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Trinity 2

Trinity 2

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  NHN
Developer:  NHN
Genre:  MMO, Action

Developed by Korea-based NHN, Trinity 2 is a 3D side-scrolling MMORPG which immerses you in exotic landscapes. The game is a direct sequel to the former hit game Trinity, so it has been highly-anticipated by Trinity fans. According to the developer, Trinity 2 will carry on the time-honored tradition of its predecessor by combining the strengths of venerable side-scroller with brilliant features of MMORPGs, thus transporting combat thrill into the online world. Trinity 2 is slated for an official release in the fourth quarter this year (2011). But there is still no known timetable for European and Western markets

The story is a mixture of fantasy and blatant theft, which is quite typical of Asian MMORPGs. In short, a man who aimed to destroy the earth escapes from reality into a virtual world called Neo Eden where three AIs live a harmonious life. However, the destructive nature of the vicious villain cannot be suppressed. The otherwise virtual paradise is dragged into the deepest abyss of chaos and wars. An army of droids are running amok, trying to destroy all innocent people within sight. As a result, the whole population is falling into an unbearable affliction. Fortunately, a special team dauntlessly ventures into the virtual world and strives to rescue these suffering people. And of course, you’re one of those heroes.

Although Trinity 2 is a fighting game, there are four base classes with different skills. The first class is good at wielding swords and consists of three specialized profession options. Starting from level 11, a swordsman can evolve into a vagabond, a warlord or a rune master. The other three classes are Ghost who excels in Magic, Disengagement who is master of firearms and Faust, so you have a total of twelve professions to choose from. During the character creation, the customization options are limited to a handful of hair and facial choices, thus easily manageable. And in the course of the game, you will have the opportunity to attain new equipments that may also affect your appearance.

The fighting scenes in Trinity 2 can be described as cluttered yet marvelous. In addition to some standard attacks, you will learn a multitude of special skills over time, which can be accomplished by simply pressing a key. When you have ascended to a higher level, you can even lay hands on some combos of abilities. With various skills to choose from, you must make the right decision during combat, especially in PvP battles. The ultimate victory usually results from wise strategies and cunning tactics.

The higher you are in the rank, the easier things may go out of hand because there are more than 2,000 quests as well as numerous PvE missions. The fantasy realm in Trinity 2 is greatly varied and lovingly designed, ranging from vast space ports to snowy winter landscapes. And the map is particularly persistent. Insofar as we have seen it properly, each area possesses its own meeting area where you can interact with your friends or opt for other maps. But since Trinity 2 is a side-scroller, the room is, to some extent, limited. Usually, you find yourself amidst a handful of rooms that are connected horizontally or vertically with each other. To enter into the next room, you have to finish all the quests in a former one. Though each room takes only a screen-size area, yet you often have to overcome swarms of tough enemies.

Clearly, the fight alone contributes to the majority of gaming delight, so Trinity 2 incorporates all sorts of systems so as to encourage both PvE and PvP combat. You can either join in extensive group battles or take part in hazardous quests. What’s more, you can choose to participate in a guild where you are able to find necessary support. Whatever, the most important part still consists in PvP content, so the game includes all kinds of imaginable modes, such as classic single matches, tag team matches and the traditional survival mode. I personally think that knockout tournaments and 16 vs. 16 battles are the most arousing parts in the game.

The aim of the contests is to win the much-coveted success in the end. During the competition seasons, all players will join in matches that are suitable for their levels and classes. In addition, there is also a general ranking system that can be simultaneously used in the match to find worthy opponents.

Speaking of costs, Trinity 2 will utilize the “Free to Play” business model with a cash-shop. But obviously, NHN has very versatile and creative ideas to make money. You will soon find that the game contains a gift machine. Additionally, you can also pay some real money in exchange for truly unique items and high-quality equipments. Another example is the so-called “Extraction” system which enables you to buy necessary items without any limitations. If this money-making section is still kept in its Western version, I wonder whether the game will be warmly accepted as I have expected.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that NHN will soon launch a distribution channel for global gamers. Even though Trinity 2 cannot be touted as a revolutionary title in terms of depth, its humorous content and action-packed combat still make the game irresistible. And the game also cherishes a long-term motivation by offering a compelling learning curve. To my mind, the only downside of the game lies in its financial model which is designed to draw money out of players’ pockets in every conceivable way. So I am looking forward to some adjustments in the North American version. Wait and see!

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  1. jeffrey says:

    kinda roboty but looks like a cool game.

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