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Total Domination: Reborn

Total Domination: Reborn

Release Date:  June 6, 2013
Publisher:  Plarium
Developer:  Plarium
Genre:  Strategy

Total Domination: Reborn is a strategy game from game social game developer Plarium behind Stormfall: Age of War and Pirates: Tides of Fortune. It was a social game available for Facebook with 577,324 fan players thus far.

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In a time when game developers are going mobile one after another, Plarium is certainly going with the flow by choosing to port this hit game to iOS. However, the iOS platform is already infested with plenty of similar strategy games about building empires and forming armies.

Total Domination: Reborn is set in a world once ruined by decades of global warfare and now filled with hostile mutants. Rival sectors battle each other for resources and power. You will be cast in the role of the commander of an isolated base in the wasteland, with the aim of conquering the whole world.

The gameplay in Total Domination: Reborn is the same as the Facebook version. At the beginning, a NPC instructor named General Winters is going to introduce you the worldview and further walk you through the basics of the game. Similar to those strategy war games like War of Nations and Hobbit Kingdoms, Total Domination: Reborn lets you construct your base and lead your army to the outside world to attack AI bases and other players. There is no gameover, and you just continue as long as you want and grab as much as you like.

There are two types of resources, Titanium and Uranium. In your base, you need to build and upgrade mines on the Titanium and Uranium fields to harvest the resources, and build banks and warehouses to store them. By building and upgrading a wide selection of buildings, you can perform functions like researching technology, training army units, trading resources with other players.

From the world map, you can view other players’ bases and AI bases. The missions will most of the time require you to raid certain AI bases, and you can go to visit or attack the players’ bases as well. The battle units look really cool in the game, especially the human/animal-shaped droids. However, the design of the units is insignificant as the battles are automated. There are two options in the battles in Total Domination: Reborn, offensive and defensive. You tap on an area you want to attack or defend, choose the units you want to send in, and all you get to do is watch the moving progress bar and wait for the results. If you successfully complete a raid, you will have a chance to recover friendly units, resource caches, special mission items and most importantly, XPs.

The game monetizes primarily through the sale of its premium currency crystals. You can use it to purchase a variety of things including resources, advanced army units and vehicles, and consumable items. The content in the built-in shop suggests it is a pay-to-win game.

Social features in the game include a message system, which requires you log in with a Facebook account, and an ally system that enables you exchange resources and reinforcements with ally members. Also, from the world map, you’ll be able to see the other base owners’ IDs and avatars.

Porting a game with such an oversaturated genre to the iOS platform might not be a smart move, but given the popularity of the original, the game could definitely gain a good momentum, especially the Apple Team is now featuring the game at the App Store. There are a few aspects it does great, like the stunning sci-fi style artwork and Voiceover tutorial. But when it comes to gameplay, there isn’t much to praise. More importantly, the game is basically the same thing as the web version.

9 Comments on Total Domination: Reborn


  1. AnimeLover says:


  2. In the event that somebody has effectively invested heaps of time into a similar game they presumably won't have much interest altogether Domination: Reborn.Keeping in mind it held my interest pretty well from the beginning,even with the familiarity, the Pvp turned into a real hassle.I'm simply not a devotee of attempting to finish a straightforward,non-undermining,game-assigned task (i.e. Recon),then falling flat it as well as having the vast majority of my forces wiped out at my base when the other player chooses to strike back.Alternately having whatever remains of my forces completely decimated by an alternate attacker.Which,obviously,means investing a great deal additional time and money training up an entire other army.I don't really know why the Pvp bothers as much as it does altogether Domination: Reborn.I mean I've played games like this before and its never been an issue.I guess it simply feels excessively onerous,in a manner of speaking.Still,that is no motivation to expect that any other person won't have the capacity to appreciate it.
    @Lisa Moore.

  3. Alan says:

    Without warning and for no clear reason, they can disable access to your account. In my case this was for "Advertising third party resources", which I assume means I mentioned another game in chat! My account was suspended within minutes of my launching an attack, which meant I had no way to bunker troops afterwards. Combined with repeated attacks from any level, that you are unable to defend against, no shielding when hit etc., I would recommend avoiding this game like the plague.

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  5. Kathy Brooks says:

    Despite everything I don't completely see how the web-based game has turned out to be so well known,yet that is not to diminish it.Total Domination-Reborn is certainly justified regardless of your time the length of you have a lot of time to spare.

  6. Bakul says:

    Great post.

  7. I didn't have an opportunity to play with a real community amid my play-through,yet judging from the remarkable loyalty players of the first version exhibit,it's possible that Reborn will witness the same dedication or greater.Considering how casually most players flutter through new social strategy games,that may be a sufficient reason alone to stay with Reborn over more innovative titles in the genre.

    Eleanor Taylor.

  8. iOS 10 says:

    The game is so interesting that I want it to work on my iPhone with iOS 10 GM Download running on it.

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