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Top 10 Upcoming MMOFPS Shooters

Sara Lau
Sep 2,2011  11:09 by

The genre of Shooter is to the entire MMO industry what the style of action thriller is to the whole movie world. Among many a variety, Shooter MMOs trap countless intrepid souls with virtual killing licenses that warrant extensive access to all kinds of fancy weapons and skill-dominated fighting that would take one’s breath away. With large market potential and player base, new products turn up continuously and raise the bar for each other in terms of graphics, gaming mechanics and characteristics, etc. Now, by those yardsticks, 10 Shooter MMOs around the corner are enrolled in the shortlist as competitive candidates with an ace up the sleeve for the Best-to-be. Shooter enthusiasts would surely like to stay tuned.


Under joint efforts of renowned developer that once made World of Warcraft and Tribes series, FireFall is surely going to strike a chord in players, specifically or simultaneously, with its team-based, action-oriented, story-driven gameplay that includes highly customizable character creation, cooperative PvE combat, diversified PvP matches in an instanced, persistent world.

Four types of Battleframe allow for the formation of unique combat styles as an offensive Assault, a stealthy Recon, a healing Medic, or a supporting Engineer, each able to excise special skills with equipped jetpack and weapons with alternate-fire modes. Fast-paced action and shooting skills of twitchy expertise are key to success, no matter it’s fighting against creeps, drop pods, or monster bosses in the vast open land or it’s competing in the 5-vs-5 or even 50-against-50 PvP matches.

Blacklight Retribution

In the Sci-Fi setting depicted under Unreal Engine 3 and DirectX 11, the graphics are without doubt crispy and realistic in the world of Blacklight Retribution that in-game environment may appear true to life. High customization is not only constrained to character development, but also adaptable to almost every mechanical component of weapons, primary or secondary, as well as the twelve distinct Mechs, or Hardsuits termed in the particular game. Without class limitation, avatars can simply develop into what players have pre-designed in minds, be it a light assassin or a tank-styled sniper. In futuristic fashion, advanced weapons headed by Hyper Reality Visor (HRV) will all the more reinforce the thrilling, clipping gameplay.

Ghost Recon Online

Instead of dragging one into team play, Ghost Recon Online is going to create fantastic team-based gaming experience one may slide in without knowing it. To that end, Ghost Recon Online employs various designs, including the tactical Cover system to protect buddies in the same squad, the Augmented Reality System to reinforce coordination among teammates, as well as the Camera system to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives for both situational awareness and accurate option. Three classes listed as Assault, Recon and Specialist can make up of a powerful squad of Special Forces, doing one’s own bits, watching back for each other and sharing weal and woe together.

Tribes: Ascend

As a new franchise in the Tribes series, Tribes Ascend is a FPS both old and new, which carries on the wide-acknowledged elements that make previous Tribes a hit and conjures up brand-new gameplay that marks itself one-of-a-kind at the same time. While the gaming modes remain Capture-the-Flag and Rabbit, it ascends a new height of particulars revolving the stunt of Skiing, usage of Jetpacks, rhythm of action, and inventory of weapons plus land and aerial vehicle. Varied Loadouts at hand, gamers can follow their bent to diversify fixed classes and brave challenges in dead-shot skill and in tactful use of terrain as well.


Cinematic and intense gameplay is what Warface promises to offer. CryEngine 3 is the guarantee of not only top-notch graphics of next-generation but also terrific AI and physics. While class-based PvP of varied scales takes full swing, fast-paced PvE also goes in full throttle involving one into single-handed, maniac combats against NPC as well as raging missions that can only be done by cooperative multi-players. Intuitive control in the moment-to-moment gameplay will push the envelope.

Guns of Icarus Online

Sky is the very battlefield of Guns of Icarus Online for multiplayer airship combat. Role-playing different classes that are in fact designed as differentiated ship crew, players will board ships, fill in different position slots including Gunner, Engineer, Pilot and Captain, and work together with shipmates to survive the post-apocalyptic worlds. In addition to participation in PvP or Cooperative Multiplayer, various activities players can conduct ranges from trading and competing with neighbors for resources, to safeguarding treasure against plunders, and to exploring unclaimed town, etc..

DaVinci Online

DaVinci Online frames the fierce combat back to the Renaissance period of Europe. Sublimed out of historical record, graphics of DaVinci restore an ancient European style characteristic with dome Cathedrals and spike clock-tower against the skyline; meanwhile items of weapon are devised based on drafts in Davinci’s notebook. Pitched into factional competition, one has a lot to delve into, such as the Bot Mode, Death Match and Death Flag that can be played either in person or in group, not to mention immersive PvE. Innovation is reflected in details; no matter it is the Sprint function to adjust gaming rhythm, or the switchable firing mode between regular attack and special ones of every weapon. Erstwhile battlefield is put on a modern war; all is in DaVinci.

PlanetSide 2

While PlanetSide is a landmark FPS MMO, PlanetSide 2 as a successor is meant to be ever better. Standing in the shoulder of the previous giant, the second edition has polished the balance issue, taken the epic battles involving thousands of troops to a greater scale, and updated an already complicated territory control system even more so. No matter which one of the three unique factions to align with, players can unlock and then switch among varied combat roles that are available in the in-depth skill tree. And vehicle-based combat that centers a wide variety of land and air machines will be included as well.

Deep Black Online

Universal war that covers the land, the underwater and the air is coming in Deep Black Online. Set in a Sci-Fi background, the game narrates an immersive lore of espionage and bio-terror. Fully customizable characters will be equipped with changeable suits under three different gaming modes. Moreover, engaging in session-based combat allowing for 8 to 24 participants, shooters can get access to more than 30 types of weapons, each with alternate modes to suit different battling environment, underwater or on land.

Hedone Online

Currently first-person Shooter MMO is almost inseparable from the theme of military. But Hedone Online says no. Blazing a new path for the keynote back story, Hedone voluntarily shuns away from the quotidian military background, and instead engages players into a global combative game show that is aired live around the world. Held tight to the storyline, competitions that may take place in desolate factories, barren prisons or dumped quaysides will sift out losers and acknowledge the only winner. Eliminating rivals unlocks new better weapons; and falling enemy leads up to victory. Hedone is your show.

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