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Tiara Concerto debuts at Ani Com Hong Kong 2011

Sara Lau
Jul 29,2011  09:07 by

Check out “Tiara Concerto Mini” comic strip on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/tiaraconcerto

Gamania’s newest musical adventure in the skies MMORPG Tiara Concerto made its debut appearance at Ani Com Hong Kong today, revealing its story line and world view. The beta demo version of the game was available at the Gamania booth for players to try out, allowing them to use musical instruments to ward off enemies and unlock more adventurous dimensions. The audience also enjoyed the cosplays and live performances at the convention.

Apart from the game itself, Tiara Concerto’s development team has also created a new comic series called “Tiara Concerto Mini,” which will appear in weekly installments on the game’s Facebook fan page starting in August, and will also be on display at the Gamania booth at Ani Com Hong Kong, the annual grand event for local comic lovers and gamers in Hong Kong that runs from today onwards to August 2. The comic series will include sneak previews of the game’s characters, settings and professions.

Civilizations living on floating Islands unlock a lost world with musical magic

Tiara Concerto’s story takes place 800 years ago. It is the time of the ‘Star Chord Judgment’, which punished the wasteful Humans for having exhausted all resources on earth. The Human world and the galaxies were left at the verge of self-destruction when the legendary seven Wise Men unlocked a new dimension and saved the universe from complete demolition; however, their original home world was lost forever. The Humans that escaped judgment could only live on floating islands in the sky, but throughout time, they were able to develop a mysterious skill called ‘Tuning’, which could unlock energies from the past, allowing humans to reclaim resources from their previous home world. To recover the lost civilization, the Humans had to cooperate with other races–the Elves and the Beasts–and take down the mysterious Rhythmic Monsters that were prowling the skies.

The Gamania booth at Ani Com Hong Kong will be open to all from now until August 2nd, so don’t miss this opportunity to experience Tiara Concerto before the game is officially launched. Don’t forget to check the Facebook fan page every now and then for more information and updates!

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