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Tuff Tanks

Tuff Tanks

Release Date:  August 30, 2012
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  Aeria Games
Genre:  Action

When it comes to tanks, we may think of the lumbersome metal shells, dirty smog as well as the nasty smells of oil, dust and blood. But in Tuff Tanks, a free-to-play artillery-themed MMO, these dark elements disappear, all tank battles here featuring lovely-looking soldiers fighting in bright tunnel scenes.

The most impressive feature of this game is its multiple-player modes. Besides fiskful PVE and PVP, various multiplayer modes lead you to the most dramatic competitions on various battlefields.

Oil consumption is recorded for every shot from tanks. If you have problem making each shot worthwhile, don’t worry. Let the compelling team battles melt your wood head into a flashing calculator.


People would hopelessly fall for Tuff Tanks unless they ever played Crazy Penguin Wars or Crazy Fairies before.

If they did, they would unavoidably feel rather familiar right from the start. The side-scrolling style, the movement during limited time, and the aiming mechanics are all the same with those in Crazy Penguin Wars and Crazy Fairies. Only this time, you would have a guy or a gal in a tank – well, the funny thing is, the character’s head is much bigger than the tiny tank and you can totally know how the character feels at the moment – if a bomb is about to land near the character, it would be terrified, and if it successfully attacks an enemy, it would laugh out loud.

Yes, you will have access to different scenarios and confront various enemies including crabs, zombies, and pirates. Sometimes you can move all the way to the enemies while sometimes you can only move on a ship. Either way, you have to find the exact aiming angle and power to fire right at the enemy instead of falling before the bomb reaches the target or simply flies away over the enemies’ heads. That needs trials and errors and a little bit of risks – ‘cause the enemies land their attacks much more precisely than you and they would destroy the places you are standing on, if not hurting you.

All those are also being offered in Crazy Penguin Wars and Crazy Fairies. But Tuff Tanks manages to both ease and toughen the experience. That’s not contradictory at all. You hold the direction buttons on both sides to control the movement of your tank, and sometimes it can climb up even very steep slopes. And that promises a higher chance for you to find a better location from where to launch your attacks.

At the same time, Tuff Tanks also increases the difficulty of aiming. We all know that the touch screen makes gaming experience more intimate and comfortable. Nonetheless, fingers can seldom act as precisely as your mouse does. And given the time limit of each turn, clumsy fingers could easily cost you good hitting chances. Therefore, you might have to spend some time getting used to the controls before you can act intuitively and ideally.

Although Tuff Tanks hardly offers anything new and simply transplants what’s available in browsers onto iOS devices. But the controls sort of make it a tougher and more challenging game that you might as well give it a try.

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  1. bob trankin says:

    What names are available

  2. Arturo says:

    cool game!!

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