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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Plarium
Developer:  Plarium
Genre:  Strategy

At present, countries in the globe that master the nuclear technology is limited to the number countable with fingers; and nuclear war is prohibited and unimaginable. What would the suitable become of in a decade, in fifty years and in a century? Now thanks to the great effort and imagination of Plarium’s game developers, players are able to enter the futuristic world in Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy to have the first contact with nuclear-based wars.

Put online on July the first of 2011, Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, a strategy game blending military simulation with empire building, is said to outshine its competitors and boasts active daily players more than forty hundred, according to the AppData statistics.

The storyline of Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is set in a war-stricken background, in which players will act out soldiers assigned to separate sectors on the nuclear wasteland where they take full charge of all issues, military and political. As to the main contents concerned, quests conducted in this game are not beyond the traditional activities in games of the same genre, which means players manufacture resources, build facilities and army units and expand their own closure to the greatest extent. Basically, Uranium, Titanium and Credits are the three resources that fuel all activities in this game, so naturally mines generating them are on the priority list of construction plan. Of course, resources can also be gained through raiding other players’ warehouse, which certainly is based on powerful troops, thus advisable only when the attacking party is strong enough. Once having abundant resources as solid foundation, players can live their ambition gradually by adding up defensive units of Cyberdogs, building facilities such as research center, barracks and parade square, and training army ready to wage war or accept challenges provoked by others.

Given Facebook being its platform, it is presumably that socialization and interaction among players are integral parts in it. While trading of items is one common channel of socializing, alliance formation is another way to communicate. Needless to say, to ally with one another brings about benefits. For instance, in the sectors of allied friends, one may collect extra resources and currency; allied friends can send each other resources, troops and modules useful for building facilities and so one faster than normal gaining rate; moreover a special unit named Cyborgs, powerful in both defense and offense, can only be acquired after forming alliance.

Besides, the playable list is still long. How are you going to take full advantage of the hiding ability of the units in this game which allows players to only display parts of their units so as to misguide enemy to get the mistaken idea about the defense power? And will you use a controversial second base as a resource supplier? Well, brave problems in your own way and keep in mind that the ultimate purpose is the total domination by nuclear strategy.

102 Comments on Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy


  1. Randy David says:

    I was wondering if the game is flawed. The reason I say this is Ive been seeing players taking out sectors with little loss of their troops but massive loss of the defending base. An example of this is a base with close to 1000 defense 200 def and offensive units were slaughtered in their own base by under 200 offensive troops. You might say that seems reasonable, The attacker who is my friend lost 9 units and the defender lost all but afew. Where is the benefit of building your defenses if all it takes is afew offensive troops to wipe you out. Whoever makes this game needs to readjust the ratio of attack VS Defense. I was going to buy a bunch more crystals but there is no use if im just buying them to make my sector look good.

  2. camaro says:

    how the hell do you expand your base? mines getting crowded.. also.. why are so many things costing crystals when crystals are very very very hard to come by? i refuse to spend real money for that crap.

  3. edd says:

    how do you get modules ?

  4. Kastle says:

    mi liking this game alot. i find it easy to play. the crystal things are hard to come by but then again the game is supposed to be a challange not a walk through. so i dig that.

  5. Frank says:

    I'm trying to expand my sector but it keeps saying failed to expand, whats the problem?

  6. Giddeon says:

    My question is when I have garrissoned units when I call them back can I choose which ones or do they all get returned?

  7. Angel Ramires says:

    when will be available in Spanish?

  8. Dtog says:

    What do you get for invading a sector?

  9. Joe says:

    I have been trying to research the rate of growth for my resources. The amount of Uranium, Titanium and Credits are earned per hour, per day, per what?

  10. amanobaby68 says:

    is there a way to move your sector (city)? I thought you could place when you first started, but I didnt get that choice.

  11. Neal says:

    Any recommended time to leave forces in place on a enemy sector after an invasion is successful?

  12. Audiobuff101 says:

    What is your favorite color? Is anyone allergic to shellfish? However despite the some of the inconsistencies in how defense to offense algorithm functions, the RTS factor is in depth and enjoyable, lets face it some of us have spent much more cash out on the town to come home not to remember a thing.

  13. camaro says:

    so does anyone know how else to expand your sector other than collecting friends? everyone i know has a life and do not play.

  14. Nemanja says:

    What is the real power of cyborg i couldnt find it anywhere

  15. gabezter4 says:

    how do you get a second base without making a second profile

  16. Ravera says:

    Any questions guys? I've been playing for quite a few months and I'm level 45.

  17. matthew gooremans says:

    hmm? i have 500 facebook credits but when i try to buy crystals it says: Sorry, but we're having trouble processing your payment. You have not been charged for this transaction.Please try again… can anyone help?

  18. rodolfo estrada says:

    do the barrels for the titanium actually let you hold more titanium or are they there just for looks?

  19. Brian Haley says:

    I haven't been able to join a clan or even ask. I am only level 32 but every time I ask to join it says "you have already asked your limit for today". Or something like that but I have only asked one or two clans before and this was weeks ago. Does anyone know if there is a glitch?

  20. esparta says:

    vamos a ver e invadido a algien, eso qe me da cristales??, y sus recursos tambien??'

