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Tight Lines Fishing

Tight Lines Fishing

Release Date:  2012
Developer:  socialspiel
Genre:  Sim

Tight Lines Fishing is a free Facebook fishing game allowing players to embark on their journey to fishing and simulate real conditions to catch big fish. The game is still in its beta-testing phase and is welcoming all the Facebook users to join the game community to start social fishing adventure and become proficient anglers.


The game begins with a bit of background story shown in the form of comic book styled gird-based image, in which you take the role as a person who inherited a big land holding a wonderful fishing pond. In order to step into your great uncle’s shoes and become the greatest fishing legend throughout the world, you will have decide to learn from the scratch and become an apprentice to Uncle Marv.

The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to go and approach the river, click on the highlighted circle area of the water surface to cast out your fishing wire, after a few seconds, you will see the shadow of fish and the bobber starts to wiggle a bit. Then the screen will show a gauge in which there’s a line moving back and forth between the extreme ends of it. You need to click on your mouse button to pull out a fish with timing and precision when the line hits the green zone of the gauge. The size of the green zone is determined by your fishing proficiency, fishing gears and the rarity of fish. However, fish will try to free itself from the hook, so you must pull it quickly especially when you see the gauge start blinking in red. Once caught, the fish species will be added into your selection.

As you level up, a wider variety of items will be available: investing in a better and durable fishing pole helps you a lot to pull heavier fish back to the shore, and using a fish’s favorite bait gives you a better chance to catch it and more likelihood of getting a heavier one. A nice touch here is that, you can craft baits once you collect all the ingredients specified on recipe. Recipes are also available from shop; while requested ingredients can be gained by interacting with surroundings. You can navigate your character by clicking and holding the left mouse button, and then poke highlighted objects. Things range from coins, experience points to collectable souvenirs. Players also have a virtual backyard to customize in Tight Lines Fishing. But unlike other environmental objects, you cannot benefit from any decorative buildings and items, which fill mere cosmetic functions. I understand that introducing the virtual customizable space into the game is because the fishing aspect can get boring easily. However, the building part of the game also lacks diversity and is not well polished, it could have been better, had any mechanisms from other successful farm-building simulation games been introduced.

Overall, the game presents out-dated appearance which didn’t bring me a good first impression. And more thoughts should have been put into the game in order to make it more appealing. However, based on what I have experienced in this game thus far, there isn’t much in Tight Lines Fishing in terms of aesthetic appeals or play-style, which will inspire anyone to plunk time in.

If you are a real hardcore fishing fan and is willing to sit around patiently waiting for the next big catch, this game is a good option. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to offer much diversity and excitement for the general groups.

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  1. angie says:

    all i want is this game because of miltary. and able to be with my family away from home.spend more time with my son and my bothe.rs and father . i would really apreasch it very much. they are alot of use out here that fell the same way. thanks from deleta union class
    from a loving sis

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