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War Commander

War Commander

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Kixeye
Developer:  Kixeye

War Commander is a Facebook warfare-themed strategy game that is published by Kixeye, the creater of Backyard Monsters. The game tries to make itself different by implementing a funny and interesting animated tutorial, but it cannot shake off the empire building mechanism.

Entering War Commander, you are already a commander, nominally of course, with five basic structures concerning resource-producing and order-issuing already in function and couples of riflemen(the lowest army unit) at disposal. Instead of initiating any move, you could simply follow the guiding dialogue to launch the first shoot: click and watch is all you need to do. After the first quest is finished, you can click to collect rewards, to be specific, a certain amount of metal and oil.

Quests listed at the bottom of the screen serve as tutorials, which acquaint one with basic gameplay and lead one through the upgrading process. Since quests are of great number and of increasing difficulty, you can decide to take them from A to Z or skip some at will; yet basically, you have no alternative choice but grind, low to high in sequence, due to the fixed requirements for every activity. Of course, it is another story for those who are willing to barter Facebook credits for a quicker level-up, for six credits can easily exempt one from consuming a large amount of resources and two hours’ waiting for the unlocking of a Rocket Launcher. besides, enormous though they are, quests turn out to be monotonous, varying little from build, upgrade and attack, all done by read-and-click.

The interface throughout War Commander is concise and clear, with several icons indicating users’ name and level as well as resource stats on the top and chat box plus the quests list on the bottom of the screen, leaving the large, and middle ground to present the structure-strewn base. But against the wide-spread of greenland background, various in-game structures appear a little undersized, while the army units are visibly too small, which greatly spoils the scene of grandeur one usually expect for a military theme. Yet the disproportion is not the only problem needed to be worked on. After the very first shoot, all the enemy bodies in blood are continuously appearing in the screen to cause an eyesore.

Several hours’ grinding only leads to Level 5, but the exposed defects contrastively pile on quickly. Boredom in the very beginning wears away your patience and interests, which in turn deprives the core strategic gameplay of its opportunity to be given a shot. Isn’t that a pity?

Note: If you have ever played either EdgeWorld, or Global Warfare on Facebook, you could possibly know there is no difference between these games.

270 Comments on War Commander


  1. Walter says:

    This game is very unbalanced, and geared toward people who use their CC heavily to play rather than skills. Developers/mods frequently use the excuse that the game is in beta testing not to provide customer service. If the game is being tested they should allow testers to have access to coin upgrades for no charge. When the game goes GM release, then charge for coin items and upgrades. But most facebook games remain in beta just for this reason, and it is a RIPOFF

  2. KEN says:

    well i have played war commander and and they cheat on there to much there are some that get on and stay there 24 7 and all they do is attack you and you cant do anything to them i have ask them to do something about it but they so much and say your liying abd dont know what your talking about well as for me i would not tell anyone to play that game till they fix it they cheat to much on there

  3. Paul says:

    Don't even bother with this game, they removed Techs that repair tanks, and medics for healing, Avoid this at all costs unless you plan on spending hundreds of pounds with your credit card

  4. Daniel says:

    II waited 8 hours and not see anything. I'm at level 23 and I have one at level 6 … and is the level 6 if you can play … this sucks

  5. nakedgod says:

    game has stopped working and its a good game just farm the ais, thing is when youve done that and are fully upgraded then what?

  6. Russell Bradford says:

    yes i need my e-mail taken off war games .. how do i have it removed

  7. aaaa says:

    please bann id 76347 for abusive behavor and threats

  8. AEM says:

    you can easily level up paying money without getting any experience. thumbs down

  9. paul says:

    its stopped working on facebook always comes up ERROR on page now what!! i was kicking ass a swell! not fair

  10. Aleks Svezhentsev says:

    how do i talk to my rivals?! because this one guy, James, keeps on attacking me and i am freaking tired of this shit. Can any1 help me please!

