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Uridium Wars

Uridium Wars

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Uridium Wars is a social game that is developed by Bigpoint behind Battlestar Galactica Online, Zoomumba, Skyrama and a great number of online titles.

Uridium Wars is nothing less than the browser MMO DarkOrbit and the social version title is named by drawing the inspiration from the DarkOrbit’s virtual currency Uridium.

Last week, we reported that Bigpoint launched its Pony simulation game Ponyrama and car racing game Toonracer on Facebook. Still Bigpoint is a small fish in the field of social games compared with those Giants like Zynga, Playdom, EA’s bigfish and 6 Waves.

But when it comes to browser games, the Hamburg-based company Bigpoint Games qualifies the best game company that produce high standard and 3D browser MMOs like Battlestar Galactic Online.

Actually, DarkOrbit has reached 60 million registered users and the number continues growing. And even the latest efforts to Ponyrama has turned out to be bleakly desolate with 3,000 monthly active players, or slightly more than 350 daily active users.

Uridium Wars is Dark Orbit as its base. However, the game will continue to grow and evolve into its own separate entity, that’s why it is a completely separate instance from Dark Orbit.

As we know Urididum Wars is just Dark Orbit. If you had played the game years ago, you may avoid this game. While if you are new to this game and want to try something new and space-themed social Facebook game, you can activate the app on Facebook.

24 Comments on Uridium Wars


  1. Guest says:


  2. Steven says:

    no longer working under windows but just fine under linux ….

  3. ken says:

    when i try to enter the game, i get an image of a couple heavy doors, and the command to select a corporation…how do i get past this??

  4. scott says:

    Is it first or third person ?

  5. Saul says:

    GodSpeed3477: I think there should be a way where we can Trade Uri from this game, to our main Darkorbit account! that would be amazing!!! 😀 Since I have a facebook, and I just started playing this game, but my main Darkorbit is alot better aha. Ideas?

  6. brian says:

    is it down

  7. brian says:

    grrrr was on turned off fb got back and know no game grrrr

  8. DarkGemini says:

    At the outset this looked like an interesting game to play through Facebook but I quickly learned my initial impression was in fact false. This game is nothing more then a nest for elitest powergamers. Those that have more powerful ships are allowed to fly around in PVP zones destroying the ships of players which are not as strong as theirs with impunity. But when I complained about it on the in-game chat channel I was banned because I muttered a slightly censored profanity out of anger at having my ship destroyed and losing the mission I was trying to do. This game gets a rating of ZERO from me.

  9. James says:

    is there a manual or something about how to play this game? It looks like fun but can't figure it out…

  10. MiStycK1 says:

    Your account is on hold for cheating!

    Suspicious activity has been detected on your Uridium Wars account and it has been suspended as a security precaution. If you have any questions please contact our support


  11. Master Chief says:

    Hey is the game even still working i cant get on its says it cant display..are they updating because this has been going on longer than just a day…

  12. Rick says:

    This game sucks, Their forum is broke, the game doesn't work most of the time. The Game Moderators (GM) suck, because you will get banned for the least little thing you say or do while playing. Support, hahahaha, what support? They want you to spend money to buy Uri, then ban you if you say anything wrong.

    Big Point, You should change your company name to Small Point. because that's how you obviously think.

  13. Ell says:

    What am I banned for as I can't log in. Or have I been Booted off? Let me know ,so I know what do next.

  14. james says:

    how do you get outta the hanger.. i keep hitting enter galaxy and it keeps going back tot the hanger

  15. jimmy says:

    am i banned or booted off can't get on

  16. alessandro says:

    come si fa x connettersi????

  17. alessandro says:

    nn riesco a connetermi come si fa faccio su paly mi spiega tutta la storia e poi nn mi fa giocare

  18. Anonym says:

    18-02-2013 ( 13:22 ).

    This game is not working anymore, Please fix it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    The game doesnt work it says something about third party stuff and all that… I want to play it so badly!

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