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Toy Attack

Toy Attack

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Developer:  6 Waves

There are so many city building games that let you build, manage and expand that anything new can happen to this genre. Toy Attack is such a toy world that you produce your population with plastics, shelter them with bricks and screws, inspire them with crystals and use them to rob what they need. While some builders lay the emphasis on the power of fists, some on gamers’ original combination of skills, some on the timely approach and dodge, and some on the correct choice of marching path and while all these builders don’t care where you place your buildings, Toy Attack is nothing but placement(or arrangement).

Placement is everything in Toy Attack. You are encouraged to throw yourself into battles immediately you have something called soldiers. There are newbie tutorial and expert tutorial to remove your timidity before the unknown violence. Let’s see how a newbie with the faintest idea of defense grows into an elite defender just by being attacked again and again. Click defense under “battlefield” to invite a troop to try the soundness of what you have built. The first defense battle teaches you to move the turret or cannon tower from lonely corners nearer to surround the resource facilities. The second defense battle shows how far the turret can reach and you move them inward to behind the outmost facilities. After the third defense, you pack up all the buildings more close-together, with defensive tools (turret, cannon, landmine, etc.) well-distributed among them. The fourth defense drives you to consider occupying the enemies in something else when they must have been exchanging fires with your cannons. So you build walls around the city, around each building, or around nothing. When the enemies are trying to go through the walls, they are being exposed to the cannons. There are four levels of walls indicated by four colors. The weakest walls always serve as lures to enemies for a convenient killing.

Why defense is so important? Yes, you can be attacked by anybody anytime immediately the newbie protection ends. It makes good sense to optimize your defensive tools. Some gamers build an empty city. They may have gained a high merit by greedily attacking, but no resource for you to rob, no productive buildings to destroy for your merit accumulation, only some defensive tools left to welcome a silly intruder. Do “detect” and check the resources of a player before you decide to attack.

You may wonder how I sustain such successive failures. Yes, revival and reproduction. The destroyed buildings can be repaired soon after battles, and soldier life is the cheapest in the game. In attacks, the soldiers go their own way even if there is safer path to take, and they can’t be guided any way. They will combat until the last moment. If you find you are attacking the poorest city after the battle begins, you click “end” and lose all the soldiers. If you win an attack with no loss of human life, you come back home still with zero soldiers. The only you can do to show your care is not to produce any soldier when you are inviting an attack. The defense is up to your technology, no business of your soldiers. 20 of them can be killed by one enemy equivalent because they are not allowed to fight back.

There are four soldiers altogether, you are suggested to use “bombers” to quickly destroy walls and break a way, “shielders” to reach and attack buildings , and storage expert to collect as many resource as possible before they are destroyed.

The rewarding system of Toy Attack makes attacking the synonym of producing. You attack to rob and the supply largely depends on robbery. No merit will be reduced when you are defeated in a robbery while high merit is given for a sound defense. This is how the game keeps itself warm—by never punishing the robber and always comforting the robbed.

There are so many PvP chances accessible, but so little you can do in battles. Manage, upgrade, choose whether to combat, and the next is a mutual resistance. Is it fun? At least, the game goes in a wonderful pace and gamers did enjoy the combats to their full content.

Some of us shift to another game when they have nobody to attack (most of equivalents are under protection after attacked), some quit it when they have been fed up with the limited strategies usable. But for me, I am about to hate it when I realize that the real players listed are equal to NPC-cities, because the horn won’t report who attacked you, only telling whom you attacked. The page after page of players just serves you with more flexible maps to conquer. The game again, encourages combats by eliminating the need to worry about revenge, but it didn’t manage to make it up by, for example, rewarding you when you unknowingly choose the one that attacked you.

Toy Attack is, at long last, a single-player game, but mixed with the worst interaction, where the attacker chooses your name, destroys your deliberately-designed base, humiliate your mind, and hum the lyric of Madonna “I don’t need know your name” and where you, the attacked, with an optimized defense arrangement, is dying to know the name but just can’t get it.

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