makes no sense. You do the same thing no matter in Daily quest, Routine Quest or Lord Quest. If you happened to do a daily mission, it may consume all of your earnings.

Warfare is not quite fun as the game does not have an animated combat. Scouting and Attacking are executed in the way to assumption.

Overall, the game is not that engaging if you do not spend your money to purchase Gold and seek a quick levelup and train a powerful army. But if you just want to play online strategy games on your iPad, this one can be considered for the time being.

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