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Release Date:  July 15, 2012
Publisher:  uCool
Developer:  uCool
Genre:  Role Playing, Strategy

Tynon is an artfully designed browser game where players role play to build their kingdom, engage in the turn-based battles, deploy heroes in party formations, join social groups and ultimately wind up embarking on a journey to rescue the King and protect thirteen kingdom.

The game is developed by uCool, a China-based gaming startup founded by the former employees of Evony. The closed beta in July 4, 2012 and the open beta is live in July 25, 2012.

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Tynon employs a rich mix of genres such as RPG, Strategy, turn-based, City Builder, PVP and the like, along with  social options and single-player campaigns. All makes the game sound engaging and it is even enhanced by members of  the world’s most popular browser game Evony.

The game is more like Tamer Saga, but it is better in graphics rendering and plot narrative.



This is absolutely a strategy title.

Town hall, the primary building in the home city, upgrades with you while the other structures must be purchased in the shop and then built in the city. Those structures, excluding the residential and commercial houses, can be upgraded as you level up your city in the Ville. The level of your forge decides the maximum level of your weapons while the academy opens up various researches as it levels up. And you need to upgrade the academy and do researches to enhance your battle skills. There is a Strategy Mastery that helps determine how many heroes you could include in your formation, which is very important in the group turn-based battles.

A game without battles wouldn’t be a strategy one. In Tynon, you will explore maps – sorry, you are invisible in the game and instead you recruit heroes each time you defeat a major enemy. All the maps are filled with enemies and you can see a new opponent only after you defeat the previous one. More often than not, the enemies stand on the unnecessarily winding staircases all over the places. That is why the maps are so small that you can see them all in a glimpse.

Click an enemy and the Battle button, and you will enter the battle scene. In the turn-based battles, every action is automatic. You don’t even have to select the skill or attack because the skills those heroes possess are fixed from the moment you hire them. You can do nothing but to watch the combat. Fortunately, the battling graphics are nice, especially when the heroes unleash their special skills.

But it resembles Facebook social games.

The more I play this game, the more I feel like I am dealing with a Facebook social game. That is because in the home city, players not only construct and upgrade important structures for military purposes, but also collect taxes from residential and commercial houses. Those houses, offered at a rather low price, reward you with revenues at certain intervals. And that is usually what we often experience in social games on Facebook. The good news is you collect the revenues without spending any energy. As long as you have not reached the daily tax cap determined by your level, you are allowed to collect as many coins as you want.

Whenever you want a rest between battles or have to wait to harvest crops and collect revenues, you can visit friends’ cities and help gathering coins. In that way, you will gain some energy and small amounts of coins.

Its energy system sucks.

Tynon does deploy an energy system and the energy is spent on battles. Usually, you will consume one energy point each time you battle an enemy. If the energy systems in Facebook games are troublesome and annoying, the one in Tynon is painful. You obtain only one point per hour and can easily run out of energy at any time.

Which would you choose between long waits and money?

And the energy recovery is not the only thing that takes hours. Building upgrades take three or four hours at first and dozens later while the training of heroes takes 12 hours each. Since your heroes neither level up with you nor accumulate experience through battles and training is the only way you can ever upgrade heroes and increase their power, you are so not likely to have heroes that are strong enough to crush all the enemies involved in the tasks.

All those problems could be solved with money. Of course, in such games, money speeds up everything, but it also lessens the difficulty and fun. Without paying money, I stuck after reaching level 22. And if I am still reluctant to pay, the game will stay unplayable because the enemies are of much higher levels than my heroes.

26 Comments on Tynon


  1. Shukiro Tan says:

    the release is moved to july 15 2012 🙁

  2. ashfyn says:

    Well, it is July 15 and it is still not up. Bummer.

  3. wakdawz says:

    its july now n still not up 😀

  4. NotSafe says:

    does anyone know what is going on with this game?first they said they'll launch 4th of july then 15 it is now 16th of july…..Are they ever gonna release it?

  5. ya when game gunna be up wanna play so bad

  6. Dark Driger says:

    even though it says "July 2012"
    I highly doubt it will be up this month (it's already in July right now btw)

  7. ashfyn says:

    Not really a good sign that they've missed several launch dates and now are just "July", which has only 12 days left in it. I do wish them good luck and hope whatever problems they are having get sorted out. Sounds like an awesome game.

  8. wakdawz says:

    maybe d creator is DEAD >:]

  9. bryan says:

    looks like they dont know what they r doing because if they did they would atleast give some kinda notice but they havent so

  10. Bob says:

    Game is live

  11. ChristiePearceCannok says:

    Where's the save button on tynon? I'v played it for like two hours and I couldnt find it so I had to get rid of it!__Jeez, these creators don't need to make it hard for us.

  12. thudbumpboom says:

    The game is not at all hard, just unghodly slow if you don't want to spend money on it. And you know who ever is in the top ten dropped a ton of bucks to get there. And it is said several times here by others, what fun it is to just pay money to succeed? It is Facebook!!! Not making enough screwing stock holders, folks?

  13. Sofoxhun says:

    wahhhh i have 1 neighborhood only so sad 🙁

  14. Joker says:

    This game is terrible, Their servers crash often, the lag is horrendous and they offer no compensation to loyal players no matter how often they have crashes, blunders, glitches and so on

  15. Joy says:

    Why do they have to advertise with such sexually explicit female characters all over the internet? My sons will NEVER play that game!!!

  16. Bille says:

    How the heck do you contact someone about technical issues. Some serious crap happened and I want answers.

  17. alyssiasosa says:

    you or

  18. alyssiasosa says:

    l do to

  19. Tina says:

    Biggest con artists there ever was. they also own Evony. They have shady business practices, sipport is a computer named Stanley that might respond back to you in 3-5 if not sorry. There forum is a joke where everything you say is monitored, if they don't like it they lock it up fast like. If you question their actions you are banned forever no matter how much money or time you have intested

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