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Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG

Sara Lau
May 2,2011  05:05 by

Client-based MMORPG, also known as downloadable MMORPG, marks a breakthrough of quality multiplayer online games. But such games requires players to download huge client and patches in order to smoothly run the game. More annoying, MMOs force you to install game downloader and client on your personal computer, which may cause personal privacy leak.

With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web browsers. What an amazing job!

Below are some online no download MMORPG Games that are free to play:

Odin Quest

Odin Quest is a 2D fantasy browser MMORPG that supposedly takes you into a perilous undertaking in save the world of Chaos and bring order to the world.

Mythic Saga

Developed by China-based GameWave, Mythic Saga features uniquely structured buildings with Chinese Characteristics. While this game may bring you the same experience with Crystal Saga, Soul of Guardian, and those games made by Chinese guys.


Published by Playcomet, ‘Edragon’ brings you totally brand new feelings about MMOs. Throughout the amazing world the game presents you, you need to battle against the mighty monsters and dragons with the help of strategy packages! Team up your buddies and let’s defeat them. I must say the 3D graphics are fantastic, and you really should prepare mentally and physically for it.

Crystal Saga

Like Grand Epic, or Forsakia? Then Crystal Saga may be a nice game for you because it is mainly targeted for casual gamers who love RO. The game takes on anime looks, delivering a whole set of MMORPG elements like questing, slaying, and much more.

Fortune Online

The new fantasy MMOPRG ‘Fortune Online’ is gonna take you to the world of Dragon Lords. Trust me; there’ll be countless dungeons, monsters and quests waiting for you. To be an epic hero, you need to take all the challenges after choosing one of the traditional playable classes, warrior, guardian and mage. Have fun!

Kungfu Online

In the world of ancient China, what can catch your eye beside the beautiful scenery? Right, the Kung Fu, Chinese heritage. You’ve got seven famous kung fu clans to join in, where you learn your skills of Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu-lovers will surely into the game.


Based on Arabian legends, the gameplay of ‘Nadirim’ offers you a chance of exploring the Arabian deserts. There are five classes available, and you’ll be amazed by the large maps and the PvP, PvE combat systems. Better trust me; this 2D fantasy MMORPG can lure you with the gameplay and the original soundtrack as well.

Star Trek – Infinite Space

Additional download for this online game? Absolutely unnecessary. The new adventure free-to-play MMORPG sets its gameplay in the space, meaning you can experience all the explorations and battles in the space. Joining either the Federation or the Klingon, and you can write your own history!


With millions of online players worldwide, the popular 3D fantasy MMORPG ‘RuneScape’ offers you a totally open-ended gameplay. In the world of RuneScape, you train the characters any of the total 24 skills. The highest rank of every skill is 99, which could be your final goal, I suppose. Besides, there’ll be plenty of mini-games waiting for you.

Monster Galaxy

Unusual for Facebook.com, but it did happen. To be a clone of ‘Pokemon’, ‘Monster Galaxy’ offers a simple gameplay of training monsters. Well, the slow-paced gameplay may take your time a little bit, but the mini-games and quests throughout ‘Monster Galaxy’ can surely turn you up.

Dungeon Blitz

Climbing down into the dungeons must be terrible, but it is exactly the side-scrolling MMORPG ‘Dungeon Blitz’ presents you. Customize your character and equip it better, then you come to the dungeons. The gameplay never stops when you go away from the game, just feel free to explore!


Pick your avatar, and you can begin your battles with the give level-1 elf cards in the tutorials. The gameplay is such simple that you place your avatar and all the skill cards just opposite to your enemy, and let them fight. Well, the cute artwork may be the reason why many women players are so into the game. Both of its Chinese and English versions have been published so far.

Pirate Galaxy

To be a Java-based sci-fi MMORGP, ‘Pirate Galaxy’ gives you excellent visual experiences of the huge star systems! How amazing! You carry the missions to fight for the control of planets in the galaxy. However, you need to upgrade your spaceship frequently so as to win out. The various battle environments can definitely cheer you up.


