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Tower Worlds

Tower Worlds

Release Date:  April 2012
Publisher:  Games-Masters.com LTD
Developer:  Games-Masters.com LTD
Genre:  RPG, RTS

Tower worlds is a Facebook-based social game taht casts players in a bizarre world where a bunch of facilities must be built and chores must be done. Offered with big characters and texts, the game interface is really friendly with our eyes – though the graphics can be a lot more beautiful.


Chop down the banana tree for resources, construct a residence, repair the ship, and set up the arrow tower. There are numerous quests that concern building construction and management. Interestingly, the bonfire and farmland are to be built, too. Clearly, the level of the ship caps those of all structures.

This game, excluding any stamina system, deploys a complicated classification of villagers. Almost everything you do requires specialized personnel. For example, you have to use the Residence to generate villagers and then provide vocational training in the Apartment to have five of your people equipped with farming knowledge before you can dispatch them to plant corns. Your work forces are consumed fast and you have to constantly go back to Residence and Apartment for population generation and vocational training. Otherwise, you will be unable to chop down trees, collect rocks, or plant crops.

If an upgrade, construction, generation, or training times up, there is a big “OK” above the involved structure indicating it’s time for your to confirm the completion of that process and to proceed to the next step or quest, which is necessary in such a colorful interface crowded with buildings.

The game does not offer a large enough area for you to design the village layout in a nice and neat way, especially in the beginning. Though the starting area seems to be big enough, there are two stop signs in two directions, which indicate that no facilities shall be constructed beyond those signs.

Battles are not attached with great importance. The only way to involve my character in combat is to click the Fight icon near bottom. Then all the other characters are gone, leaving my character alone to encounter hordes of invading monsters or objects, such as leopard cats and wooden flasks. You have to take down all those enemies in front of you, under limited help from the arrow towers. There is no military training or skill acquisition whatsoever. The slightest difference one can make is to switch the character whenever they like between the male protagonist who is good at using sword and medium-distanced attacks and the female one who uses a knife and excels at melee attacks.

As if the lousy graphics and endless work force generation aren’t disappointing enough, the primary structure – the ship – remains broken although I can still upgrade it once in a while. Such a ship sinks without setting for sail, presumably.

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