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Top Browser RPG Games

Sara Lau
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This list of browser RPG games is updated once the new releases come out.


Venture into the Dragon Age to assume your heroic role as a trainer of dragons! This well-acclaimed MMORPG enables you to face with quests, defeat all kinds of enemies and repel other races’ invasions. You never feel dull with so much to do. Perhaps you won’t understand your goal at first, but the detailed tutorials will help you through it. And the PVP and PVE combats will make you high!

Pockie Ninja

Wanna be a Ninja hero rescuing the world? Pockie Ninja can satisfy your hero complex with an appealing and exciting storyline. As a Ninja in the mysterious eastern world, you fulfill missions, raise pets, craft equipments and meet challenges. It differs from others in that you can play many classes. The controversial Slave System also enjoys enormous popularity. Moreover, the anime style graphics and adorable images make the gaming always delectable.

battlestar galactica online

Based on the popular Battlestar Galactica franchise, this Sci-Fi MMORPG sates space enthusiasts’ curiosity and longing for the vast universe. Choose you role and venture into the mysterious space! You can explore various worlds, join in combats between warring sides, customize your weapons and ships as well as unlock new surprises with your outstanding performance. It also boasts incredibly fantastic 3D graphics. Ready? Embark on your space adventure now!

Shakes & Fidget

Based on famous web comic, the game enjoys certain popularity. You possess considerable freedom as various distinct classes and races are offered to you. The customization also permits your urge to be unique. You complete quests, compete with others, and form clans etc. Besides, the humorous cartoon art style offers a laugh now and then, making the gaming a pleasant experience.

Juggernaut (Browser RPG)

Wanna experience soul-stirring combat in a fabulous fantasy world? You got it!Assume your role as an aspiring hero in Juggernaut to try it and more! You are confronted with infinite adventures and challenges as well as arena battles with all kinds of foes. The dungeon exploration is packed with missions and monsters. Aside from its opulent customization and gameplay choices, it also boasts incredible visual effect.


Set in a chaotic realm with an awesome storyline, Forsakia guarantees you a brand-new MMO gaming experience with fascinating elements, such as fierce PVP mode, adorable pet system and crafting. As one of the six warriors dedicated to the ultimate peace, you will go through lots of heroic confrontations with mysterious monsters. Of course, the game has much more to offer. Except for gorgeous graphics, it is free-to-play and easily accessible. Why not embark on the epic journey now?

Drakensang Online

Great news! Drakensang is embracing its online version. This spectacular MMORPG is really irresistible with full-fledged popular features. You foray into dungeons, smash monsters, hunt for hidden treasures, craft your weapons and level up along the way. The stimulating yet innovative hack-and-slash together with the exquisite graphical effect makes you unable to ignore this game. Come on! Team up with other players to vanquish all you enemies!

Call of Gods

The basic story resembles Three Kingdoms Online but goes beyond it. You choose your side amongst three races to wage war against the intrusive Demons and degraded Deities. You embark on you journey thereafter to defeat all your competitors and assume your role as Lord of the world. In addition to city building, quest solving, tech researching and weapon crafting, you keep in mind that tactics and cooperation matter in this game.

Magic Campus

Tied of competitive games? This casual RPG comes in handy! You go back to school and choose your academy out of six and start learning wondrous mana. You get the opportunity to put what you learn into practical use as you complete challenging missions, confront eerie monsters and explore perilous wonderland. And you won’t be alone with companions and pets by your side.


As one of the hottest games on Facebook, Neosaurs will surely live up to your expectation. It’s a MMORPG combining side scrolling and casual shooting ingeniously. There are a lot to do in the wonderland. You can do quests, enhance your skills, craft your equipments, level up, and team up to combat. It is attractive and fun competing with thousands of players! Come on!

Neverland Online

Set foot on mythical and legendary ancient China presented by this award-winning and successful MMORPG. You select your role and embark on your journey to smash the Demon Army, devote to the world peace and seek for immortality. The game offers everything you can imagine from the typical ones. You also get the chance to capture creatures as your pets to assist you in battles. How interesting it sounds!


Join in Hellbreed to be the hero to bring peace the chaotic world! Canny bosses and ferocious monsters are lurking on your epic journey. You learn hack and slash skills, acquire unique weapons and obtain powerful spells to enhance your performance. Combating in cooperation or going in solo will both do in this game. Moreover, enjoy the monster-slaying fun without limitations as well as the amazingly gorgeous graphics!

Legends of Xian

As an upgraded version of Ming Dynasty, Legends of Xian will grasp your attention at first sight. The picturesque sceneries and glamorous characters are really eye-catching. There are various quests related closely to the storyline, which gives you a realistic feeling. It is a perfect game mixing popular elements of RPG, strategy and adventure and boasting considerable Chinese style shooting fun. Immerse yourself in China’s vast land now!

The Witcher: Versus

Join in the universe of The Witcher to explore dungeons, challenge NPCs, enter into duels, and trade for rare goods from foreign merchants! Each class is unique with its specific skills and power. The land exploration also holds surprises for you with novel items and weapons. You can either fight alone or join in a guild. And the animated graphics is creative. After leveling up, you will gain access to more.

