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Vampire Legacy

Vampire Legacy

Release Date:  2011
Developer:  Sneaky Games

Wars between warriors and monsters are under way in the faraway magical world of Vampire Legacy! Edmund, the Vampire Lord, is driving humans to desperate circumstances. Stand out to defeat the lord with your mighty hands, and always bear in mind that you are the villagers’ last hope!


The gaming experience is much similar to that of Monster Island. A simple customization related to your character’s gender, face, hair and figure first appears on the screen after you enter the game. Generally, the infrastructures are self-contained: Arena, Trainer, Crafter, etc., with Clan Hall and Home coming soon.

After a short acquaintance with Edmund, you are to initial your battles against various creatures, such as Bandits, Nightmares, Lamias and Zombies. There are two modes of the battle: auto and fight. Each battle will cost you a certain amount of health and energy, which could be replenished by use of health and energy potions. From time to time, you will be required to train your skills and sharpen your weapons, in order to increase your attack force. What is unique is that there is a wheel of chance before you take a new challenge. If you are lucky enough, you will get extra treasure effortlessly, and if not, you‘ll have to throw yourself into new battles.


As a social game hoping for vast and long attendance from casual gamers, Vampire Legacy(VL) has shown special effort in many ways.

Typical countryside views are impressive with soil roads, farmlands, and uncultured villagers. According to an old lady, the story-teller and quest-instructor, this is a village haunted by vampires, spirits and their leader is named Emand (labeled as HP1999), who has showed up at the opening to call you ”puny human” and disappeared without trace. Meanwhile, you are repeatedly addressed as the best one, also the only one to depend on. Before each leveling-up, the grandma would let you know how the villagers are ready to cheer for your next level. After winning a battle, the reward is given from the grandma saying villagers are full of gratitude so that they have paying their honor with this, coins, food, or other consumable items. On the other hand, the tragedy incurred by the evils is not briefly mentioned before a quest is given, but visualized by some scared villagers shirking from you asking if you are the spirit responsible for the pain they are undergoing.

Well, with a persuasive story, you are willing and determined to go on with the game as often as you are permitted. What’s more, the more friendly energy system may hold you there without leaving. There are 80 energy as the full energy capacity, just 7 seconds to restore one, and one energy to travel a stadio (a “spot” to the next “spot”). Like many such waiting-based games, energy is the top concern. While offering a shortened restoring interval, the game has its own energy-consuming quests such as visiting a dangerous cave 5 times, going to a relatively far spot or using 5 energy to spare the imposing upon your non-gamer friends to enter a spot. When you won’t buy HP pack to replenish your HP, energy can be exchanged for HP.

There are three kinds of quests in the game. The simplest one is traditional, tasking you to defeat someone in some place; a general quest is a goal about level or achievement, with no specified target to deal with; the last one is a large goal about the exploration and conquest of a final spot, with a few mid-term spots leading to it. If you skip these mid-term spots, the game may choose another way (always longer and hence taking more energy) to reach the destination. But without the toughening of mid-term spots, you seldom win the final battle at once.

To solve the difficulties that’ll naturally happen to short-tempered adventurers, the game pops up power-up option for overall power boost each time you enter the game. About 10 dollar can buy 100 XP, doubled energy capacity, extra gear slot and characters and 25,000 free coins. In other words, the 10 dollars may enhance your power to approach the upcoming spirits, brings more protection with functional gears and unlocks more helpful NPC characters to fight together with you.

All Characters in the game shows a 100% seamless combination of the natural vitality of a village and the infectious sickness of spirits, vampires and the bandits enslaved by them. The vampires may be a floating long-haired creature with no legs, may be a skeleton with a neck bone sticking through its misplaced head then out of his eyes, or maybe a chair with split mouth-shaped saddle. They are cut in half when defeated and vanish like dust. The other game from this company Syfy Monster Island also demonstrates a terrific imagination in image design. They have been reported intruding people’s dreams to repeat a nightmare, or kidnap humans for food. This game successfully convinces people that there’s some easy relationship between primary lifestyle and ghost. You just believe such things may happen to this beautiful village.

This is the first game that features vampire, ghosts, spirits and doesn’t make itself depressing or ugly.

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