Just imagine your girlfriend is haunted and controlled by an evil spirit, what should you do? Well, the browser game ‘Juggernaut’ definitely gives you such a scenario. In the game, you have to save your gal by warping into her twisted soul. Besides, collecting items, solving puzzles and other tasks are all waiting for you. Have fun!


Launched by Microsoft, ‘Neosaurs’ is a new Facebook.com game with quite high requirements of your PC hardware. First, pick your neosaur and customize it as you wish. Then it’s all about level-ups and upgrading stuff because it closely relates to the strength, attacking, defense and many other attributes. Also, on the platform of Facebook, you’ll surely play it with your friends.

Neverland Online

Developed by Chinese talents, ‘Neverland Online’ is a traditional 2D MMORPG. The cute art graphics must steal women players’ hearts. You may choose one of the following characters, namely, warrior, assassin, mage and priest. As usual, you will raise a pet to be with you. Never stop improving your character and pet by defeating the enemies.


It’s a world of chaos presented by the real-time action PRG ‘Hellbreed’. You, the epic hero, have the duty of saving the world from the dark power. In order to do this, upgrade your avatar to unlock more advanced weapons and defeat more enemies. Also, I assure you that the art team brought you amazing graphics, making you enjoy more fun.

Legends of Xian

Tried of the traditional action MMORPG? Well, ‘Legends of Xian’ can give you a totally different feeling. Set in Ming Dynasty, the game presents you the whole ancient world and you’ll be thrilled at the traditional clothes design and all the historic buildings and landscapes. A special skill in the game is that if you perform so well, then you can be a master to ‘torture’ and ‘pacify’ you slaves. Others are quite the same, battling and completing the quests. Have fun!

The Witcher: Versus

In this MMORPG, there is a world where humans share with other creatures like dwarves, elves, gnomes and others. It’s called the Northern Kingdoms where you have to explore the dungeons and landscapes, defeat monsters, meet NPCs and make purchases in different cities. Generally speaking, the battle system is eccentric and you’ll meet more new challenges. Be ready!

Grand Epic

The old-fashioned 2D MMORPG transformed itself as new browser MMORPG. This is a trend. The new MMO Grand Epic is just one of them, inspired by Zodiac Online.

Warriors Saga

People familiar with Chinese Journey to the West may be interested in Warriors Saga’s storyline. This game revolves around the theme of Chinese myth, yet presented in 2D Cute graphics.

Dungeon Empires

The game ‘Dungeon Empires’ has received a high praise from players these days because of its exciting gameplay and stripped-down mechanics. Well, actually the gameplay is simply about point-and-click, and your goal is to explore the given map and collect more gold and materials you could get, to build your own empire! Good luck!

Fantasy of Swords

Hey, game about martial arts is coming! ‘Fantasy of Swords’ is a MMORPG, set in the world of ancient China. The PvP gameplay can definitely give you exciting battling experiences while you enjoy the beautiful scenery, thanks to the art team. You have to pick one of the four schools to train your kung fu, improve the skills and tame your pet, of course. Both the Chinese and English versions are all published.


Fan of swordsman fictions? Then you’ll be satisfied by the game ‘Forsakia: The Lost Clans’. In the land of Jianghu, the whole world is in chaos since the mighty clans collapsed. And it’s time for you to be the hero, saving people out of this situation. Killing the monsters, raising the pets, furnishing your houses are all what you’ve got to do. Anyway, you will surely enjoy this fantastic feeling of being a hero.

Drakensang Online

With an epic-themed, ‘Drakensang Online’ is a MMORPG developed by German talents. The 3D animated graphics can surely suffocate you, cuz it’s so wonderful! Set in a fantasy world, the game makes you meet all the tasks like exploring the dungeons, beating up monsters and playing alone or with team. The gameplay could be familiar to you, though. Have a nice time!

Pockie Ninja

The Japanese-Style online game was originally released in China. In the game, you act as a Ninja to complete the quests, raise the pets and even make your slave as a pet. The international version of the game will be released in June, 2011. And you just cannot wait to experience the suffocating visual effects, my players!

