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Uprising Empires Preview

Sara Lau
Dec 21,2011  08:12 by

A series of clearly listed instructions leap into my eyes the moment I log in Uprising Empires. All the indispensable steps to the construction of my own city have been marked by arrowheads, and I just need to follow the prescribed order. Therefore, thanks to the designers’ consideration, even a green hand can have a smooth and handy start in the game. But on the other hand, I feel a little bit boring to keep on clicking the arrows, since I have been well aware of what is going to happen after I put my index finger on the mouse. As a result, I just move on without concentrating much on the tutorial. For one thing, maybe it is my impatience that leads to the neglect of these tutorial words; for another, could these paragraphs be shortened to be concise and to the point?

In Uprising Empires, to build a highly civilized and prosperous city of your own is the premise to anything else. There is a variety of burdensome construction work ahead. You want to finish it merely by your labor force? To be frank, it is almost next to impossibility. But don’t worry, you can buy items from the in-game store to speed up the construction of your building. Tools such as Lumbering Manual and Quarrying Manual are provided in the shop to meet various needs. But this in some way betrays the developers’ latent intention to grab more benefits, huh?

By the way, I snatch a little leisure time from the seemingly busy construction work by striking a mini attack on the neighbor city, as it is a rule that the shortest distance consumes the least time and energy. This causal demonstration of my own capacity brings the first victory for me with a small sum of robbed resources and no casualty.

When I think I am about to preliminarily accomplish the construction of my base and wait to experience the real charm and violence in the expansion of my city, something unexpected occurs. For the city quest of A Forest Full of Trees, I cannot claim the rewards. A mini window prompts out “an error has occurred, please retry later.” I try to refresh several times, but fail. Oh, what a predicament! After all, I am on the point of taking a significant step as a young warlord!

Well, it is set that I should complete the “City Quest” and “Daily Quest” to claim extra reward. And I guess there must be something wrong in the process of accomplishing all the objectives, which leads to my stagnation in the game. My first journey in the world of Uprising Empires comes to a halt at this moment.

Admittedly, Uprising Empires consists of most basic elements that common city-building games own, such as quests, reports, shops, rankings, and inventories, etc. Meanwhile, the graphics is all right, if we don’t require it to luxuriously feast our eyes. In addition, there is a well-designed storyline and an ordered series of instructions, which ensure that every player has an easy access to the game.

But what makes it stand out from the other games like Forge of Empires, Ministry of War with a similar theme? As is known, the real appeal of a game lies in its uniqueness and creative innovations. It is necessary that I should have a further exploration into the game, and I still believe in my potential to be a successful warlord!

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