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Time World

Time World

Release Date:  2011/11
Publisher:  Playmage at Kongregate
Developer:  Playmage
Genre:  Strategy

Time World is a sci-fi browser-based building game where you are the ruler of a planet that was recently attacked by space pirates. Your objective is to find out why they attacked you and revenge. The game is made from the developers of Dream World.

After you enter the game and complete the tutorial, click on your advisor at lower left corner and complete each available mission. Generally speaking, you should constantly upgrade your buildings, research technology, and science. You should also build stronger fleet, recruit or upgrade heroes, and attack pirates in the War screen.

Basic information:


You can go to Tavern’s recruit area to recruit new heroes. Each player may hire up to 5 heroes, with additional slot unlocked by inviting friends or spending gold.

Hero Attributes are important in the game. Command attribute determines the maximum amount of ships the hero can command in combat. War attribute helps to increase the fleet’s attack power. Tech attribute decreases the technology research time. Build attribute decreases ship produce and building upgrade time.

Your specified hero’s experience will increase after successfully completing a tack or going into combat. Heroe’s attributes will automatically increase when leveling, and they will also be given additional attribute points for you to freely distribute. Higher grade heroes will gain more attributes each level.

You can learn Hero Skills in the magic book. You can find some amazing skills including multiple targeting, double attack, and dodge.

Hero’s equipment can increase your hero attributes. They are found in the chest dropped from battle or equipment box bought from mall. The mall also have a rotating equipment section that can be purchased with credits. The blue and purple grade equipments in the mall are limited in number and each player can only purchase 1 of them.


The higher the class, the higher the health, attack power, and number of weapons and devices each ship carries. Upgrading the ship factory will allow you to unlock the bigger ship classes.

You can put together your own weapon and device to increase a fleet’s attack power and defense level, and build a lot of ships in the shipyard. Also, you can put the weapon and device of your choice into the weapon and device slot when you are building ships. With the shipyard and hero screen, you are able to redesign ship weapon and device slots and assign your ship anytime you are entitled to do.


Military can make you get stronger attack power. Civil Tech can upgrade building speed, increase spy tech attribute, and colony tech attribute.


Army strength is based number of ships and ship class assigned to officers.  Increase army strength can help you win easier.  Other factors that help player win, including the weapons and devices carried on each ship and the hero’s attribute and skills are not factored into this number.

All ships take turns to fire their weapon slots during each battle.  Smaller ship classes fire first, but bigger ship classes will have more weapon slots. For the same class, the ship equipping the highest speed device will fire first, and hero’s leadership skill breaks ties.  Battle ends when all weapons are fired or if the ships on one side have all been defeated.

When firing weapons, each fleet will have 70% chance of attacking opponent’s fleet with highest total attack power, with 30% chance of attacking a random target.

The side that suffers the lower percentage of damage will win the battle at the end of combat.  The battle report will include detailed information of ship losses, repairs, and any resource rewarded to the winning side.

Each player can only be attack by the same player 3 times within 24 period, and can only be attacked by players whose Power Ranking is between 70%-130% of target player.


Galaxy System allows you to play with other players in the same galaxy and fight other galaxies.  It’s similar to guild system in other games, except all players are automatically assigned to a galaxy after chapter 2.

Players are automatically assigned a galaxy when you reach chapter 2.  However you can join another galaxy or create your own by research the appropriate civil tech in the Institute.

There are several diplomatic relationships that can be between each galaxy based on the outbound diplomacy action set by the galaxy officers.

War(Hostile+ Hostile):100% more resource won/lost.
Hostile:50% more resource won/lost,

Neutral(None or Hostile+ Friend):No effect

Friendly:50% less resource won/lost.

Alliance(Friendly+ Friendly):Members unable to attack.

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