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Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus Review

Sara Lau
Sep 10,2012  06:09 by

Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus is another hybrid strategy game, which takes great inspiration from Kabam’s other games like Dragons of Atlantis and The Godfather: Five Families. As a strategy adventure, there’s ample depth, but Trojan War does a bang-up job of being accessible to all types of gamers.

Once you enter the game, you’re in the tutorial and as a typical feat for an MMORTS, you’ll have to arrange multiple things to be getting on with straight from the start. One of the first things you need to do is to recruit troops from your Barracks to prepare yourself for battles. Upgrade your Barracks to unlock new and powerful units and train them in the War Academy to build up their attack and defense skills. Purchasing speed-ups will allow you to call upon the power of Hermes so that you can recruit armies much faster. While some games very carefully pick the order of things you have to follow, Trojan War offers a variety of tasks that you can perform, with a reward for each.

When bringing out the Library interface, there is a list of possible Active and Passive Powers of the Gods which can be used in battle. Your preference for skill learning in the Library will align you one of three powerful Olympian Gods. Study your Powers endowed by your deity and strike down your enemies in battle or to imbue your troops with legendary powers. Choose your path wisely, as you may find yourself under a new alignment depending on which Powers you wish to master.

War not only happens on the battlefield but also in the confilict amid the resources and treature loot. Choose what to build in your fertile land of Resources Area carefully. Upgrade your resource buildings to increase your production so that you can construct stronger buildings or train more troops. Exploring the world map and conquering Mountains, Forests, and Ruins will also boost your production even further. Similar to that of other strategy games on Facebook, combat is mostly a matter of repetitive work. You just need to first scope out the world map and find a neutral army or other player that is on par with your troops, and then send enough troops to do the job right. Your heroes also fight on behalf of your rule and win battles in your honor. Clicking on the hero portrait will allow you to customize your Hero, set Powers of Gods, equip weapons and armor, as well as configure troops and battle formations. Through the forge of battles, your heroes will gain new levels and be able to command larger scale of troops as well as unlock mastery over more skills and equipment.

The problem is that your slave empire is hardly an empire at all. Rather than actively trying to build an ancient Greece empire not unlike the ones featured in the epic movies, you’ll find yourself sitting around, waiting to be informed whether or not your battles are successful, and waiting for confirmation that a quest is complete. As you progress through the game further, you find yourself waiting longer and longer for the same kind of tasks and you can’t help but come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth it. If you have friends playing as well, it will be fantastic, but if you hope to constantly play this solo, I shouldn’t bother.

Graphically, Trojan War is something else – the art style is pretty fantastic and amongst the absolute best for the browser real-time strategy genre. The hand-draw unit portraits are exactly memorable and the combat animation is fluent. The BGM track is thematically appropriate to the game, but it soon becomes repetitive when on a loop.

There are several social features that will attempt to connect you with other players. The game puts a particular emphasis on joining in an alliance, enabling players to participate in raids – all that makes the game outstanding. Players can either defend another alliance member with reinforcements or tackle high level wilds which can only be captured by a group of allies. As well as that, there’s a chat box with the options to talk to everybody on the server, just your friends or just your alliance. Player can also play in PvP battles although they still boil down to sit and wait to hear the results.

Overall, Trojan War: Reckoning of Zeus sets a nice spin on the formalized city-building strategy games and there’s no question that the game is a nice social game with its core. The Greek mythology genre makes it more interesting for people like me who have already got bored with others. And the game interface is quite well polished as you would expect from such kind of games. However, players will have to spend the bulk of time leveling up their buildings in order to tackle these repetitive quests, which makes the game a little bit boring and slow.

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