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Tynon Review

Sara Lau
Aug 2,2012  02:08 by

Tynon is a social game featuring a mix of gameplay characteristics from both the role-playing and simulation genres. Once you complete the game registration process and start the game, you will be treated to a brief cut-scene conversation laying out the game’s general storyline: The Goblin hordes has besieged the kingdom, leaving the land of Tynon in complete turmoil. You take the role as an elite knight named Rosaline, who takes up the mission to rescue the kingdom and restore its order.

The combat of Tynon does not actually invest much to make it original and unique.The game features a single player campaign which you can go through at your own digression. Battles are turn-based and are richly animated and you won’t necessarily be able to participle in any battle mannually. Instead, you will be viewing automatic turn-based fight every time you click on the enemy icon in the wilderness map at the cost of stamina. In real time RPGs, you will need to complete a bunch of battles that play out pitting your team of fantasy heroes vs. AI – controlled heroes. Heroes can be customized with equipment such as armor, weapons, and tons of others that can be found within the game. Each hero has a specific type of attack, which dictates the hero’s general role and effectiveness in combat situations. Currently, available hero types are Archer, Assistant, Mage, Warrior and Mechanism.

The formation system is awesome because it allows you to place heroes anywhere you want on the 3×3 battle grid. Your party’s formation is crucial since it affects heroes’ attack range and power: Generally, your heroes (and the enemy ones) will always attack the opponents straight across from them using their attack abilities (or special skill when rage gauge is fully charged), if there is any; If there is no one deployed directly across, then they will attack the hero in the row beyond; If no hero is in the row directly beyond, then they will target the remaining row. So, this means a hero behind another hero can hardly be the direct target of and ability, but may be the incidental target of Area-of-Effect skills. Such system has been widely used in Made-in-China games such as IGG’s Dawn of Darkness, and Heroic Era’s Wartune.

Unfortunately, there was no real plot that I have seen from the game, besides some small dialogue when I was set to engage in key battles. Once I completed a battle, I would be re-directed back to the map. This process repeated, with new enemy icons keeping showing up after each victory. As I was progressing through the campaign, it gradually unlocked more tactics and better heroes to join my roster, but the gameplay still felt a little bit hollow in its entirety.

In Tynon, there are mechanics allowing you to create and build your own city. The strategy in which your city is built, for example, in creating farms for agriculture which in turn supply food for your armies; or creating businesses rents which create revenue for equipment enhancement, will affect how the game is experienced by different style of players in terms of overall single-player campaign progression and in the social experience. Virtue is another resource type in the game, it is earned from daily login bonus plus what you can get from winning battles. Virtue takes an important role in controlling your recruitment, technologies researching and training of heroes. So there is some micromanaging in the game to make sure you have points when you need them badly.

Speaking of the social part of the game, there are plenty of funs and hooks to bring your friends into the fantasy world of Tynon, visiting their villages or gifting them items; joining guilds, handling hundreds of players and engaging in constant teamwork activities. There is also an arena, where you can battle over players across the world. The game also offers daily challenges for you to enjoy, where you can earn awards and fame with their name on worldwide ladder-board.

In essence, the game is another empire building game, which is fairly popular among browser based games, and I have played a lot of them lately. It has some unique features which set it apart from some of others which include the single player campaign, medieval style RPG/city building hybrid. While a lot of features are open, I have also noticed that there are still some locked which will be unlocked as the game progresses or be brought by new game updates. But as of right now the game feels a bit too simplistic and dull in some aspects.

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  1. After been through the review of this game I am pretty sure that it is going to be an interesting game to play. Rather then that I am always looking for these types of games to play.

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