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Release Date:  02/29/2012
Publisher:  Square Enix
Developer:  Ankama Games

Wakfu is a follow-up work after DOFUS (DOFUS, the World of Twelve) from the France-based software company Ankama Games. This new MMORPG, to be released in late February, aligns itself strongly to the appearance and content of Dofus, a successful MMORPG especially in France. Anyone that has played DOFUS will feel at home with Wakfu, without any exception. But the story is set some 1,000 years after the events in Dofus. Ogrest successfully gathered 6 dragon eggs, but he didn’t notice that they have got mutated due to the robots he developed until it’s too late. His great love left him and in his boundless grief, he began to cry. Ogrest tears flooded the world and turned it into an island landscape, which is gaming world you see today.


In character creation you will meet many old friends to choose from: Sacriers Iop, Cra, Sun (characteristic of its martial skills), SRAM( with deft fingers)and Eniripsa(with healing hands). In addition, you can determine their face, hair color and clothing.

In addition to these two concepts, Wakfu continues with – typical for Ankama Games – turn-based battles, gradable attributes, talents and other MMORPG features. In combat, you should use your limited movement and action points as effectively as possible. The instanced combat zone is small grids- like a chessboard – divided in two. Here you pull your character to attack enemies with sword, bow or magic, or to block enemies to protect your two teammates. The quicker and more effective it operates, the more likely you will enjoy its occasional extra bonuses such as increased dodge chance, better luck.

After leveling you can manually distribute the gained points to attributes like strength, intelligence, HP or magic points. In addition, each class has their own skills. Besides active attacks, there are passive features like spells that automatically come into effect under specific conditions. The skill power increases with use. After reaching certain skill levels, new rivals can be unlocked. The developers succeed in offering a wide variety of skills to upgrade.

It’s obvious that Wakfu looks like Eden Eternal, which takes place in a colorful world, filled with lovely little magic characters with big eyes and short dresses. However, it is the great depth of detail that the designers from the House of Ankama always focus their efforts.

The attention to details and the courage to break new ground do help bring about another masterpiece. Keep watching, daily! Wakfu will show how successful it can be from February 29, 2012.

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