  11. afk4life says:

    oh la la. … that`s all I can say to all who cheat on the fb war commander game..
    player ID# 1232656 can do online 24/7 which is unfair to other players who play in legal way.
    I wish cheating in war commander stop before its too late.

  12. luv2kill says:

    u r ryt afk4life
    I think 2 b fair 2 all maniac 2 war commander game u kixeye GM should teach every player 2 cheat.
    well it is just my opinon yo ^_^.

  13. james says:

    Are you referring to me? I am James 🙂

  14. Haroon says:

    wtf 2nd time i open thee wr cammandar all uprades is cancel o resouces left wth i spend my all pocket money in this game…

  15. sjd says:

    been playing this game for a while. and just noticed they have suicide bombers ? really, you dont think thats a bit to much and wrong ? i want to know what the creaters of this game says about that.


    how to send metal and oil

  17. SPARX says:

    it takes a very very long time to repair, constract etc…. i dont like this game anymore.. a time consuming game…

  18. mohamed says:

    if any one know key for this game i hope he tell us here

  19. up yours says:

    well done you stupid dicks.. youve wrecked th game.. was perfectly fine the way it was.. youve not calculated anything proply.. 40 units die and holding bay wont be able to repair them all.. trying to make people spend money.. your a pack of retarded idiots who cant add up.. you should be ashamed of yourselves… game designers.. dress designers more like… you ****heads are a mob of losers.. go to hell and stay there.. 5 months ive spent getting to level 26 and you go and **** it all up.. morons.. game designres on drugs i say.. and once again.. thank you for wasting 5 months of my life on what was a good game..dicks..you are…nerds for sure…your game is going to lose hundreds of players.. and an alliance is useless when my friends are over half a hour away.. how the hell are they supostto help me that far away.. stupid…stupid…moronic brainless morons…

  20. terry says:

    i play on facebook and all i keep getting is this message

    503 service unavalible 🙁

  21. ian says:

    terry,.. its the same everywhere,.. 503 failure. they must be messing it up some more,.. does anybody know if you can upgrade a captured deposit? from small to medium etc,..

  22. terry says:

    35 minutes trying to reconnect it gets to 35% then nothing or the same message as above

  23. ian says:

    correct,.. maybe you ask for all your money back,..

  24. paul says:

    same loads at 35% but cant access world map three days now?

  25. taylor says:

    how do you make alliances?

  26. djerk says:

    i cant play war commander even if its available in our country when i open the application it always display on the screen "Sorry, war commander is not available for your country" how to activate it.?

  27. maurice says:

    how come the game tells me, not connected to map server.
    what do i need to do

  28. maurice says:

    and hello to all

  29. Aleander mcDonald says:

    What s this not connected to Map server all about its a pain in the arse.

  30. gato1919 says:

    it won't even let you play 99% of the time and if it does, by the time you go back and forth to and from the world map and the hex you wanna attack your system can't handle it and it crashes. Why did you ever change to that stupid world map? You could have made it so you could create platoons and have a staging area without crossing back and forth to scout site to deploy to attack to CRASH AND GODDAMN IT! Plus your units don't respond to commands in a remote attack, your airpower is worthless in a spot where you need it the most. All my cobras are max upgraded and they get shot out of the sky by any shitty turret gun. I just pais 6,000,000 in resources to upgrade my command center and now I can"t even access the fricking game-I am pissed!

  31. gato1919 says:

    For sure I want at least 50 bucks back from you rip off artists

  32. Stryker says:

    Why so often Chat is unavailable? Been at least a week now. Also…just how can anyone play this game if cannot go to world map? JUST NOT POSSIBLE! Happens to often! The longer I play this game the more it seems like a Zynga game and let me tell u that is not good!

  33. Teufels Hunde says:

    war commander sucks a fat monkeys cock.

  34. jeff says:

    How do you deploy aircraft? I just started and have some drones but don't have a clue as to how to use them

  35. Rodney says:

    Haven't been able to connect to the World map or form a platoon since I started this game 2 days ago.
    Is this common?

