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Top Hidden Object Games on Facebook

Sara Lau
Feb 28,2012  03:02 by

DotMMO just picked up 6 most popular Hidden Object Games on Facebook app directory. Below are the game overviews. If you want to check our reivew, follow the link to learn more. Enjoy and have fun!

Hidden Chronicles

“Hidden object” games are extending far and wide with their simple and entertaining gameplay. The release of Hidden Chronicles, a nice combination of the single-player mode and the multi-player competitive features, accelerates this trend.

This new Facebook game is all about searching and competing. Lots of secrets and puzzles remain in the seemingly tranquil and refined estate of Ramsey Manor after Uncle Geoffrey’s sudden death, and your task is to immerse into the discovery and unveil the mystery. It may be easier said than done. The main measure to advance in the game involves travelling to different places and finding clues. Sometimes, mini games, such as jigsaw puzzles, may appear after you finish some scenes. The decorating and constructing work are added to regulate your questing journey. What’s more, do not forget to interact with your neighbors to exchange items and experience.

Gardens of Time

Gardens of Time is undoubtedly regarded as the pride of its developer Playdom, as it ranked first in the recently released Facebook’s top 10 games of 2011.

On a recreational level, Gardens of Time is among the free hidden object games, with elegant visuals and a multitude of scenes to search into. What make it under the spotlight are its geographical and historical contents. The Time Society travels to and fro through history, visiting from ancient civilized countries to modern places of interest. Therefore, the pyramids in Egypt, the Hanging Gardens in Babylon, the Big Ben in London, etc., are presented to enrich your journey. As a potential new member to this group, while searching for the hidden objects in these places, you are actually participating in a competition with other candidates.

There are more than 40 re-playable scenes, and you will be accompanied by a pair of inspiring mentors throughout your way. Frequent interactions with friends are also encouraged in this social game.

Hidden Haunts

Absent yourself from the thrilling battlefields in the mainstream war games and be a calm and perspicacious detective this time in Hidden Haunts, a newly-released Facebook game with a theme on searching for hidden objects.

The once peaceful town of Lost Heaven is now bewildered by a terrible curse. As a result, only the souls of its inhabitants remain as ghosts. The main tasks center on searching hidden object scenes and expelling the curse over the town. Needless to say, the more you are engaging in the casino online game, the more your will benefit. Upon finishing each hidden object scene, you are to get energy and coins, which help to construct your own town, solve other supernatural cases, and successively, unlock more scenes. In case you are lost in the game, there are quests setting on the left of the screen to guide you through. Join in the searching team with your friends right now and have fun!

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries

Following the big hit of Gardens of Time, Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, another hidden object game, is recently released by Playdom, with its task to maintain the popularity of HOGs on Facebook.

The title reveals two protagonists in the game—the gentle Blackwood and the sharp-tongued Bell. The two detectives are involved in a kidnap case. As a member of the detective agency, you are to uncover hidden objects and collect evidence of the crime. And you should be quick and nimble at clicking on the objects in the crimes scenes, which is considered to be one of the most difficult parts of the game. Accordingly, scenes are more creepy and substantial compared with Gardens of Time.

The experiences your gain in the game will help unlock items for the decoration of your “yard”, which will further increase your reputation.

Mystery Manor

You may have figured out from the title what the game is. Yes, it is about a Manor that is veiled by mysteries. In this GameInsight’s hidden object game, you are to probe into these mysteries, fight against evil forces and accomplish the ultimate mission required.

Mystery Manor is featured with a large variety of rooms and creatures. In these different places, aliens, zombies, monsters, gypsies—large and small, eastern and western—are wandering around. Through a map, you will know the rooms that you are able to explore. Within a limited time span, you are to find out all the items listed in a certain room. Along with your advancement, the number of items will increase and more rooms will be unlocked, while at the same time chances are that you will revisit some places several times. However, the boring experience that this repetition brings may be counterbalanced by the quests to search out antique objects and the temptation of the highest prize.

World Mysteries

“Mystery” is rather a preferred word by HOG developers when defining the name of their games, and what will the “mystery” in Vostu’s World Mysteries be?

The disappearance of your uncle functions as the catalyst to your adventure into World Mysteries. You, the inheritor of a grand mansion, accompanied by your friend Sarah, is supposed to find out the hidden objects in the mansion which help to unveil the mystery of a legend as well as save your uncle from the evil forces. Similar to other HOGs, this game takes player’s exploring the myths and connecting the evidence available to get a clue as its main challenges. Some new hidden object puzzles it offers seem to be the only factor that makes it stand out from the games of same genre. Anyway, if you are a real HOG enthusiast, it may appear on your game list.

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers

Build preserve fields for your animals and follow the hints to explore the ancient forest and find the animals, you are familiar or unfamiliar. By playing this hidden object game, you may be reminded of roaming around the zoo kingdom.

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