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ToonRacer is a 3D cross-platform game featuring a lot of funny elements, humour, and action-paced racing. In the game you are able to travel through dark underground tunnel, race against thousands of players in a social network. It is currently available on Facebook.

When traveling, you hit a beautiful city that people of old built underground. Sometimes you come acro

ss a treasure, but also the remains of past times. Look out for the colored parts of the world as precious treasures.



Based on advanced technology passed down through the ages, this ultra sleek racer requires quick refle

xes if you wanna harness its power and bring it under control. The Xilo Custom speeder is phenomenal in many areas, but is difficult to steer.


Developed by the Kunah, Sub-breams were originally used as underwater transporters, until they underwent minor adjustments and were turned into the safest and sturdiest ToonBikes ever built – the Jet-bream. Sluggish yet strong this bike can withstand almost anything, but takes some time shifting into gear!


The Vengai are known for turning something old into something new. And that’s exactly what they did with this bike, restoring the old Harrier ToonBike into a great all-rounder – the Buzzard!


This run-of-the-mill bike is popular among the young street-racers of Tahgaloo, thanks to its easy tun

able parts and good performance in professional ToonRaces.


When this bull comes barreling towards you, you better dodge outta the way. Much like its creators, the Garganers, this bike isn’t known for its sophistication, but for its durability. The bull lags upon start-up but is highly resilient and has a strong frame.


Pieced together with different parts, the Tray.bots from Helville Prime exchanged the Lithium bike’s heavy parts with lighter, better ToonMaterials, making it one of the fastest-accelerating and lightweight ToonBikes out there.


When the intergalactic wars ended, the Mogs dismantled all weapons from their Pill-o-Fighters turning them into Pill-o-Fighter space rides. These slick-looking turbo racers quickly made a name for themselves thanks to their supreme ability to accelerate quickly. Their only disadvantage: They can’t put up much of a fight against severe attacks.


The Mikanoids have a strong talent for superb aerodynamic designs, and the Dragoon is no exception. It was specifically designed to have good traction and smooth, precise steering.



Not much is known about this alien race. A lot is said about them, but little can be certain. The line between fact and fiction here is a blurry one. But this much is true, no matter where these creatures go, people know to stay clear – cool, dark and mysterious is just the way these creatures like to roll. Passionate collectors of artifacts, the Vayoo will fork over big bucks if you give ’em what they want. And if not, then well … they take it!


As the galaxy’s #1 suppliers of electrical devices, the Kunah should be your first choice if you’re ever in need of a power boost or a fast energy fix. Known for tracking down new sources of energy, the Kunah absorb energy and channel it through their body, making them the experts when it comes to mechanical instruments. Which is most often why, they work as spaceship mechanics throughout the galaxy. These very laid-back and quiet creatures also love to chow down whenever they can, especially when there are salty snacks involved!


Covered mainly in sand, the planet Vengai hides many great treasures and valuable artifacts beneath its sandy dunes. The Vengai, an adventurous group of contemporary time-travelers, waste their days whipping about on their dune bikes, scouting the desert floor for anything of value. These big-mouths are known for being impulsive … so watch yourself!


The picturesque island paradise of Tahgloo is like heaven on earth – and the Tahgaloo themselves are no exception. Blessed with beauty beyond measure, the Tahgaloo women know what it takes to get what they want. Don’t let their looks fool you. They may seem all cute and innocent, but they’ve got a temper as sharp as their tongues. They’re famous for tearing up the track at wicked speeds and are skilled at refining gems for building jewel-encrusted statues.


The Garganers live on the planet of Ronu Rock, and are known across the universe for having the biggest and best scrapyards. If you ever need a ToonBike part, then it’s the Garganers of Ronu Rock you should talk to. Just don’t be surprised when you finally meet one of them. Tough on the outside, they’re actually big softies on the inside. These timid, wistful creatures who usually have a gloomy outlook on life, feel most at home planting daises among their junk and taking on other Garganers in wrestling matches.


Developed to work at the garbage dumps on Hellville Prime, these once primitive droids no longer have just junk in their head. After slowly developing minds of their own, these bots began studying the garbage of other alien races to discover as much as they could about them. These narcissistic cynics tend to have inflated egos and love sucking on electrical plugs.


Located in the Super Solaris Cluster, the planet Nilrebi Delta is exposed to 24-hour sunlight. Overdosed on sun, the inhabitants of Nilrebi Delta – the Mogs – are wound-up bundles of energy that come in all different shapes and sizes – from maxi, midi to mini. Blessed with mad skills, the mini mogs actually make mean racers; often times however they never fulfill this destiny, turning into feisty little devils on the course due to their lack of concentration.


98% of the planet Mikka 7 is covered in water. The Mikanoids who live on this water-world undergo a major metamorphosis throughout their life. Starting out as water-breathing sea creatures, they slowly develop into walking, moving air-breathers. At this stage, they then set off to explore and discover other planets. Highly talented and loyal, these creatures keep their nose out of other people’s business and use their brains and not their fists to solve conflicts! [spoiler]


At the universe’s largest racing event, the bravest and most talented alien racers from the far corners of the galaxy go head to head on the ToonRace track, pushing their self-made space racers to the limits and chancing death.

Making it out alive and winning this prestigious event, means coming prepared: Something the ToonRacers take very seriously. Every year they load their gigantic space cruiser known as the Toonity with tons and tons of supplies, making sure to bring along plenty of parts, their entire racing team as well as racetrack engineers.

The Toonity is powered with highly sophisticated ToonVoid technology which uses special concentrated ToonMatter to generate a space-time continuum, allowing it to travel to any destination within milliseconds. The ToonRacers extract their precious ToonMatter from the very rare element Katoonite.

Flawed by minor imperfections, ToonVoid Technology is not entirely reliable and can sometimes malfunction, most often leading to disastrous consequences. On its way to the ToonRace, it is exactly this cruel fate that befalls the Toonity.

A glitch in the ToonVoid drive carries the Toonity off course, causing it to plummet out of control, ending with a crash-landing on an unknown planet the alien racers have never seen nor heard of before: Earth.

Confused and lost, the ToonRacers now find themselves stranded in a strange, new world with giant-sized surroundings. With a totally trashed spaceship and no ToonMatter on which to run their ship, the ToonRacers do what comes natural to them – They race!  [/spoiler]

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