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Top Gear Speed World

Top Gear Speed World

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Eyes Wide Games
Genre:  Racing

Top Gear Speed World is a top-down racing game, in which you control one car to compete in global challenges against other players in stationary tracks with simple objective of finishing faster than your opponents, in order to get honors and rewards.

The game is published by 6Waves and BBC Worldwide that owns social game Real Housewives: The Game and hidden object game Jane Austen’s Rogues and Romance and Antiques Hunter Portobello Road.


The game is very straight-forward. You are directly thrown in a practice track in which you drive your first and basic car. Left and right key to steer left and right, while X and Z to gear up and down respectively. The game control sounds pretty easy but turns out to be very awkward. After all, with a “god-mode” racer, there are occasions where left is right and right is left. You may feel your great performance in the first-person racers cannot guarantee the equally good results in this sort of games. So, although you know where you should navigate the car beforehand, in most cases the car cannot follow the path you expect. There are little bits and pieces here and there that give the game a deeper feel. Barrels on the court releasing oil or water makes certain corners very tricky to get through. And what’s worse, chances are that you may even run out of the court and fail immediately. With each bump or damage taken, your car loses one “petrol” , which also leads to failure when the car completely runs out of petrol.

What this game is all about is playing races over and over to unlock new cars and upgrades.The first several tracks are for warm-up just like tutorial. All the tracks are very short, and they are condensed into a single screen size. Camera angle is just fixed, instead of panning to track the motion of racing car like most other car-racing games. Races last an average of 20 seconds, so things are kept flowing in a rapid pace. Scattered around each track are icons which can be run over to reveal a power-up. These includes petrol to refill the fuel tanks, nitro boosts, and bonus credits. In most times, your success just depends in large part upon how you manage to snag from these power-ups.

If you expect to see much play of the game, then you will probably be disappointed. The game is no doubt repetitious, and each race ends up being too fast, so you’re constantly shifting from track to track. Still in beta phase, there are a lot of features which are temporarily locked. Yet seen from the main interface, a garage where you can upgrade, personalize and purchase cars is promised to come soon. Also, it seems that the game is able to design and mod your own tracks, but at this moment it’s still “coming soon”.

The awkward control, the lack of zeal and speed and real social elements, and the shortage of storyline and play contents all make it a game below average among racing genres. It is still in beta, which can be a great excuse for its all-a-bit-too-simplistic gameplay. Yet, it really needs much more updates and polishing to be worth a try.

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