Dungeon Empires

The game concept of Dungeon Empires is different from others. Instead of venturing into the underground vaults and vanquishing fearsome monsters, you build your own dungeon and foster terrifying beasts with the aim of entrapping all the adventurers. It challenges your wisdom to build a powerful dungeon. The turn-based battles are also pretty intense. Hurry up! Give it a shot!

Fantasy of Swords

If you are fascinated by the Chinese Kung Fu, you should definitely try this game. It contains all the popular features of MMORPG, such as house-building, pet raising, weapon crafting, upgrading, trading etc. You have the option to choose your favorite Sect and martial art to learn and engage in. The castle-questing adventure is also exciting. After mastering the essence of combat, you can step into the battlefield gallantly.

Fortune Online

This real-time MMO boasts incredulously exquisite graphics and a stimulating storyline in the epic fantasy world. You aim to smash the undead zombies and gather their bones as loots. Infinite adventures and intense combats wait for you as you venture into the dangerous dungeons. You can collect useful items and forge powerful weapons to be invincible! Join hands with your friends, amass your wealth and rise to a hero!

Kungfu Online

Do you want to entertain yourself while learning the essence of Chinese Kungfu? Kungfu Online introduces you the guiding principles of various martial art sect, such as the famous Shao-lin Clan and Beggar’s Clan. You create your character, equip your weapons and then plunge into the learning and practicing of Kung Fu. In a nutshell, there is Kung Fu to learn, quests to complete and monsters to slay.


Are you fascinated by the catching myths from Arabian Nights? Nadirim, whose background and storyline are all inspired by those interesting stories, is a fabulous MMORPG. There are five classes to choose from, vast lands to explore and plenty of PVP as well as PVE to engage in. All characters can find their roots in Arabian Nights. You may run across Djinns in desert and wage turn-based battle with him. Anyway, it is worth a try.

Star Trek – Infinite Space

Wanna a trip to the outer space? Join in this futuristic 3D MMORPG to make it come true! Interstellar conflict is unsettling all the races. You rise to the occasion to set it all right. Together with thousands of players, you explore the Star Trek universe, finish missions and quests, and defend the United Federation of Planets. Interestingly, you get the chance to encounter all the famous characters, such as Klingons and Romulans.


Set in the medieval era with rich content, RuneScape lists as one of the hottest MMORPG in the world. Various roles are there for you, such as warrior, archer, and magician. You will come across lots of eerie creatures in this fantasy world. There are also interesting skills for you to master, cooking, mining and crafting, just to name a few. If you really want to fully experience the charm and glamour of this game, embark on your ultimate adventure!

Monster Galaxy

A whole galaxy of wile monsters is waiting to be challenged and tamed by gallant Moga Tamer. Will you be the HERO to capture the zodiac and save the world? There are 120 distinct beasts to fight against. After capturing them, you can train them to your strong aids. The futuristic vibe, imaginative characters as well as gorgeous graphics all guarantee the playability of this game.

Dungeon Blitz

Are you brave enough to explore formidable dungeons, slay creepy monsters and plunder their treasures? This casual action side-scrolling MMO focuses on presenting challenging Dungeon for adventurous players. You select your character, team up with friends, grow powerful through dauntless adventure. Something new will be added into the game every week, making it always attractive. Are you ready to begin blitz now?


Were you fascinated by the popular game Plants vs. Zombies? Now Elfender with all its features and more surprises comes to entertain you. The lovely images, such as Pineapple Shooter, Grape Shooter and Cactus Guard, alone are persuading enough. You can immerse yourself in the fun of management, puzzle-solving, crafting, exploration as well as rough combats.

Pirate Galaxy

Pilot your own space ship, explore the infinite universe, and fight against aliens! This sci-fi 3D space combat MMO is dedicated to offer you a memorable space travel. Your deadly foes are Mantis, the ruthless aliens. By collecting energy orbs, you can equip your ship or fire lasers at mantis ships. There are also highly challenging missions to accomplish, dynamic and stimulating combats to join in, and endless scenarios to explore.

A Mystical Land

Set foot on a mystical yet fantastic land to experience infinite adventures, fight against monsters of various genres to gain fame and fortune, cooperate or combat with players around the world to enjoy the socializing pleasure! This free2play 3D MMO will definitely enrich you spare time. Except for monster-slaying, you can also engage in some casual tasks, like fishing, blacksmithing and cooking. Give it a shot now!

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is an upcoming side-scrolling browser MMORPG with turn-based battle, and quest-oriented gameplay. The game was originally published in China under the title of 龙之刃.

Shadowland Online

Shadowland Online is a new browser RPG presented by ZQGame which behind Operation Gamma41.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is a free Browser RPG that is published by R2Games behind Caesary, and Maegica. With a fantasy background, the game has all the same features as most of typical mmos have, including Pet rasing, monster slaying, skill training, weapon crafting and guild forming.


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