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Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe

Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  Jagex
Developer:  Jagex
Genre:  PVP, MMO

Transformers are delightful companion in childhood; no matter they are in the form of comic books, films, toys or all of them. Even simply read in comic books, various scenes in transformer series are vivid in readers’ mind; and now one can really see them vividly present in an online game named Transformers Universe.

How the MMO game works?

The MMO Transformers Universe is revolving a simple story that righteous transformers laboriously mine a quantity of Energon, the life-blood for all transformers, and must protect them from the attack of those evil guys who would rather steal others’ fruits than toil by themselves. The storyline is concisely narrated in the leading introduction taken the form of comic-book style dialogues which are also setting the tone for the gameplay.

Browser-based MMO:

Not only do players play the online version of Transformers Universe for free, but they can also play it on the web browser with no annoying downloading and installation. So if your PC is now powerful enough, no problem, you can still play it smoothly.

Who Behind it?

As far as we know, Jagex took over the main part of the development of Transformers Universe, while the trademark owner Hasbro just licensed this franchise to Jagex, the maker of RuneScape and War of Legends.

The game reminds of a browser-based online game called Transforce.

Simple though it is, it is a pleasant game offering pure pleasure from childhood.

49 Comments on Transformers Universe


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  3. antónio says:

    very cool

  4. nabil says:

    how to play transformers universe game??
    please tell me

  5. joey says:

    i want to know how to play

  6. Pan says:

    game is not even out yet, is still in the development stage.

  7. Ilija says:

    I don't understand why is it for adults. I read that on other websites. Transformers are for kids and what will they add to the game to make it for adults? Sex between the Transformers or blood from them while fighting?

  8. hello says:

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  9. ACE STRIKER says:

    You don't have to be an adult to play. They let me sign both me and my son up at Botcon. They would like you to be 13 but my son is 9 and with my permission it was a go.

  10. asdasd says:

    web mmo :/ fail, i was hoping an open world tps mmo. seems it wont be like that since it will be a web based game :/

  11. QueenKaiju7 says:

    Shweet i just turned 13!

  12. QueenKaiju7 says:

    Why does it say i'm not elidgeable to register for updates???
    i'm 13-(but i said i was 18 when i tried to register XD)

  13. txshadow79 says:

    does anyone have an actual release date? and does browser based mean it wont play like WoW, eq2, and other similar games?

  14. realist says:

    i want to know the release date and requirements for this game,

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  16. Keith Campbell says:

    im making hot shoot sense he was not in the movie or some one make up

  17. Keith Campbell says:

    i want to know when is the release date so i can play

  18. davion says:

    it comes out in the fall

  19. kocikpl says:

    browser game lolz ;/

  20. nathanielsimon18 says:

    so if its in the fall.whats the date the game comes out?
    what day?

  21. nathanielsimon18 says:

    CANT WAIT TO PLAY IT! and to play with all the other players around the world like you guys. 🙂
    keep updated lol. cya later everyone

  22. ClashWing says:

    xD there site updated and now I really want to play it, the graphics and details of Autobot and Decepticon are awsome! BTW I picked Autobot(was gonna be evil but changed my mind) they said it will come out around September guys 😀 can't wait to pwn xD

  23. Bot says:

    I hope ur right about September. I wanna start blowin things up in Decepticon mode

  24. ShadowHawk says:

    Ive seen shitty MMO’s but nothing good ever comes out of web games. The 3 worst games ive played were web games. I promise all of you this is gonna be a shitty ass game. I have been waiting for a transformers mmo for years and now its web based…fuck you jagex!

  25. deceptibotautocon says:

    OMG i tried to login in the sign up with my email and password in both decepticons and autobots and it worked

  26. unknown says:

    I tried to login once but it said not eligible. Now can't get in anymore! 🙁

  27. megatron says:

    It says I joined, but there is no place to login, how to we actually play?

  28. megatron says:


  29. dude101 says:

    how do you even sign up? and megatron, go to the home page and click the blue thing on the top right hand corner of the screen that screams SIGN IN!

  30. omega maximus says:

    15 years old! waiting for relese date…
    am i the youngest one here?

  31. Bumblebeat says:

    The beta testing is currently ongoing. If you did not register for beta testing, obviously you can't join. If/when you do register, you will receive e-mails that tell you when the servers will be open for game play. Again, this is beta testing, so your inputs to Jagex are needed so they can improve gameplay prior to release.
    The release date for the game has not been set yet. When is has, I'm sure it will easily be found with a simple google search. So far I've not been terribly impressed with the game, though I've only joined in the "Capture the Flag" event, which reminds me too much of Huttball to be enjoyable. More testing ensues this week, starting in about 2 hours from this post, so hopefully I'll find something about the game I do like.
    If you have any questions, feel free to go to the website: http://www.transformersuniverse.com/c=eGNnTKuv8GQ… instead of spamming a forum with the hopes someone will do your research for you.

  32. omega says:

    Autobot is proyect and Deceticon is destroy

  33. spoon says:

    and its over….sadface

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