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UFO Online

UFO Online

Release Date:  02/2012
Publisher:  Gamigo
Developer:  Gamigo
Genre:  Strategy

UFO Online is a warfare-themed fantasy MMO from Gamigo, a Hamburg-based gaming company behind Cultures Online, Bloody Bite, and Jagged Alliance Online. The game offers you a rare opportunity to explore a chaotic world in the near future when you are required to take charge of gallant mercenaries to vanquish vicious aliens and hostile factions.


The future panorama of our land is overwhelmingly depressing: the ecology is severely demolished; natural resources are running out; and humanity is divided into three opposing factions, including the American Stability Pact, the Central Economic Federation and the Ruling Confederation East. Upon your arrival in the fantasy realm, you choose one of the above-mentioned factions to join in. Each side has its own merits and demerits, but they share one ambition. To be clear, they all want to undertake the epic mission of fighting for earth as well as dominance.

Aliens claim that they come to save the earth, but clearly, they are not to be trusted. Their ulterior motive is to plunder the remaining resources from human beings. A global battle is inevitable.

To compete against your opponents, you have to recruit a variety of specialized warriors. It is of top-grade importance to build up your upgradable military base where you can store collected resources, train newly-recruited mercenaries, hold guild conference and draw up combat tactics.

There are all kinds of mercenary classes, like medic, sniper and tank, each of which boasts its unparalleled skills and unique abilities. It is advised that you diversify your troops so as to achieve an optimal performance in the battlefield. As you accomplish challenging missions and defeat powerful foes, you will be rewarded with extra points and precious items that can be used to beef up your weapons.

Apart from material advantages, you also need to make good use of combat wisdom and strategic planning. If you are well-prepared with elaborated plans and insightful tactics before venturing into theatres of war, you will be sure to emerge victorious in the end.

Though this browser-based game is free to play, it is entirely rendered in advanced 3D graphics, so you can be deeply immersed in a visual feast while you are fulfilling your quests. Additionally, you can also experience the excitement and ecstasy of slaying as you engage in turn-based battles. All known classic modes are kept in this new tactical MMO, thus it will suit both veterans and newcomers.

Plunge into the sci-fi virtual land; join in your preferred side and fight to save mankind and earth from hideous extraterrestrials!

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  1. bestessay says:

    Wow this was the coolest game that I have ever played and I like to play this game all the time. I really want to share this game to every person that is interested to have some good time.

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