  21. sco says:

    i understand i am a new member but with me i bring my high ideals and understanding of mechanics of success. first and foremost is honor. this concept will guide you to function in all things in life in a higher way. as a light guiding a group. second is respect. for yourself first for how can you respect another if you do not respect yourself. to keep your respect refer to honor. honor will guide you in a higher road. a road above the masses of troubled people. last but not least is disipline. this study and apply in all things in your life. this will help you walk in honor and help you show yourself and others respect even when you feel weak or angry. the game play of the nocturnal templars with applying these principles will have reverberating effects thoughout the rest of your lives as well. make it a good experience and have fun. awegee nance san

  22. Thommy Jessen says:

    My game just startet to not work anymore it just stays on loading what can the problem of this be ?
    I have been playing the game for more than 6mounths now, first now it do not wants to start up.

  23. dave says:

    there is no point in defence, the game is unblanced

  24. Kapolei Dave says:

    Yup. I agree on the futility of attempting defense in the game. My next question: How do I delete my account?>

  25. merritt says:

    You can't. The game needs to change or everyone will quit.

  26. James P. Macnicholl says:

    To Plarium game Developers at Total Domination Nuclear Stratergy,

    I have one concern,
    I would like to see the combat simulator updated with the new current contents in the TDNS. At the moment the combat simulator is not updated and not working properly and I'm disappointed since I'm a crystal spender that you value your customer as number one with satisfaction guarantee. Or would you rather hate to lose a value customer? Feel free to contact me through my email. Thank you for taking up your time to listen to me.


    James Macnicholl

  27. mark cleary says:

    Can someone tell me what the defense guns do on top of the walls i have bought 10 so far thinking that would sort raiders out but it sames there dont do nothing..eg i got attacked with about 10 troopers yes only 10 troopers so i thought my defence would sort them out guess what NOT one bloody kill.What the fcuk was my guns doing…laughing at me thinking im a nob for buying them lol. There cost me alot of money buying crystals to buy walls and guns.So what are they for?

  28. petar says:

    can anyone please tell me what do you get from invading a sectore?

  29. manuel says:

    que tal a todos los jugadores latinos que batallan con el ingles, no batalles mas, unete a mi clan, "LEGION LATINA" buscanos en tu embajada en la pestana de clanes y vamonos a los primeros lugares…

  30. mike xc says:

    how can you get a lv 20 titanium mine when the resources cost more than you can hold. they want 333,000 in uranium , 224,000 in titanium , and 333,000 in credits. but your wharehouse and banks max out at 219,000

  31. Jazz says:

    How do I upgrade my Command Center, Barracks, Parade Grounds, Research Lab, Cyberlab, etc? They dont have upgrade buttons and I cant figure out what Im supposed to do.

  32. Ajax says:

    How do i lvel up barracks for example . there are some buildings i cant level up

  33. dennis jackson says:


  34. DENNIS JACKSON says:


  35. cornelius McDaniel says:

    Everytime I want to upgrade a trooper or weapon,have to reseach the technology and when I try it tell me to collect modules,but how do I collect them and if their the ones I need to upgrade whatever unit I want to upgrade.

  36. Meme Bobeck says:

    I sent all my troops to a friends base …when he no longer needed me i recalled my troops …none were in battle but they never made it back to me and they are not at my friends base..also not traveling ..they were 20 min. from home base and its been about 6 hrs ago i recalled them …over 200 troops and a battle cruser is this a glitch in the game?i got no report on them and my friend was not attacked so now i am out of ALL my troops

  37. david says:

    can u move your base?

  38. josh says:

    If anyone is looking for a clan and is an American I am needing new clan members my clan is



  39. Danielle says:

    CAn you join sector alliances on a raid or invasion?

  40. Jerry says:

    what is Quantim evcaate and do you stop it and how to get what they are using

  41. Wayne says:

    How do you recall forces after an invasion?

  42. Tim says:

    During a raid my troops got stuck and will not return at the sector I was raiding. The Tracking screen is frozen saying that this sector is being attacked. I can perform other raids and have been doing so for day, but in the meantime, half my troops are stuck in a raid and not returning. It took me 3 days and hundreds of thousands of resources to create those troops. Does anyone know what's going on?

  43. ray scarberry says:

    i have a question I been playing this game for two years I am a level 55 . I have 20 caravan's how do you get 30and 40 caravan's I have seen them on the trading center please tell me

  44. Bill says:

    How do I delete the program off my computer? It is permanently attached to the task bar

  45. Dale says:

    Please people, do not buy crystals. I bet half the players have more than one account. One man told me that he has a friend that has 10 accounts. Why not buy crystals? Because if you raid a person that has multiple accounts and he gets mad, he can raid you with however many accounts he has and keep doing it. Then you will need more troops but you don't want to wait for them to be built or you are not upgraded enough to build the troops you lost so you buy crystals to buy more troops and then he raids you again and you just keep spending money on crystals to buy more troops. The game is not fair. I bet Face Book is making a killing on selling crystals. Even the clans have their private pages telling you how to raid, invade and other things. They also tell you how to make more accounts. The game is fun for awhile until you run into these people with multiple accounts. Oh, by the way they call these alt. accounts. I guess for alternate. The game is also very buggy that a lot of people just quit playing. Play for awhile before buying crystals and you will run into people that have more than one account. I usually get messages telling me not to raid a site again because it is his other account. Truth!!! Do not get sucked in.

  46. AmitM says:

    you have to update transport center to increase capacity

  47. Amit says:

    The game was created by Plarium and they are in business to make a profit. So is Facebook. The name of the game is "Total Domination" It is all about attacking other sectors for resources.

  48. bamaplayboy420 says:

    Defense IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I have a HUGE defensive army and it's saved me from raids from ppl who are 20 levels, or more, higher than I am! you have to build the right defensive troops and have their technology researched to the highest level!!!

  49. ddmichelle says:

    Play the browser platform- it's fun! more than facebook!!

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