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Upjers launches Kapi Hospital in English

Sara Lau
Jul 5,2011  03:07 by

Kapi Hospital, the world’s first online hospital simulation opens its swing doors in English.

Bamberg (5th July, 2011) – German browser-game publisher Upjers (of Molehill Empire and My Free Farm fame) is thrilled to announce that Kapi Hospital, the world’s first browser-based hospital simulation, is now available in English. As of today, players can become the chief physician of their very own hospital and treat weird diseases by using unusual remedies in this freaky browser game.

Ever heard of bullfrog burps or barfritis? In Kapi Hospital, it is part of the daily routine to heal those and other quite uncommon sufferings. Players assume the role of a chief physician, clear their clinic of all useless clutter and build x-ray and EEG rooms. Of course, the young doctors are not plunged in at the deep end; a caring nurse will take the patients’ temperature and change their bandages, a busy cleaning lady will uphold the hospital’s hygienic standards while nurse Olga keeps track of all incoming and outgoing patients.

In Kapi Hospital, players will get to know the mischievous Dr. Knievel who sends out alien armadas to abduct patients. In order to stop him, players have to work together and associate themselves in doctor’s associations in order to coordinate their actions and collect donations for various in-game contests. Kapi Hospital is all about the community.

“In Germany, where Kapi Hospital was conceived and launched first, it was a huge success”, says Thomas Frank, PR manager at Upjers. “By launching the English version of this top-notch browser game, we are pleased to make it available to all international players and give them the opportunity to experience its hilarious humour.”

Kapi Hospital, as all other Upjers browser games, is free to play without additional downloads. Anyone who dreams of becoming the chief physician at his very own hospital can now register for free at www.kapihospital.com and join the more than 2.5 million active players worldwide.

DotMMO Analysis:

Last Month, Upjers brought its Free Aqua Zoo to English-speaking gamers. It has obviously been preparing for the international marketing strategy. We are assuming the next English title may be coming soon.

2 Comments on Upjers launches Kapi Hospital in English


  1. Guest says:

    Im playing already and the xray room is way to expensive i only have 131.889ht xray room is 800.00ht. : (

  2. Dony says:

    2.5 million active players? nah, upjers game will never reach that success, trust me.

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