  36. jordan says:

    when and why? the war commander is not available in the philippines? i miss this games…

  37. Rich says:

    I recently started playing the game. I have built 2 drone planes. They show as on base but cant fid them and cant seem to use them in attacking. Can anyone help?

  38. Keith Anderson says:

    1} click air base…. There planes They Stay on the air base not fly around your CC.

    2} Click Available. you have 2 spots one for whats on your base and 2 for world map for attacking!
    Just Click on whats in base that you wanna use for attacking.

    3} you cant make a platoon of planes. only when attacking can you use your planes!
    planes are for attacking only and not defending you base!

  39. Doc Plummer says:

    I have been playing WC for about 9 months now. I tried to open the game today and nothing happens. The banner of the page loads but the rest of the screen is blank, white. This same thing happened to me on Battle Pirates a few months back. Does anyone know why this keeps happening to me? Same computer and I did not change anything. I have cleared my history and restarted my computer…

  40. king of spikers.. says:

    fun game, just that they only have one upgrade per? Can you make it 2 or or three upgrades at a time? But then again………hahahaha its fun and cant wait to see what happens next……

  41. Kevin says:

    why is there always an error after i attack someone?

  42. dan says:

    i would like to play this game "war commander" but it always said that "this is not available to your country" can any one help me????

  43. Frank ika IWS says:

    I think this game ant woth it!! Conecting is a MAJOR problem. I have issues in this!!!!!

  44. Bobby says:

    Can anybody tell me how to set the formations for my infantry. I know there has to be a way to control the spacing. The guy that keeps attacking me has his set that way and I haven't been on long enough to figure it out.

  45. awais says:

    how can i capture a metal deposit and a oil deposit in war commander

  46. khampien says:

    how to capture metal deposite

  47. mrnib says:

    i hate it when ur being attcked and you cant view whats attcking you you need to fix this coz 30 of my tanks were destroyed buy one attacker with one army , and i have no idea what he used because i could not see

  48. Brisn says:

    Lets face it, War commander sucks.It Was a decent game but its gone downhill and is a useless game now. Bye Kixeye you guys Suck at designing games.You just have to fiddle with them until everyone leaves in disgust. no more money for you.

  49. anthony says:

    warcommander was a cool game but face book made it un fair all about the money screw facebook. players are upgrading with money and some how they get free coins. thanks facebook for nothing

  50. fucked up says:

    omfg i love the guy who posted this shit right here!! ur exactly fucking right!! fuck those fucktard in their asses with a goddamn cactus!!! a big one not those little ones u get at the gift shop!!

  51. WHY!! says:

    you guys really did fuck this shit up….i hope you actually read the fucking emails you receive over being such dumb asses and actually try and fix the problem no body is gonna spend money on this stupid fucking game it wasnt good enough to spend money on befor you fucked it all up you fucking stupid bastards!! suck my fuckin cock off and fix your shit befor i get pissed off!!

  52. Ra'ed says:

    how can i get a deposit? or how can i own it?

  53. rrrerer says:

    keeps on losing connection its been a week
    say reconnect

  54. Reece Rankin says:

    if you dont like time consuming games you can chose starcraft a fast game where when you chose from three races terran(human balanced team)prottos(alien defended sheild based troops)and finaly zerg(alien cheap and fast infestors) from blizzard.com the second starcraft is 60 dollars if you want that for cheap there is a free starter aditon but can only play terran in battles and can do up to 4 missions. the first starcraft WITH the expanshon is only 15 dollars you should play eather one but to make friends with me in starcraft 2 my name is battlefield and the code is 521 the other way is with the email Jen_lenrn@yahoo.com

  55. joe says:

    this game has went to a pay and play game now in order to fix your platoon you must me on line I have attacked for 1 hr and now need to be on for 22 hr to repair the platoon as if someone is going to sit on Facebook watching it repair for that long and you cant just leave your browser open and walk away if your not active in shuts down the game

  56. stephen brownhill says:

    What a load of bollocks spent months on this game you f**ks and u get greedy well whats new f**king w**kers go f**k yourselfs you retarded bunch of no brain c**ts

  57. Design a good game says:

    Go back to the original and the best Command and Conquer, pay once and have great fun this is shit.

