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Ubisoft Unveiled “The Settlers Online” Teaser Site: Closed Beta Coming Soon

Sara Lau
Jul 1,2011  04:07 by

Ubisoft, the video game Giant, unveiled today the teaser website for The Settlers Online, a browser-based strategy game that has great potential to revolutionize the browser games. Originally released in Germany, the game has been recognized as “Best Strategy Game” in 2010.

According to the person with knowledge of Ubisoft and “The Settlers Online“, The English version of  The Settlers Online is expected to appear in August 2011. In brief,  the closed beta will start soon.

Gameplay Preview:

In “The Settlers Online”, you start with a small town and develop it into a full-fledged kingdom for your Settlers. Advanced players are able to join guilds together and perform adventure tasks. The settlers could experience challenging missions to ensure a prosperous and thriving empire. What is even worse, players should build a stalwart unit and get empire heavily garrisoned and guarded with troops.

But how to increase your influence around the settlement? There are many factors to amass wealth, prestige and power. Only those who have wise and far-sighted planning will have a chance to be a large landowner.

First, you can check and improve the resource capacities. In a well you can pump water, grow crops on the field and in the mill, the grain is milled into flour that can be used to bake later. So during this period , your primary purpose is  to take good care of your people and strengthen their work force.

In a sawmill, the trees, which can create lumber, and building materials to be processed in the copper mine. The further you advance in levels, the more buildings that will be unlocked for you.

Once your base is strengthened, you can begin to explore the surrounding area. Around your village store, robbers and vagabonds make your settlers occupy land. Equipped with the right weapons you can attack and destroy the bandit’s camp. Then expand your country and you can open up new sources of raw materials. The additional space can be used for the construction of residential buildings to provide new settlers.

Team up with other players

On the one hand, you can find allies in the friend list and manage to talk to them in a chat channel about the game and your tactics. On the other hand, you can join guilds or start your own guild. As a guild leader, you have more power and influence to overpower camp robbers.

Pick the right partners to gain even more power and influence in the browser game “The Settlers Online”. Handle with your allies to increase your revenue and support your friends in their trade.

If you like strategy games, we just list some similar games: Lord of Ultima, Batheo and War of Legends.

English Official website: http://www.thesettlersonline.com

German Website: http://www.diesiedleronline.de/

5 Comments on Ubisoft Unveiled “The Settlers Online” Teaser Site: Closed Beta Coming Soon


  1. […] to DotMMO, The settlers Online is expexted to hit the closed beta in August […]

  2. Cazza13 says:

    is anyone even on here?

  3. Андрей says:

    http://www.thesettlersonline.ru/ru/play Пробовал вашу игру и сейчас в ней игра вроде неплохая но тех поддержка просто ужасна игру ломают ресурсы исчезают в тех поддержку не написать
    И ЭТО вы ХОТИТЕ ПРОДАТЬ ЛЮДЯМ? ВЫ бы стали играть в такую игру?
    Примити меры Не позорте кампанию

  4. essayshop says:

    I have been waiting for this version to be here all the time and I am sure that it is going to be here very soon. I am sure that it is going to double the fun of playing this game.

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