Battlestar Galactica Online

If you are a big fan of the space-themed online games, then you cannot miss ‘Battlestar Galactica Online’. Based on a sci-fi franchise, the game offers you the most fabulous epic adventures and the warfare between human beings and the cruel Cylons with strategy and tactics. Moreover, the beautiful 3D visual effect can totally catch your eyeballs.

Call of Gods

The real-time adventure RPG ‘Call of Gods’ offers you a chance of experiencing a total vivid warfare by its more than 30 gaming scenes, thanks to the art team. You’ll meet hundreds of NPC and other characters in three races, besides, it’s you that recruit and train a team of heroes and send them to the battles on the map. Beat up all your enemies is the way to victory.

Magic Campus

The new MMORGP ‘Magic Campus’ can steal your heart, I assure you. The magic campus is a place where you’ll meet numerous monsters and fights, and you have to defeat them all just to survive. Moreover, there are countless tasks and quests waiting for you to complete. Keep upgrading your character and explore this wonderful but mysterious campus!

Shakes & Fidget

Based on the web comic of the same time, ‘Shakes & Fidget’ is a browser 2D role-playing game. With a refreshing feeling brought by the cute and humorous art graphics, you’re needed to choose one of the six playable races to start the game. The gameplay is simple just like its interface, have a nice time!

A Mystical Land

Available on Facebook.com and the internet browser, the MMO named A Mystical Land’ gives you a fantastic world full of mystical adventures to explore! You’ll enjoy its crafting features such as mining, collecting, cooking, fishing, etc; and still, you need to defeat monsters and complete the quests. The 3D graphics can bring a total fabulous gaming experience.

Soul of Guardian

Soul of Guardian is a free to play 2D browser-based MMORPG with no download. By ripping off some famous PC games, Soul of Guardian has attracted about almost 100K users within only 10 days, and opened five servers.

Dragon Born

Dragon Born is a click-and-point MMO by KoramGame, the maker also publishing games such as CheckMate Online, and Spirit Tales. With the game mechanics being used on Soul of Guardian, Dragon Born proves worthy of a true non-download MMO.

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  1. kalebb says:

    werewolves are very cool.

  2. Christian Tanner says:

    ehh, none of these games sound interesting, i already play runescape, there should be a game thats like WOW witht he same graphics and everything, except you start out as a baby dragon, and you use skill points to get stronger abilities and stuff, and if you favor 2 certain skills then you can evolve into a dragon(in stages of life) to become a dragon more adapted to those abilities, also, it should be an mmorpg so you can play with other people around the world!,

    Christian Tanner

  3. Uzziah says:

    Also I…

  4. Duncan says:

    Yeah same here.

  5. yourmom says:

    no this sucks

  6. your momz mom says:

    well i like games like minecraft its fun for me you get ranked and its free and no download
    but if you want to buy it you can i like runescape to click here to sign up for minecraft its fun trust me http://www.minecraft.net/

  7. yottt says:

    i know if dont have dowload i would play dont wanna play right then

  8. BaconRanger (A.K.A.WiazardRanger) says:

    hello peoples…..

  9. BaconRanger says:

    getting offf

    keep your hoods on


  10. xPrometheusx says:

    I need a game like crystal saga excpt with more classes no download wat is ith people no fking download (VIRUSES PPL!!!!)

  11. tsunum says:

    i want a game like runesape but all free its not good because it needs money to play good

  12. tsunum says:

    you can only go in curtain places and only some things not everything and that makes me feel like im playing in jail they should open more places

  13. Kevin says:

    play rohan its a downloading game cool game go to PlayRohan.com to download and check it out

  14. I AM # 4 says:


  15. flamingwolf says:

    i cant get on runesape

  16. kittiporl says:

    this is hard to find a game we need to sign up

  17. vezix says:

    dude…. aqw is also a great game… although it a little bit boring if u have nothing to do….
    aq.com try it…. ;D hope u will be happy

  18. escomaZoore says:

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  19. fukin bored says:

    fukin i need a game like runescape but no download anybody know onw

  20. fukin bored says:

    i mean anybody know *one not onw

  21. thedawg says:

    there should be an mmo set in the aftermath of judgement day, like in the terminator. it would be awesome to pick whether you are part of the resistance or a skynet machine. post-apocalyptic futre with killer robots would make the greatest mmo ever.

