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Twilight Carnival

Twilight Carnival

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Arkadium
Developer:  Arkadium

Twilight carnival is a free casual social game on Facebook where you are an amusement park director to build your own carnival and share happiness with players across the world.


As a newbie to carnival building games, I get much help from Ms. Luna, the ingame tutor. She introduces the basic operations and walks me through the game. For example, if the electrical machine is off power, Ms. Luna will provide clues and hints and guides me to repair it again. With the help of Ms. Luna, I successfully avoid many mistakes and save precious coins and limited energy.

In Twilight Carnival, an electrical machine should be firstly built because it will constantly produce energy for your carnival building. Before starting a new carnival, I clear away those old-fashioned or destroyed facilities. Honestly speaking, removing those things is not an easy job which wastes me a great amount of energy and time. It is easy to remove some little things (like tiny rocks), but clearing big items would take few hours even long. That is really the most disappointing thing about the design.

After a few hours of clearing work, I finally start to build my ideal carnival. Admittedly, building a carnival is very funny and exciting, but also a little complex. Everything should be taken into consideration. Firstly, I build a beautifully huge gate and paint it red. The next is reasonably arranging various recreation facilities, such as Ferris Wheel, Chairoplanes, Cotton Candy Stand, Taco Stand, Ricochet and Photo Bbooth. After careful thinking, I place two Chairoplaness and three Cotton Candy Stand on the left side. On the opposite side, four Photo Bbooths and a Carousel are placed. For the sake of safety, Ferris Wheel is put at the left corner where is far away from other facilities. In order to beautify my carnival, I also plant various flowers (tulips, roses, etc) and trees (oak tree, maple) along the road. Besides, to meet visitors’ various demands, I build a fast-food and drinking shop near the entrance. As an old saying says “No pains, No gains.” That is really true. Finally, there are more and more visitors visiting my carnival.

Along building the carnivals, you are allowed to play some mini online games inside the carnival, such as Ricochet, Aquapop, Blast Off, Speedshot, and the Wheel of Fortunes. You can also visit other players’ carnivals and play in their carnivals. Fundamentally, carnivals building will need a plenty of time which may be a little boring for many inpatient players. But this is not a question in twilight carnival, because you could play a great number of interesting carnival’s games to kill time.

One of most frequently visited place is the store where you could purchase anything you need. As soon as you are willing to invest money, you can quickly purchase beautiful decorations (Pony Hedge, Ballons, Snowman,etc), various attractions(Tacos Cart,Ice Slide,Hot dog Cart,etc) and specials items (Cions,Crystals).

One of the highlights of Twilight Carnival is that you could share your ingame achievements with friends and millions of players on Facebook, so much so that the entire world can enjoy the happiness with your success. This will give you a lot of satisfaction and ever-lasting fun.

Overall, twilight carnival is a perfect casual browser game which features dynamic graphics, easy-to-play gameplay and bright music. Besides, it also needn’t any download. If you are hunting for fun on the Intenet, I strongly recommend you have a try on Twiligth Carnival.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    time to clear items lags. after buying most of the items, goals come up to rebuy the item and its pointless..please fix..also would be nice to have a 360 degree view rather than just one zoom.

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