  58. Nick says:

    This game is totally different from the game I know. Named War Commander, the same, but this is different from the one I play!

  59. rrrerer says:

    wtf is going on loading world map takes about 20 mins

  60. Madcowmasie says:

    My son has been playing this non stop. He tells me it is free but never seems to have money to do anything anymore. He says he is saving up. Is it true you can play for free?

  61. jared says:

    its a free game how can it be a ripoff?

  62. spent 20 euro in facebook coins and got a ban from war commander…great game.

  63. it is a good game but we do not get any thin when we a pormote to the next level

  64. heba abdalkarem

  65. James 2pistolsid says:

    I would have to say I am very unimpressed with the new settings it takes way to long to repair. This game was very fun with the old settings. I am still playing but getting tired of the long wait and will not pay money to play so you guys will more then likely lose me after a few more weeks. I am part of a great alliance and we rule sector 4 but it is kinda getting old with the repair times. Also the time it takes to upgrade is long it would be ok if you could upgrade like 2 things at one time. I understand your guys want to make money and have made tons of money off of people but how about a game the average guy can play not just the rich man? Lot of players getting fed up with it i know of 50+ in my alliance about to leave game because of the listed issues above.
    To everyone bitching about their game taking for ever to load and it quitting at 35% or what not that is simply because your computer sucks or your internet is slow or both. Try deleting your cookies and cache. Stop bitching at others for your junk computer.

  66. anonymous says:

    I don't know how to use the wing drone, can anybody help me how to use it in battle.thanks

  67. Bebe says:

    i cant find my soldiers when they are mad the go to deployment but i want them in my damn bunker how do i get them in?

  68. randy says:

    hello this hell fire comp sucks big tome reboot after reboot has cost me all my tanks and men u should have to pay to replace them u new last time about this problem last comp and did nothing to fixs it now i will be a week in repair and because of this i can no longer partake of this comp thanks for nothing what money grab

  69. darren says:

    can you change the repair back to normal cause this kind you have to go on like every 2 hours to start another repair

  70. powerking says:

    can u change the whole they back to normal as it was like 20 weeks ago

  71. Scott says:

    KIXEYE War Commander used to be fun and I wouldn't even mind paying a subscription for playing but in the last couple of months they have become gready beyond belief. How will people stay interested if it becomes all time consuming on repairs and the events can only be completed by high level players who have weapons etc gained from previous events.

    Anyone know of a similar game with more oppertunities and less constraints????

  72. Mykodragon says:

    Tell you a secret about War Commander and Kixeye, these people are abunch of basement dwelling fucktards that bully customers that play their games, their customer service is the worst in the gaming industry. I played this game (War Commander)for 5 months straight building my troops and base, to wake up and find my account suspended. They claim I cheated and posted it, which is a fat lie…the truth is, I refused to spend money and got to high of a lvl as a free player..my game was legit, and I dare anyone of them KIXEYE fucktards to prove I cheated in any way..and Im not the only free player that has been banned from their games…read the forums..oh wait you cant, because they delete all negative comments about their games. Do yourself a favor, stay away from KIXEYE games, this is written in my opinion!!!

  73. Mykodragon says:

    War Commander, the worse game on Facebook, I was suspended for playing to much as a free player, they call that cheating. STAY away from KIXEYE games, I didnt think it could happen to me, but it did!! And if spending 5 months working on a account to have it taken away, doesnt make a person mad..wait till it happens to you!!!

  74. charlotte says:

    when i click play now it goes on to evony what do i do then?

