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Vampire Season – Monster Defense

Vampire Season – Monster Defense

Release Date:  October 16, 2012
Publisher:  Brainz
Developer:  Brainz
Genre:  Tower Defense

Vampire Season – Monster Defense is a 3D mobile game that combines the genre of tower defense and RTS.


“Vampire Season – Monster Defense” is not a vampire-themed title at all, but a game that features various monsters, or allies, as the game suggests. Remember how you dispatch different units in battles? Now you will do that with vampires, zombies, werewolves, IMPs, skeletons, ghosts and other monsters.

The gameplay is kind of similar to that of Plants VS. Zombie. You are to defend the coffin of Dracula. In each stage, you choose three types of allies and weapons to use in the battles. Waves of enemies come up and you have to deploy enough of your monsters to fight against them.

Different monsters master different skills and are vulnerable to different attacks. That is why, you need to pay attention to which kind of enemies you will encounter before you determine your allies.

There are no ally training or hiring before battles – you do that during battles. The dispatching of various monsters costs varied amounts of fears and styles. For example, sending an IMP would cost 20 fears and 6 styles while a warlock can be available if you have 18 fears and 14 styles. And the fears and styles are produced only in battles by special machines at a rather slow speed and by IMFs if you put any of them on the map. Despite that all those monsters move and fight against the enemies, the overall gameplay keeps reminding me of Plants VS. Zombies. Fortunately, the new game is definitely much more fascinating and challenging.

You don’t just deploy monsters and then wait for the results. You still have to heal your monsters, add new ones, or use some buffs. You can heal your allies, for example restore a certain amount of HPs of all your allies or restore all the lost HP of one particular monster. Or you may just increase the damage of a specified monster on its enemies for 10 seconds.

Aside from designing and carrying out your fighting strategies, you can always admire what an amazing job the developers have done in creating assorted enemies. There are, for instance, vampire hunters who can kill any vampire with a single shot, thieves who can steal HP from your monsters, princes charming who kiss your monsters to stop them from attacking, and decorators who can drain all your style points as long as they appear in the map. Interestingly, in the cases I lose and end up watching the enemies heading towards the coffin, I always find myself being amused by the varieties of the enemies and their noble way of marching rather than being upset by the defeat.

It is safe to conclude that Vampire Season – Monster Defense, though not necessarily pitting you in battles involving vampires, adds new twists and turns to the otherwise tedious tower – or coffin in this case – defense gaming experience.

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