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Trials of Elsword

Trials of Elsword

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Just as the main course is usually served after an appetizer, now some games also have companion apps to be launched first as herald. It is true of the Korean game named Elsword Online, a MMORPG which is still under way but already sends its trailblazer known as Trials of Elsword on Facebook to whet players’ appetite.

As a companion game rather than a kernel per se, Trials of Elsword turns out to be fairly satisfactory. And it should be, since it bears the task to at least make a good impression if not able to persuade more players into the Elsword around the corner. Immersive and addictive it is not, yet this game provides fast-paced action and interesting adventure which are sufficient enough to entertain for a while.

The storyline in this game is concise and clear. Players start from choosing one out of three characters named Elsword, Rena and Aisha, each bestowed with special abilities in light with their profession types of Swordsman, Archer and Magician respectively. Based on one’s own gaming style, players can role-play melee fighters wielding swords or ranged attackers with arrows or magic spells. Once character is set, players can go on selecting playing mode: Story Mode or Challenge Mode. Story Mode is mainly about inviting two friends to unlock the other two playable characters besides the one controlled by the player himself/herself and passing levels with increasing difficulty; and Challenge Mode is a more like a social platform for players compete against other Facebook friends in slaying as many monsters as possible so as to top the leaderboard. And according to its developer, this game can be played as a warm-up to excise the rusty side-scrolling fighting techniques for the more demanding game world of Elsword.

In effect, it is a brilliant idea to launch a companion game first, not only for the game developers but also for players. While it is certain that game company intends to attract more players even before the real game comes into being, players can get a glimpse of the forthcoming game through the sample in terms of the graphic style, manga in this case, combat design and gaming experience, etc. besides, this game also provides redeemable items, which is another incentive for both games.

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