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Tiara Concerto

Tiara Concerto

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Gamania
Developer:  Gamania
Genre:  MMO

Music is undoubtedly a ubiquitous part of our everyday life. You can sing a song while taking a shower, chant a melody to boost your favorite players’ morale in the football stadium, or go to KTV to celebrate your best friend’s birthday. Songs can be heard almost everywhere, so why not combine them with MMOs?

The developers must have thought of this innovative idea when they decided to create Tiara Concerto, an online game that is currently under development. We have witnessed the motley mixture of anime, role play and talent show in the game market. If you are bored of these cliché hodgepodge, Tiara Concerto is definitely a game you should expect.

Though the game has not been released yet, some expectations are raised: you may hold a guitar like that in Guitar Hero and play some groovy riffs so as to smash your enemies to the ground. Perhaps, there will be some traditional skills and attacks that function on the basis of music.

As far as we know, in Tiara Concerto, you can role play as a fearless guy who uses the “power of music” to defeat trolls, wolves, and other monsters. How awesome it sounds! Thematically, this MMORPG takes place in floating islands far above the clouds. A mixture of flying airships, baroque-style graphics, relentless pirates and fantasy elements produces an exciting and rare background setting. However, the whole game is presented in a sugar-sweet ambience, which makes it a little bit childish. But since the target group is mainly the younger crowd who have a certain taste for bright colors and graphics of the Far Eastern world, so I guess it is still acceptable.

The storyline runs as follows: For centuries, humanity on the planet “Neume” has built a magnificent civilization, but now they are suffering a looming fate of destruction, because they ignored the needs of the nature and gradually destroyed the piece of land on which they lived. For sure, the result was a massive disaster, making the earth broken into numerous pieces. But there is still a blessing in disguise for some succeeded in escaping from the air disaster via spaceships. Since then, they inhabit the scattered fragments of their old planet. The new life is not peaceful as they hoped for they are now influenced by ancient myths and legends which make different peoples turn against each other. Moreover, the explosion sets free some unknown energies and opens the way for evil powers to spread all over the world. Fortunately, knowledgeable scholars find that melodies contain magical powers that can repel the wicked forces. Here is where you come into play.

At the beginning, you create your character by choosing from several races, including different ordinary peoples and exotic elf beasts. Those elves are all quite bellicose in nature. They belong to the muscular type with wild mane, cute cat ears, a tiger tail and a broad shoulder like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The female avatars have thankfully not so many muscles; on the contrary, they have less facial hair and are much more delicate. Anyway, it is not fair to call this race “beasts”, but they are more or less nasty.

The minor flaw in this part is that the class names are not so clear, but they at least denote their typical responsibilities. For example, the Composer wears heavy armor and wields over-sized weapons, the Performer has guns and pistols which are the perfect choices for ranged attacks and the Tuner is good at powerful spells and has his special instruments.

The content of the game is varied and interesting. For example, high above the clouds, we enter into a fierce battle with marauding wolves in pirate costumes. The critters are armed to the teeth, so we naturally take up arms to deal with them. We have access to different skills and standard attacks; besides, we can use the arrow keys to dodge lightning fast assaults.

In addition, Tiara Concerto incorporates a combo system, enabling you to trigger any combination of abilities to counter approaching foes. This feature is very motivating, but your eyes can be quickly overwhelmed as if dazzled by a spectacular explosion of fireworks. Colorful and opulent spells contribute to marvelous animations, so that the situation will go pretty wild when several players are competing in the same battleground.

Our mission is to reach the other ship and free the hostages. The transition between the two air cruisers is not systematically fixed, which means that you can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while your character explore a passable route.

The game environment is fascinating and alive. You will actually be confronted with lots of animals and monsters. For example, you will encounter a giant stuffed bunny which is unfortunately not as fluffy as you might suspect. What’s more, you will sometimes be caught in melee with hordes of wolves and winged monsters that can drop bombs on your deck. It is not easy to keep an eye on all the actions, so get prepared for possible frustrations ahead.

I forgo a hasty conclusion because we still don’t get the chance to see the whole game, but one thing is clear: Tiara Concerto boasts a catchy gameplay. And its colorful, incredibly sweet, and anime-style graphics is oozing from every pore. So far, Gamania, the publisher behind the game, is not even sure whether the title will be released in Europe and North America. Let’s wait for concrete information with patience!

Updates: In Gamania Game Show 2011, Gamania presented us over 8 MMOs, and we have already previewed Core Blaze, and Langrisser Schwarz.

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