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Tynon vs. Wartune

Sara Lau
Aug 2,2012  03:08 by

On the heels of a trend of the browser-based city building gaming, led by the Chinese developers of Evony, there seems to be a new direction originating from Tynon and Wartune, both of which share plenty of similarities in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

Wartune is the original one that is simply translated from Chinese to English, while Tynon grasps the essence of what Wartune’s Chinese version mostly features: a perfect combo of multiple genres and, incentive payment mechanics. Most importantly, Tynon does well in localization, user experience, graphics and character texturing as well as storytelling.

Who behind the scene?

Wartune is developed by 7Road, a famous Shenzhen-based gaming company known as the maker of DDTank, but the publisher is the notorious Blue Power (also claimed the ownership of Feng Investment, Heroic Era, and N2PG) and there are rumors that R2games will be publishing Wartune in North America and Europe too. Complicated as the matter is, R2games and Blue Power were working to publish Caesary (Now Call of Roma), but R2Games was forced to take down all servers due to the dispute over copyright between Evony and Caesary.

In truth, Wartune is now available on an independent website called www.wartune.com, but it is not playable on R2games platform where  Crystal Saga and Broken Realm can be played and Wartune shows “Coming Soon”.

As far as we know, Tynon is developed by the former employees of Evony, but we do not have enough evidence to indicate who is the really boss behind this project. One thing for sure is that the game developers are creating an association in the minds of players between Tynon and Evony, a move that is widely called “Ambush Marketing”.


1,  Turn-based fighting. Both of games implement the same newbie-oriented quest system that allows players to slay monsters easily, giving players an awareness of how much they can accomplish even at the beginning. Wartune’s artwork and fighting mode feels like that of Throne of Fire, which is developed by China-based Snail Game. Tynon’s fighting system, which is more enhanced than simply copied, creates two buttons letting users to auto-fight and fast-fight.

2, City building. At first glance, the two games show no sign of being a city building game because the city building part is presented only after players complete some seemingly real time and animated fighting.

3, Troops Recruiting.

4, Troops Formation.

5, Dungeon Exploration


Typically, Chinese games does not have a VIP feature, but they would like to be free to play through micro-transaction. Tynon and Wartune work partially for VIP players who are able to enjoy benefits of double EXP, unique decorations and etc.


Two games set fantasy theme as its background. Tynon looks like a social game while Wartune attempts to alert players that they are for hardcore players. Characters in Wartune reminds me of Perfect World.

Social Features:

Although Tynon cannot be played on Facebook, but it is seamlessly connected with Facebook independently. Players can share their achievements and post images and battle results to their Facebook wall. Wartune is a traditional browser game, so do not expect you can invite your Facebook users with a simple click in the game.

To be Continued!

7 Comments on Tynon vs. Wartune


  1. Balder says:

    i have played both and wartune is by far better then tynon – in any means the game has more deepth+flexibility then tynon and looks more polished and is not that boring.

    i should also let you know that it is possible to play wartune without using the cashhop – you can get anything (beside some formulas for higher stones) ingame by drops/coupons.

    rest is not necessary you just need a little bit (not like usual weeks/months just some days difference) more like a casher…..

    i would prefer having a look into wartune – play it till lv30 then you see what i mean – it deserves one. tynon never got me – it has not even a deep skillsystem and everything feels automatic…


  2. Lotus Blade says:

    I have played both games up to 35lvl and i have great exeprience in gaming world overall.

    Tynon and Wartune are pretty similar games, the only difference is ammount of time, you need to spend on them. Tynon is less time exhausting – you can play it like 1 hour per day in morning and 10 minutes later in evening – this will be enaught to do all actions,- to train units, build, farm etc. In Tynon all things are simple and easy to get. You will receive new activities slowly with time, step by step. You can equip you heroes, train them and chose best combo of fighters/supporters/tanks/mages to become strong and succesfull. With time you can expand you heroes slots, to equip more units.

    Wartunee is very fast game and very time exhausting – its just eats you completly. In first few days you will already open many activities bonuses and places. It is same as Tynon, but 3x times more things to do. There are no good units system, since you can upgrade and equip only your main hero… and units upgrade system is pretty weak, but in exchange – there is very good gems upgrade system. Farm system a lot better in Wartune, as well as Star System, attacking enemies over world map to steal their money, huge ammount of different quests and much more buildings to use and upgrade. Guild system in Wartune are extreamly strong and smart. Overall there is much more depth in Wartune,- World bosses, lots of campaign dungeons, world map with random gold mine and monsters/chests, place to pray for stamina. But Wartune eats too much time and some players will definetly not like it:
    – 1 hour per day for bosses battles (else you will lose great ammount of gold and other bonuses);
    – 1 hour for campaign + energy gathering while you afk for 2 hours (game must be runed and you cant do other actions); {this is needed to get new items}
    – 1 hour for farm + world clearing + dungeon; (this gives you gold + gems)
    – You need to come back in game like 4-10 times during a day, to make new upgrades of buildings and new research development, if you really wanna get max profit. Also you need to get in game from time to time to complite special quests, cus they are main source of experience and reset each 30 mins. (In Tynon you need to play only twice per day – morning / evening).
    If you will skip one of the steps above – you will be weak comperade to others, you will stuck.
    In Wartune you always dont have enaught money after 35lvl+ cus you must choose where to spend them – items upgrades ,or guild upgrade for strong buffs, or Star System upgrade. In Tynon you just have money for items to upgare, so there is no problem about it – easy and without worry.

    The last thing – in Tynon you can develop your own town with decorations and farm as you wish – you can place items, rotate them, buy buildings. In Wartune you cant do those things – all structures will stay where they will be automaticaly builded, farm will be in separated screen and no decrorations at all.

    Well i can say that Tynon is for casual players, who dont have much time (like 1-2 hours per day) to spend on games, but anyway it will give you a lot of satisfaction and fun. Its more like Tamagotchi.

    Wartune is for hardcore players, who can spend 4-6 hours per day to do lots of actions, who like to play in many different ways,- doing lots of quests, battles, farming, battling, gathering, huge ammount of upgrading and collecting rare gems, just incredible ammount of things to do. Most likely, you will not have any time for others game because of Wartune.

    Both games are good and worth playing.

  3. Joegreenbeen says:

    Wartune is awesome period.

  4. maygwan says:

    Wartune wins hands down!!! totally free to play and is for the real gamer. Hard work and time will get you far while money and less time will do the same. Vast array of things to do. Possibly the best free browser game i have played!!

  5. Chantelle says:

    It might be worth trying Tynon I was looking for a game with less time Wartune does eat up a lot of time

  6. banjo says:

    wartune is damn expensive if you want to keep up with other players

  7. CandyApple says:

    Wartune is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! Can the average person spend $500 for a game mount???

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