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Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Boostr
Developer:  Boostr
Genre:  Card

Various clans and infinite characters are battling vehemently in the fantasy world Clint City for the ultimate control. Do you want to be the valiant hero emerging from the flames and achieving eternal peace to this chaotic world with your wisdom and power? Then join in Urban Rivals to challenge players from all over the world without hesitation!

Urban Rivals, developed by Boostr, is an irresistibly phenomenal 2D browser-based trading card game with about 500 characters to play with. As a free-to-play massively multiplayer game with endless gaming possibilities, Urban Rivals totally deserves a try!

The gameplay is easy to pick up and a mini tutorial will guide you through. First of all, you enter into Urban Rivals to choose a clan in Clint City. The clan refers to a themed group of card with its unique characters and abilities. For instance, the characters in Montana clan are mainly mobs and gangsters. Each card represents a character, which sometimes is based on real people or well-known fictional character. As a newbie, you will be granted 8 cards at random, and then embark on your stimulating combats. Each character has different power and damage values and many other attributes, such as attack and defense stats. When you commence a duel with another player, 4 out of the initial 8 cards will be selected randomly into the deck. The real fight begins! It is a challenge to you to utilize the advantages of each character’s ability to its full. Strategically using a pill to enhance the performance of your warriors can bluff your way into victory. You can gain experience through those duels. As you level up, you can join in the more competitive ELO tournaments to earn free credits or Clintz, the virtual money in this game, with which you can purchase more cards and grow stronger.

Actually, you enjoy great freedom in Urban Rivals. If you are fascinated by all kinds of PVP combats, you can battle your way to the top. If you are interested in collecting and trading, you can focus on accumulating the cards. It is definitely a thing to boast about to own all the cards in Urban Rivals!

Urban Rivals is also constantly updating with new clans and fresh characters, which guarantees its endless playability. Hurry up! Set your foot on the warring Clint City in Urban Rivals and start off your epic journey right now!

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