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Trion Worlds to Make End of Nations free to play

Sara Lau
Aug 11,2011  03:08 by

Trion Worlds reveals today that its massively multiplayer online real-time strategy, End of Nations will be going Free-to-Play. The new model “microtransaction” and selectable item purchase option will be used in  End of Nations to attract more players who show great affection to MMORTS.

“We at Trion Worlds are able to offer a quality Triple using the model “Free-to-Play”, which is something that differentiates us in this industry,” said Dave Luehmann, Executive Producer and Vice President of Development of external studies in Trion Worlds. “we strive to innovate in the online gaming industry, while we try our best to deliver the best gaming experience possible.” Our decision to launch End of Nations as a AAA Free-to-Play is guided by those principles. ”

End of Nations is being developed by the experienced team of programmers from Petroglyph Games, the creative minds behind Command & Conquer. Each player in End of Nations will have full access to this exciting strategy game full of action, tactics, and cooperation, including the massive scale battles that could allow more than 50 players total access to a huge persistent world, and customization options to make each army unit unique. Players can play in campaign mode or cooperative mode, as well as in the “Conquer the World”, where  they should witness 26 to 26 real players for control of persistent massive world. There will be no time limit on access, and players can play the game entirely with the model Free-to-play as long as they want.

For players looking for even more content,  there will be a limited edition collectors both in stores and in digital format. Players can also choose to pay a monthly subscription and receive added value for the game.

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