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Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters

Release Date:  August 29, 2012
Publisher:  TinyCo
Developer:  TinyCo
Genre:  Monster Breeding

Tiny Monsters is a monster breeding game that shares the similar gameplay with Monster Story, Mystic Guardians. Both of the games feature hybrid monsters breeding and hatching with additional features like expanding and decorating the land where monsters live.


Most of breeding games use the concept of “Elements” like earth, water, plant and etc. so as to create various hybrid monsters, and Tiny Monsters is no exception. Bring monsters of different elements together in the breeding room, and new generations will be born. However, Tiny Monsters has put the evolving process ahead of breeding, through which monsters will transform into new shapes and be able to produce more coins. It is brilliant to have an involving mechanism added to the game.

Towers, kites, mushrooms and flowers, all the decorations are colorful and crafted. But few of them need be bought if there are no quests requiring them. Decorations take up much room that is meant to be used for functional buildings. And smaller room for functional buildings means slower pace of your gaming experience. Nevertheless, the free trees are highly embraced in Tiny Monsters, since players can remove them any time they want to without losing coins.

Compared to Monster Story, which allows expansions of one piece a time, it is so generous of Tiny Monsters to let players unlock a whole island all at once. Although there are also trees and rocks in different sizes and even higher prices for flattening the land, Tiny Monster still beats Monster Story in the expansion part.

Tiny Monsters has detailed quests. They can serve newbies of breeding games as tutorials and give them a quick guidance of the gameplay. However, some quests suggest players to play with cash. For example, “Wealth and Wise” claims that buying a pouch of diamonds will get you a big amount of food which takes new players a whole day to grow as a reward. It is unbalanced and could deliver poor gaming conceptions.

Battle system has been a successful feature in breeding games. For example, in Dragon City, a breeding game released earlier on facebook, dragons, either basic or hybrid, could duel with each other in the arena. Watching your monsters casting spells and doing attacks would be of great fun. However, Tiny Monsters missed a point of being a better game.

There is a “Monsterpedia” showing how many kinds of unique monsters that players have unlocked and collected. If these achievements can be shared and become something worth bragging on, players will be more devoted and the game can turn family friendly. You don’t have to concern too much about the flaws in Tiny Monsters, for its well-organized appealing features have made it a fine choice for your game collections.

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