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Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Hi-Rez
Developer:  Hi-Rez

Baptized in turret-guarded enemy base to snatch their flag and surviving the avalanche of bullets all the way, the man in mission is determined to take the flag back to claim the victory of war, only if he can pass the last miles of journey that is not long but difficult. Why not try a little stunt, say, gliding across the terrain with the momentum accumulated through sliding down a slope? Can you do that? Veteran tribers would not be surprised, for it is Skiing in Tribes series. And now a new franchise is coming, and it’s known as Tribes: Ascend. (Read our latest review)


As a new comer, Tribes: Ascend turns out to be a multiplayer-only, first-person shooter MMO that carries on the central features that have contributed to the success of its predecessors and also introduces something more to stand out by itself. With regard to its business mode, Tribes: Ascend has adopted free-to-play plus buying loadouts either with real money or with in-game currency won from playing matches for a certain mount of time. Since a loadout will decide the character type, two portable weapons, explosive type and the pack, buying a loadout is actually to develop certain customized character instead of in-game advantage.

Similar to previous Tribes series, this new game continues to contain a great variety of weapons covering sniper rifle, grenade launcher, machine gun, disc launcher, rocket launcher, and revolver and so on, as well as different kinds of vehicles ranging from the slow, metallic tanks on the land to the dexterous flying tools such as the one-man hover bikes in the air, which can all be bought with credits gained from the match. From all these variations, players can certainly match up different combinations to shape unique combat style. And in Tribes: Ascend, fixed classes such as Solider, Pathfinder and Juggernaut, etc. are designed with different attributes along with varied weapons, accessible to role-play and subject to switches for different gaming experience.

As to the gaming modes, Capture the Flag and Rabbit, the two types of classic in Tribes, are available currently, with a third Deathmatch possible in later update. Rules remain the same that teams compete to take enemy’s flag to their own base to win in Capture the Flag and players fight to kill flag-holders to snatch the flag to get points in Rabbit. Joining all these competitions to win, players need take advantage of ever-changing terrains in the game together with the skillful maneuver of various weapons and teammates’ support.

As mentioned, the very part of Tribes lies in masterful excising of skills such as skiing, jumping with full speed to plug a flag at the right angle, or turn around to fire explosive discs while floating in the air, to name just a few. While the rudiments of these skills are easy to grasp, it is another story to be able to use them flexibly and appropriately under different circumstances. Besides, the in-game maps include the old Katabatic that once appeared before and new ones like Bella Omega and DryDock gradually added in, featuring the classic large spacious areas, base structures as well as urban buildings and streets too.

Subtitled as Ascend, this new Tribes game is perhaps expected to ascend to a higher level in the scope of first-person shooter and raise the bar for fast-paced yet graceful gaming experience.

Tribes: Ascend is developed by Hi-Rez Studios, Inc behind games like Global Agenda and Smite.

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