  22. masterofire says:

    i would try wizard 101 for you guys.

  23. Zac says:

    I would like a Harry Potter MMO this would be awesome to unlock spells and stuff ;
    you log in and scroll down to the box and type in the spell, charm or curse. You choose to either be a part of Dumbledore's Army or a Death Eater. Every time you do something daring, defeat an enemy, win a Quidditch match or find hidden rooms you earn XP the level max. would be 56. You defeat Bosses too like Sirius or Dumbledore or Voldemort or Lucius. This would also be 3D. You have the sorting hat too. It works alphabetically
    eg. Gryfinndor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff would be like this Gryfinndor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin.
    You form Friends, Groups and Leagues. To Disapparate you need to be a least level 13. You choose what you want to look like or choose someone to look like, like DC Universe. You gain stuff from defeating enemies. Your dormitory would be like your house except people ( ppl) can come in anytime. The Triwizard Tournament would take place in Hogwarts every 2 months every month and a half you spend online you turn a grade up. Ok, Characters
    Snape is gets nasty as you level up.
    Everyone else is the same.
    So everything else would be the same as the movie -except as a game. You get ranked and stuff too. Dementors and stuff will patrol the school every 4 weeks and suck 19 life out of you in three seconds – Keep your Patronus close! The Fat Lady's password is Scurv ybook -No spaces. The Slytherin's snakeskin. Hufflepuff : beanzbark. Ravenclaw : railbookshelv.

    So there you are I hope you will make this game become reality thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.


  24. pothole says:

    crystal saga rocks

  25. minecraft says:

    Pirate Galaxy isnt even a mmorpg its just some game

  26. Ayano says:

    Wait a secound,didn't Forsakia shut down? …?
    And Adventure Quest Worlds should probably be on this list considering the popularity and quality.
    And while I do like Grand Epic online,it is pretty unoriginal and uninspiring.
    This list is lacking.

  27. Unknown says:

    To be honest…none of these games 'catched' me. Seriously; either it's slow, boring, requires to download something, you name it.

  28. martise says:

    fuck all of that go t elsword.com

  29. Ayano says:

    I'm I the only one who notices how much this site pushing Crystal Saga? Seriously,are they getting paid for that? All things considered,Crystal Saga is just another Never land Online clone. Seriously,it's not that great of a game.

  30. joshua scalf says:

    Bro. i dont recomend wizard 101 because it laggs!and i gave me a virus that froze all my files

  31. blba says:

    play a mystical land it pretty awesome

  32. transformice rocks! says:

    hey guys i used to play aqw (Adventure Quest Worlds) but, now its boring u can try TFM (transformice) TRANSCORMICE IS AN AWESOME U R A MOUSE U HAV TO COLLECT CHEESE THERES A SHOP TOO U CAN MAKE MAPS THERE R TRIBES, IF U THINK ITS BORING CHECK IT OUT! IT IS SO ADDICTIVE GO TO http://www.transformice.com THX ITS A SUPERB GAME! PLZ TRY IT OUT!

  33. NunYA says:

    there needs to be a mmo that is…
    good graphics

  34. the emerald shadow says:


  35. michelle says:

    I love Crystal Saga! <3 u should actually play it and don't just judge by what the review says. Like it's a really fun game. U know how some games you have to buy to get the awesome-looking stuff? Well, in Crystal Saga u get new stuff when ever you level up. Gift packs, super leveler up packs, mounts, pets, etc. and whenever you log in you might get coupons and Dragon coins that you can use to spin at Dragon hunt and get awesome prizes! and the weapons, Armor, equipment, clothing, characters, outfits, pets, bosses, world boss, enemies, NPCs and many more looks amazing!

