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Toyz and Zombies

Toyz and Zombies

Release Date:  2011

Toyz and Zombies is a casual role-playing action game mainly for kids and teenagers, where your warriors are lovely toys living on candy and milk as energy. You start from bare-handed battles, to level up, upgrade weapons and obtain super weapons like wings for flying, shields for defense, and swords for attack. Comparatively, the later part is more impressive and cheerful, especially when it comes to receiving super power, which is a really moving experience, but really hard to achieve.


Shortly after I enter the game, a word occurs to me: cripple. That’s to say, the reaction is unsatisfactory. I have to wait a whole second to see my click does count and a zombie falls down. Before the fall, I have wasted six clicks and my bear has a six-click-worth energy loss. When I adjust myself to such a pace and persuade myself that modest pace reduces an unhealthy anxiety for juvenile players and heart troubles for aged players, I still find myself programmed to expect a counterattack for a whole second and no way to retreat. If there is an option to retreat and I fail to think of it or make it, it’s my fault. But if there isn’t such an option, it’s the game itself to blame. As a result, I have to rush for a shield (with dollars) to defend myself or I will be there open to attacks. I again persuade myself that the turn-based game is so designed for you to hammer out a strategy with the least energy consumption. Good, doing calculation for the sake of my pet is ok! But how can I predict how many fists or strokes are required for each level of enemy? One ,,two or five? And why the grid for my pet to walk on repeats appearing and disappearing and make the road either walkable or unworkable with an unforeseeable interval?

And since the turn-based mode leaves a whole second for preparation, why not attack more accurately so that players can save energy with excellent accuracy so as to spare dollars. At least a brief classification must be made about what part of body the attack is from and to. For example, a kick targets at the waist or an elbow falls upon the back.

All along the earlier part, I’m expecting a god or some old man instructive and helpful. Since I am saving people and sending zombies where they must go, why should I find myself helpless when out of energy? Is it reasonable for those helped by me to appear offering some supply and make the game rational and understandable in common sense? That’s to say, friendship and cares from god are lacking, hence a lack of safety sense.

Although my pet never smiles or shouts to remind me he is not lifeless and wood-headed, my character never smiles to prevent me from removing her, the pictures are commonly identified as works from kids, I can still go on with the game. After all, clicking to kill is easy,and fun, and I wait to fly. But from the bottom of my heart, I expect such a game to be honest to children with relatively vivid views. Imagination consumes kids’ energy, too, although someone thinks children’s imagination and enthusiasm are there to be squeezed, rather than to be verified or moistened, widened with an amplified reality or some approach to reality.

And I hope there is a differentiation to the death. I mean, when the killing is thorough, the enemy goes to heaven and never returns for revenge, if not returns to help and reward you. If the killing is less meaningful and the enemy is thrown to hell by you in a disgustingly ugly gesture, they will sooner or later come back to spit at you and bring more enemies.

Despite all that is mentioned above, this is a plain game and I enjoyed the hours playing. However, it can be moving, inspiring, instructive and overwhelming, with little cost addition but just some belief in godliness, eldership, and friendship.

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