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Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

Release Date:  2010
Developer:  Innogames
Genre:  Strategy

The Middle Ages, a mostly reminded phase in the European history, is full of mystery and legends, rises and falls of nations. It is chaotic. It is dark. It is an age ruthlessly differentiating winners and losers. The game Tribal Wars is reminiscent of those past glories and defeats. As one of the best free browse games, it gives you a great opportunity to delve into the medieval era through the simulation of knights and real stories.


Tribal Wars, a free browsed-based MMORPG set in the Middle Ages, was released in 2003 by InnoGames. In this strategy game, every player controls a small village and strives to bring power and glory to it via steady population increase, continuous accumulation of production and the prosperity of trade with other villages. It will lead you on an authentic journey back into the Middle Ages and guarantee you tons of fun and enjoyment through cracking down on your enemies and proving your power and worthiness.

At the beginning stage of game-play, it is advisable to mind nurturing your villages and watch out other villagers at the same time in case that your resources should be pillaged and plundered, your villagers killed, and worst of all, your village destroyed. In order to ensure the safety of your villagers, it is sensible to join a tribe to seek for protection and withstand enemy forces’ sudden attack with the aids of alliances. Once your village is powerful enough, you can embark on the attack at other villages and turn your village into a big and strong city. But don’t take it for granted, because every village has a base defense and your village can also be endangered at any time. So at the same time, you should learn how to protect yourself from regular attacking. The most effective way of defense is to build up your hiding place and wall. The wall is great in terms of defense, especially in the early stage of the game. To effectively anticipate and avoid the attack of your opponents, it is also necessary to send out scouts, who can get information about your enemies and inform you to take action promptly if necessary. When faced with your enemies’ scouts, the only way to defeat them is to have scouts on your side. If you feel like jumping off the game for a while, you can switch it to the sleep mode, which will automatically avoid any attacks and your resources will remain safe and untouched.

In Tribal Wars, expansion is everything. Your fate is ultimately fallen into your hand. You either prosper as a winner or perish as a loser, with no alternative in the middle. Ruthless as it may sound, the mechanics of it is not daunting and intimidating at all. Even newbie will smoothly be immersed in it. Despite the moderate graphics, the play of it is rather worthy.


Tribal Wars is one of the oldest browser MMO games that are still popular till now. It was firstly released in Germany as a text based game in 2003 and the international version of the game was released in 2006. But surprisingly, the producer still keeps applying new game updates to consistently bring new experiences. Judging from its name, you can expect what you will experience with such an old-school game: You start out the game independently and along the way you might decide how to lead your own tribe, then you will have to fight your way to the top of the “world” by constantly plundering other tribes or even taking over them.

Firstly, you will be presented with the image of your city which is typical to all games of this kind. Unlike Lord of Ultima, there are no building slots where you can freely build whatever you wish. You just have pre-selected places for buildings here. There are only 3 resources instead of the typical “stone-lumber-iron-gold” pattern; “food” is replaced with “farm”, which limits the maximum number of troops you can recruit. Statistics of combat units are the same for every player no matter which tribe you choose at the start of the game, and you have the infantry, the mounted units as well as the war machines. Each unit is strong against a particular type and weaker against another, but the combat isn’t just based on the simple variants of the “rock-paper-scissor” model. Each unit has three defense values indicating how well it can defend itself against infantry, cavalry and archer units respectively, which brings more in-depth strategy in combat. It enables you to do some math before sending your troops so that you can determine how many troops you need to send to defeat a certain amount of enemies without taking too many casualties. In addition to your main army, each player starts the game with one powerful paladin. It’s a special general-type unit with much higher primary statistics than those of others. Although you still cannot send it on the expedition to attack other, it can protect your base from enemy attacks; at least, it will make them think twice before sending troops.

The world map does not show many topographic features of the game world, but on the other hand, a specific location on the map can be easily distinguished from others by the simple use of the easy eye-catching signs in the map.

There are still some interesting game systems that I never heard before. For example: the “moral”. It is another system that protects new players from being plundered over and over by older ones. A player usually attacks with 100% moral, and they are happy to fight a fair combat and dedicate everything they can offer. However, if you attack a player that is much weaker than you, your troops will get performance penalty, because your troops are unhappy with that unequal combat.

Tribal Wars is popular and has a huge player base because of its gameplay. However, the number of active players keeps decreasing recently. Lacking in any good graphics is a serious problem of any old games of this kind. For me, I’m not really fussed about images, but in order to attract more new players, it would be nice for producer to apply some graphics updates. Replacing the greyish and dark colored city overview map with a more brilliant colored one would be a nice touch; besides, it would be a little more dramatic if they had added an avatar image to each combat unit.

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  2. This is the only game that I like to play most of the time when I am having it in spare or want to have refreshment at the time of working. It sure was a good game that you have told about.

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