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Trash Tycoon

Trash Tycoon

Release Date:  
Developer:  Guerillapps

Trash, littering trash everywhere. Yet please don’t simply raise your eyebrows and throw up your hands; instead, why not do something? You can actually become filthy rich by running the trash business. In the trash-strewn town that is already deserted by others, you are in full charge of its clean-up work as well as further recycling tasks. Make a green town free of garbage and make yourself a trash tycoon; all is in Facebook social game Trash Tycoon.

Trash Tycoon, a social MMO firstly themed with the garbage management that is developed by Guerrillapps, is about to make its debut on Facebook, bringing the Go Green concept from real life into the virtual world. Still in private beta testing period, this game, however, has already attracted much attention and received some positive reviews simply thanks to its innovative Green theme.

Narrowed down to its gameplay, Trash Tycoon is set in an imaginary future likely to become of the real life, in which trash is littered everywhere making the whole earth no longer inhabitable. Role-playing recycling businessmen, players will shoulder the responsibility to clean up trash and meanwhile make a profit out of it too.

To be concrete, the clean-up tasks in the game are revolving three activities which are Collecting, Sorting and Upcycling waste. Yet as the proverb goes that easily said than done, there are loads of detailed chores involved, such as collecting almost everything like banana and onion peels with trash pricks, build up spacious farms, sorting out organic trashes from those otherwise, buying wiggler worms to dissolve sorted garbage, converting waste into new products that are more environment-friendly and useful in real life, and so on and so forth. It all sounds trivial, but there is no business that is like small business, right?

Besides, one may also find that it is of great pleasure to make big money, whereas it is of even greater pleasure to make the valuable out of the throw-away trash.

For sure, Trash Tycoon as a Facebook game will include the social interaction among players, and the most common forms may be credited to the mutual visit to each other’s city, doing small favors and gifting different waste items needy in production, etc and the synchronous or real-time chat exchanging in their communication.

The game, however, also allows players to play in teams, taking team quests, conducting joint actions, and winning team points and rewards. And if players can make their team top the leaderboard, they have chances to win real-life product coupons and discounts from partners of the game publisher.

Green concept is eye-catching, but enjoyable gameplay is what it really matters for a game, right? Since education and entertainment usually don’t get along very well, will Trash Tycoon make itself an exception? Let players decide.

Official website:


Facebook APP Page http://www.facebook.com/trashtycoon

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  1. josephine barone says:

    PLEASE FIX THE GLITCH it says no ground confirm…I have sent so many e-mails,,,,,

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