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Ultimate Collector

Ultimate Collector

Release Date:  July 11, 2012
Publisher:  Portalarium
Developer:  Portalarium
Genre:  Shopping, Social

Ultimate Collector (or Ultimate Collector: Garage Sale) is a social game where your goal is go shopping and collecting. In the game, you build up your yard, search and collect new unique items and hold a garage sale at your house.


Ultimate Collector turns out to offer the opportunity to purchase secondhand stuff and then sell them. Naturally, you can permanently keep some items you favor.

It all starts from garage sales. You’ve got (or have to buy from the marketplace to deploy) the tubs, cases, chests, stands, consoles, and others in your courtyard. Click any of those and select from the items you’ve collected to wait for an offer. When time’s up, you are allowed to use one energy point to accept the current offer or wait for the next one. That depends on the profit you are going to get through the offer, of course.

The items you collect come from others’ sales. Aside from visiting you friends, you can actually obtain them by visiting the featured sales and port mall in the Newspaper. For different items, you should go to different stores. Each store has dozens of cases, chests, and stands which you could rummage through to have a look at what’s inside. No matter how large the container is, there is only one item inside and after rummaging, you will see a dialog box with introduction, classification, and the price. If the item piques your interest or it happens to be what you are looking for, you might as well appraises one or some of its traits and identify other traits. Appraises (which consume energy or PortCash) and identifications lead to changes in the price and the more that price is lowered, the better deal you are going to make.

The game, though basically focusing on sales and purchases, does offer collecting experiences. For example, I was asked to collect 16 Barbie Dolls of the World and 16 Barbie Career Dolls, and then display them respectively. The collection is never easy. For one thing, I have to go through toy tubs, toy chests and toy cases one after another to discover the Barbie dolls. Most of the times, I spent all the energy rummaging and was still unable to find a Barbie Doll of either type. Even if I do find one, given that the price varies, there are still chances that I couldn’t afford it.

It was when I was busy rummaging and purchasing Barbie Dolls that I ran out of energy again and again. But since I love the dolls a lot, I am more than pleased to do the collection. Then I saw this quest requiring me to buy 101 Dalmation collectibles and really doubt if I would ever be able to do that anyway.

It is true that collecting cost lots of energy and money. As a matter of fact, in Ultimate Collector, the shortage of energy and coins can be catastrophic because once you deplete them, you would have nothing to do but wait. When you look beyond that, however, Ultimate Collector is great both in its unique design and the shopping spree experience it provides.

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  1. David Swofford says:

    Please make sure your readers know that you are reviewing a game that is still in early beta. The game is not complete yet and won't be for another 60-90 days.
    David Swofford/Portalarium

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