  75. Al Akberdin says:

    Can someone tell me how to up grade map level to see alliances

  76. sam says:

    lol so many people bitching its just a game not life, your bound to be attacked and even beaten on these types of games just get over it play something else and come back to it later. i like this game different to alot of facebook strategy games yes its not perfect but its most fun ive had on a facebook game.

  77. darz says:

    why is it that my fb acount display that war commander is not available in our contry..i want to play it..what country will i adjust my settings..?need help..

  78. Rocky says:

    my lvl 25 yest i wrongly used some dirty words in wc chat nw it is banned whn it ll be opn the chat

  79. Shan says:

    It's easy to level up on this game without using credits, You just attack higher lvl rogues attack the turrets with Razors and attack the Mortar Towers with Cobra's, lvl up fast at around mid 20's like this, if you can't do that then you just plain suck.

  80. blazej says:

    I'm not very happy there, those who govern should watch this game was the Mafia as it opposes them they send to you all the game is cool

  81. gumiho says:

    why i can't open the war commander since yesterday?

  82. Tom says:

    It seems that I should have read this page before I purchased what was to be a 50 dredit buy with free upgrade on command center. I got the credits but keep getting the run around on the upgrade. They have no proof of my purchase but I received a note from the CEO thanking me for the purchase. Actually, it seems they have credited my account since I received no upgrade. That is somewhat fair, I guess, but why so much trouble to get something done?

  83. nicky phillips says:

    as im only lvl 21 now i was not able to do any ov the events as i just got my assed kicked i had nothin to fight with so i was wondering if there is any way ov getin them now coz the players who was higher lvl at the time and got them can smash my base no problem

  84. Lyn says:

    How can you band a player from a game and call then a cheat without showing proof ,, I think if Kixeye is going to band players for using cheats then they need to tell them how they cheated ,,,, this is unfair… why are they not banning this guys that use the autofresh thing that makes thm look like they are in there base all the time ?

  85. beng says:

    why cant i play it?it always says not yet available on your country?but just yesterday i was able to play.PLEASE HELP

  86. jhay says:

    give my account!!!

  87. Ivan says:

    I have been attacked by user number 6382339 and on the attack log it gives the reference number for his home base, however when I go to that reference it's under a different name and a lower rating number. How come???

  88. how do i deploy aircrafts?

  89. iron man says:

    its all rite

  90. felix says:

    how can i play war commander in philippines ive been playing this game in uae, but now i am in philippines i cant access the game

  91. Sue Smith says:

    been playing war commander 4 6 wks now big event started yesterday but cant get into game want 2 no why any 1 north of leeds having same problem it sucks

  92. maddraggon says:

    this game along with the rest of kixeye's games are nothing more than money scams. they are making the events so hard to complete. you got to spend money to perform the repairs enough to get anything. then the cheaters that get like 5,000 points in an hour they reward. then the bullies that play the games. in war commander alone. the last 2 events they said it would be a smooth transition. but i keep getting disconnected to their game. while any other game i played would have no problem. then the bases i attacked would be repaired when i got back in. and yet the damage they did to me would remain. so have fun being ripped off people. it sure is a good free game as they call it.

  93. Dickey Dunkin says:

    You mean people cheat ? Always some cumquat who can't fight fair… Man up!

  94. erick garnfil says:

    help me war commander problem…

  95. Dur says:

    is a Hacker game, don't expend a lot of money. expend the money for your stomach and for your real shelter.

  96. james says:

    its a good game but u cant get any depos becouse high lev players just gang up on u and take em and it take too long to upgrade thing with out spending a lot ov mony on it

  97. Aaron says:

    I only get the 305 error when i play using opera when i use explorer it works but it keeps disconnecting me which six when ur in the middle of getting attacked i lost all my platoon cause i wasn't there to fight back 🙁

  98. mike says:

    i cant open my war commander here in the Philippines, there any solution?

  99. Raj Bomjan says:

    how to change my display name ?

  100. Raj Bomjan says:

    Please tell me how to change display name?