    There are guilds you can join and fight for the land and own everything! Your leader of the guild gives out double exp. maybe even triple exp. for the whole server every weekend! There are items that helps level up fast, makes your weapons stronger, armor defenses go up, make you look better, and make you stronger than ever!

    You get rare pets too through dragon hunt! Like a demon egg that you can upgrade to a super demon and also an angel egg that you can upgrade to a super angel! You might even get a Teeko!

    Crsytal Saga also has mounts! You start with a baby turtle which you can upgrade to a panther, then you get a Rapid rabbit which you can upgraded to a scorpion then a flaming giant bird, etc!

    Hope you actually play the game.

  36. michelle says:

    It's an awesome game! Thanks for the link!

  37. garvilles says:

    crystal saga sucks it made my character turn level 1

  38. Dalia says:

    I want a game EXACTLY LIKE Runescape. Since I can't play it anymore, I figured I can play something else like it, but I can't find anything as good, or even better than, Runescape.

  39. Dalia says:

    I want a game where I'm not looking down at the world, I'm walking through the world.

  40. Frustration says:

    I can't even play some of them because they are not available in my country!!!!! And just when I found one I was interested in!!

  41. flame says:

    i am alowed playing these games any where i want

  42. Jim says:

    You guys are all idiots with no idea how hard it would be to make the perfect MMO with great graphics and plentiful skills/abilites would be. It would also be extremly costly. Be pleased with what you get. also why not just download a game? Who would care, most games don't have virus's unless they are untrustworthy.

  43. LuvMe123 says:

    hey guys need you'r replies what is the best game in this selection?

  44. rrs@hotmail.com says:

    nigger im black

    k so fuck u

  45. jon says:

    Overkings is a good one but its not on here

  46. SoulEaterSeriesLover says:

    yea all of these are stupid!, when i clciked on this site this was definitly NOT wat i was looking for…They all sound stupid, look stupid and ARE stupid!!!! I would personally play Kaneva, Smeet, ChitChatCity, WOW, Runescape…etc. If you want a really fun and awesome gameplay battle game that you will never get sick of play Runes Of Magic! Its absoulutly free, and the game play is AWESOME!! Arnt many classes just elf, human, and dwarf, but its worth it!! Plus each and every character gets to have 3 different powers/well….for example, I made my dwarf be a rogue, priest, and a warrior! you get three per character! but you can only use 2 of the classes powers at once, idk its complicated but fun…the only problem is you have to download, but the download is simple and free! Also buy this awesome game called Terra! THEE BEST GRAPHICS EVER! Plus awesome gamplay and different outfits and armor customizer! They have tons of different species of characters that NO OTHER GAME has ever thought of! Example, the Elin, animal like people….anyways im very talkitive sorry bai! -Soul Eater Series Lover 69 XD

  47. Aliyzatheweirdo says:

    why isn't conqueror of all worlds here??

  48. Aliyzatheweirdo says:


  49. TURK says:

    i delete my 53 lwl charecteri i was in top 10 but i delete because of casher players everything is money

  50. moom says:

    @zac there is a game somewhat like that the game's called pottermore

  51. (BaRGONVA* says:

    I Like This Website

  52. Unknown says:

    Maybe try Queville.com its ok game just gotta get higher then you might like it alot more.

  53. BTD says:

    try conquer online at co.91.com its download but its really fun and it’s multiplayer.
    have fun

  54. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « DotMMO.comMay 2, 2011 … Client-based MMORPG, also known as downloadable MMORPG, marks a breakthrough of quality multiplayer online games. But such games … […]

  55. clayman says:

    mythic saga fuckas

  56. Scott says:

    Battlestar Galactica is a browser based awesome game. Time to check it out

  57. ............ says:

    omg, no good graphic and character in those game… i want something that is good like runescape that you don't need to download and it can fly.. yeah that what i want… a cool mmo games that is better than any mmo games

  58. jhunbiee says:

    they all SUCKS!

  59. Darth Keiros says:

    Star Trek and BSG needs downlods FROOBS!!

