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Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Cmune
Developer:  Cmune
Genre:  FPS

UberStrike is a free-to-play Facebook first-person-shooter. Inspired by the incomparably popular old-school Counter-Striker, the game also features fast-paced combat based on teamwork, as well as the simple and straightforward objective of eliminating as many players as possible using the weapons available to you.


As a typical first-person shooter, UberStrike just has what many other shooters can offer, including a standard Team Deathmatch mode, a Free-For-All mode as well as a Team Elimination mode available for each map. Team Deathmatch mode pits two factions of up to 8v8 on a series of combat scenarios, in which players need to shoot anyone that doesn’t stand on your side. The team that kills a total number of 200 players (adjustable from 10 to a maximum of 200) from opposing side wins out the match. The Team Elimination mode is just the same as Counter-striker. It’s all about eliminating your enemies and staying alive. If you die, you will be out for the remainder of the round, and the team with players standing at the end of round wins.

UberStrike does have an in-depth Ranking and leveling up system . Your character levels up by earning EXP in the game. The higher the level, the more items you can access via in-game shop. Basically, you earn EXP each time you successfully hit your opponent, but the engaging leveling up system can give hardcore gamers an edge and get them level up much faster than others. There are several rules to acquire EXP: if you hit your enemy with a bunch of blind folded nutshots, you get 1 EXP per hit and it doubles when you splat your opponent with a critical headshot, so you get 2 EXP. If you hit your opponent using a melee weapon, you get extra 1 EXP bonus, and for every 100 cumulative damage you deal in a match, you can also get extra 1 EXP bonus.

The in-game shop offers a huge assortment weapons like handguns, rifles, cannons and etc. Weapons are distinguished in terms of their statistics, which can be classified into four types: Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire and Recoil. A series of bar graphs provide an intuitive way to help players to present comparison between different weapons. Each item comes with a selectable expiration date from 1 day to 3 months. So, to “rent” an item, players need to select a subscription plan. Alternatively, they can pay a bit more to permanently own an item.

The use of navigation keys is common throughout many FPS games: You use WASD to control the movement of your character, the left mouse button to shot and the right mouse button to use the alternative function of a game.

In term of 3d character modeling, the game qualifies one of the best Facebook games. The game starts you off with the tutorial in the armory, where you can try out weapons through shooting test dummies. Everything here is presented in detailed 3D effects. However, the 3D layouts of combat scenarios are far from satisfactory and the characters movement looks pretty much unnatural and mechanical. They look like as if they are standing on a moving conveyor belt.

As newbies in UberStrike, players are granted beginners’ weapon packs including a submachine gun, a sniper rifle and a baseball club. Sniper rifle is the most powerful and is my favorite, but it also has its drawback: when players activate the scope to zoom in on the target, the sniper rifle will project a visible infrared aiming beam, which can reveal the sniper spot of the attacker. So it could be very risky to use sniper rifles in this game.

Overall, UberStrike is a nice game. If you are looking for a FPS on Facebook, then try to play this game. It is fast-paced and intense. The graphics could be the problems caused by the limited game platform, but the gameplay shines through as a well polished combination of addicting arcade action and deeply strategic teamwork.

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