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Totem Online

Totem Online

Release Date:  November 15, 2012
Publisher:  ChangYou (GameFuse)
Developer:  Tipcat
Genre:  PVP Fighting

Totem is a PVP fighting game playable on web browsers with Unity 3D plugin required. The game is developed by Shanghai-based Tipcat and published by ChangYou US under its new platform GameFuse.com.

In the game, players need to train various units to confront NPC monsters and their fellow troops in the PVP arena. As players advance through the game, there are many new types of units available, some with special skills. While fighting in the side-scrolling view maps, players are able to choose different units, magical or physical to attack the opposing side.

The game was originally released in China and it is now published in North America by ChangYou US. According to a person familiar with the ChangYou headquarter, ChangYou has spent $ 100 million buying the publishing rights of Totem Online in North America.


In ages past, a demon named Camorace sought to enslave a fantasy realm. He began his conquest by creating an immense portal. His Dark legions annihilated everything in their path. The leaders of seven races banded together to protect their world from the onslaught. After an epic battle, the coalition the seven races drove the demon back to the portal. Ultimately, the leaders of the seven races sacrificed their lives to seal the Demon Portal. For generations, the portal has remained under constant guard.

Nearly 3000 years have passed. The once united races of this land we are now fighting each other. A new age awaits…


Totem Online boasts 3D visual designs, engaging PVP gameplay and level-based progression. We are playing the game, and the full review will be available later this week.

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  1. my passion is fighting I used to play fighting games street fighter is amazing game play more and get enjoye by used to play games

  2. LotusBlade says:

    This game is pretty similar to mmorpgs, like "tamer saga" – you will easy recognize screen bonuses, events and buttons like daily gifts, daily coins, guild quests etc. To be succesfull – you must play each day and collect all the stuff around, participate in every event and grind arena like crazy, since "real money spenders" will have much more power in later stages of game, then free "non-grind-like-hell" players.

    Inside game you will find out also something similar with LeagueOfLegends – fast paced combats, easy to play and understand, random pvp encounters wuth fail matchmaking system and epic fail "Elo ladder". On top of that, game also have team-units customization like in Tynon – you must chose your team from 5 heroes, equip them, lvl up them separetly, learn proper spells and chose good positions in battle. Right now only 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles awaileble, but the problem is – somewhere after 16 lvl all players have like 1-2 units to play and others are just useless, unfortunatly you cant buy desired units so easy (read below).

    Game have energy system – it is used for campaign battles vs bots and island battles. By grinding bots, you can get units cards, units fusion stones (to make cards alive) and items upgrade stones, but to get items you must first grind islands for crafting materials. Unfortunatly there is pretty low energy gain per day, as well, as low chance to get unit card and even lower chance to get unit card of good quality… and more lower to find unit with passive skills… did i mentioned proper race as well? You must choose – you want to craft items or hunt for cards. But avcors, for real cash, you can buy strong units directly from shop and energy and many other thing. There is actually huge ammount of different cash-like activities to buy.

    In a first day – playing game is interesting. But after 2 days it becomes booring. You are using same units again and again at the same battles with same back-grounds and enemies. Your strategies also are similar and to change something, you need to put a huge effort of cash. There is also spells system, but its more like you not gonna get any spell to strong lvl before you "pay $".

    Max screen resolution is pretty low (something like 1200×800) and game have nice lags, cus of ping issues – when players from different countries are fighting – it jumps from 300 to 5000 ping and this actually is really annoying. Well you arent controlling your units in batlle directly, but when you ping-lag and trying to summon them – they do appear and then start fighting, but after a 3 seconds of time – screen jumps backwards and you see, that units isnt here for real and your base is already ruined down by enemies. This can repeat many times in row and game becomes unplayable.

    Overall, it isnt such a bad game, but you need some $ to spend pretty often, cus even if you gonna grind all the time – you will be weak anyway, just cus someone brought blue-grade unit for 5$ and spamming it.

    • Lotus Blade says:

      After some deeper exploration i have found that game is pretty good, it can hold you for a while, but future of it hardly depends on developers next move, since game needs some changes. Playing game is fun, but there is big percentage of luck needed inside – if you will not get good random unit at 20 lvl newbie box – you gonna spend lots of time before you will become strong player and without luck you will lose arena very often. As well, as for new players it will be hard to win vs older players, since newcomers will be weaker, cus of units "grade jumps" between levels.

      Luck also matters in shop – since you can buy higher grade units in shop for ingame money. Its not hard to collect coins – but its hard to get random strong quality box in shop, so you are forced to come back each 3 hours and maybe once in 2-3 days you will get a chance for some unit, but as i described before – you can get pretty bad unit with no abilities, untill then, you gonna lose like crazy and losing isnt funny at all. And nothing you can do vs higher grade units, regradless of your strategy – i think its wrong.

      Another good way to get units is guild spin bonus – but to get some higher ranks, you must grind arena each day very often and spend like 5 hours only for battles, to get daily guild reputation. But when you lose 90% of battles, cus of lags or stronger lucky opponent – its not so much funny, especially when you meat same players again and again, and know about 100% lose, even at loading screen already.

  3. Tyn says:

    How do i full screen?

  4. Andrax says:

    tried this game and it seemed pretty decent but there are reportedly many bugs and the support is reportedly not good so it seems everyone is abandoning it. Wouldnt reccomend playing it, not many ppl are playing anymore. I kinda feel sorry for the game, it brings new things into the table and it admittingly has potential but it's really dying now, im not saying it's completely dead but the developers need to do a whole lot to bring this game back to life.

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