  60. Slender Man says:

    Should make an Assassin's Creed MMORPG free to play and max lvl 100 and unlockable weapon powers such as fire arrows or magic swords (I'm trying to mix up some MMOs) where it most possibly makes fit Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, revelation and 3. Unlockable stuff like hidden blades upgrade (BTW the hidden blade would be the only weapon you start with) and such other weapons upgrade. Goes up to level five or higher (I'm just trying to be realistic) for any weapons (bow, crossbow, chop, hidden blades and such), buying villas, unlocking characters (such as Altaïr Ibn-Al Ahad, Ezio Auditore and Connor), having one or more PvP zones, having some NPC and PC interactions, chats, buyable weapons but you can't buy a weapon until a certain level (like in RuneScape you can buy a Rune Sword but it's level 50 Attack). Also you can choose factions (SW:TOR referance) Such as Templar, Assassin, Villager, American Revolutionary, English Counter-Revolutionary, and sutff. We should be able to hide in bushes and hay stacks, we should also be able to jump from buildings and land on hay stacks, climb on buildings (lvl 5 minimum), running, wall running (lvl 10 minimum) earning XP as the same as RuneScape (you know, pwning NPCs and PCs). Basicly that''s what I
    ask please try to make it downloadless and free to play thank you.

  61. artix says:

    this is ok

  62. cambamslam says:

    im not trying to be ignorants but to the people who dont under stand NO F INGN DOWNLOAD GOD DAMIT DONT PUT SOME FREEKING DOWNLOAD GAME ON A F ING SITE THAT SAYS NO DOWNLOAD(this is mostly for people on ask and google that do that) thank you and have a nice day and thanks for the peopkle that dont do that

  63. cambamslam says:

    not trying to be rude but you f ing people who don't understand NO DOWNLOAD THAT UUSE ASK AND GOOGLE DONT PUT A F ING DOWNLOAD GAME ON THE GOD DAM WEBSITE thanks for your time peace!!!!!

  64. A Dev says:

    crystal saga sucks!

  65. Jellyhorse says:

    love and tolerate

  66. mike says:

    hey pothhole your a fouen bistige

  67. jhayvee says:


  68. mlasyia im11 says:

    shut up

  69. hunter says:

    i like games like realm f the mad god

  70. kihsgssssss says:

    yuck ugly games

  71. Corey Crenshaw says:

    Ok every game that everyone is talking about i have already played. I just hope that one day they would come out with a game that u would be able to go around in groups and fight without an autofight button. And u would be able to have a pet and get stuff without membership. And it would be more fun if u can kill anyone when u see them and form an alliance to face on other players that u meet around every map. And also it would be very easy to lvl up. Games like that with adventure is what im hoping of. If u agree leave a reply. Thank you.

  72. dust guy says:


  73. Tear says:

    Personally I LOVE Runescape however when I don't have the spare cash to put into membership it gets kinda old, however within the next few months I get my 10 year cape. I'm looking for a non download game similar to it! I've scouted through Bing,Google, AND my home browser. I can find NOTHING like it that isn't extremely laggy. I like tibia since it isn't a download game anymore but unfortunately (I can deal with the bad graphics) but it's played primarily by Brazilians.

  74. the twan says:

    try Cannan its one of the greatest games i played so far that does not require a download

  75. arham says:

    Bearbarians is a good game

  76. arham says:

    hands of war 2 and 3 is a good game

  77. arham says:

    and adventure thats a good game there is one game that is download its leage of legend

  78. ddddd says:

    Wheres AdventureQuest Worlds?

  79. mohammed says:

    playing any game can cous virus?

  80. […] Name : Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « DotMMO.com Source :www.dotmmo.com Download :Top free no download mmo games and mmorpg « dotmmo.com […]

  81. […] Top free no download mmo games and mmorpg « dotmmo.com […]

  82. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « … – With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web … […]

  83. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « … – With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web … […]

  84. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « … – With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web … […]

  85. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « … – With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web … […]

  86. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « … – With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web … […]

  87. […] Top Free No Download MMO Games and MMORPG « … – With no download MMORPG Games penetrating into our daily life, we do not need to download game client of large files, and even we could play 3D mmo on our web … […]

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