  101. wdmrocky says:

    level 29 suddenly cant attack rogues or deposits why ?

  102. Xreme says:

    This game is awesome dudes like really im a lvl 34 and i bubble my peeps with a dog

  103. Darren Baylon says:

    my dad and i use the same computer & facebook haw come war commander dont work on my facebook

  104. farhad says:

    hello…… haw to chat WC online he is chat is currently unavailable plz help me thanks

  105. paul says:

    to all the cry babies, it is a game, if you dont like it, dont play it, its simple

  106. reymar longno says:

    yes me either

  107. kc08 says:

    what the heck, i reached level 20 and it suddenly unavailable here in the philippines..

  108. mike says:

    i play war commander often and i noticed i can see people in my sector chatting in the box, i can click the box and the text bar goes blank and blinks on and off. but when i type nothing happens. i tried copy and paste but the enter does not send the text through.. what could be the problem? i use safari, could it be my server?

  109. Al says:

    I havent been able to get in the game for like a week now. when I open game it loads up to 99% and stops anyone have any Idea how to fix this?

  110. Toni Kehdy says:

    for like a 100 times. then it opens, i play for 5 mn, then again it's lost….
    screw that !!!!

  111. Kevin says:

    Guys that use CC should not be able to attack guys that do not use it ! they should be in specific sectors only with other guys that use CC too ..

  112. Jeff says:

    Wow, a lot of people complaining about spending money on a free facebook game. STOP wasting your money on any free game. So much sad people

  113. Frustrated says:

    Game is totally devoid of any real strategy. You cannot develop any defense that stops any higher level players from flattening you. It plays more like Mafia Wars with school yard bullys that do nothing but gang up and take your depots and flatten your base while you are offline. I certainly wouldn't call that a strategy.

  114. Raavak says:

    I'm tired of it not loading. What other games are out there with a similar theme?

  115. Brad says:

    they added the live battles, and now game loads to 99% like a tease and just sits there. Is this an issue for Mac G5 Users running OS X 10.4.11?

  116. cody says:

    I'm having the same problem only mine loads to 100% it acts like its going to come on then just sits there and says loading, then says my shockwave crashed.

  117. erlandas tamoxxa660 says:

    what can you do with user ID?

  118. scott says:

    Ever since they did maintenance cant load game for five days now from facebook, just keeps loading and loading then shockwave plugin not responding, must find another game.

  119. Shanky says:

    my airport is stuck from 4 days .. it says it has been engaged in a battle but wen i click on it , it shows to reconnect . others are working fine. how to slove this glitch. please help

  120. wat happen? my war commander not working,,, i play yesterday and im on level 9,, wat can i do to take it back the gane

  121. anoop says:

    upgrading stops when i logout to war commander.. how to resolve this. plz help

  122. Kevin says:

    The new update is crashing everything. My units won't upgrade and my buildings won't upgrade. The calculation for the power is off, after the upgrade I lost about 800-900 watts of power. I'm not the only one with this issue. Seems to be happening after the latest firmware upgrade.

  123. JahanGir says:

    Hello GUyz i need war commander Hack any hello me ^_^

  124. JahanGir says:

    any help me contact me my facebook id is http://www.facebook.com/jahangir.hussain.357622?r… help me brother


  126. Vida says:

    My base has been blown up a couple of times and my own guns r attackin my base and its been 2 days since iv been on wave 32 due to repairs…and my upgrades aint even workin this matter needs to be sorted..not very happy

  127. muhammadf hashir says:

    hey man you didn't do the right thing by closing the repair instantly option on 4min 59sec

  128. George says:

    Me and my Friends cant access the game(War commander) . I cant connect to the game it said"Reconnect" I always got that message . .My friends got this game is not avaILABLE IN your Country . Philippines

  129. Richard says:

    I don't understand why all the crying about people hitting your base, and that they stay on 24/7. How in the f is that cheating. If some one is hitting you then you can hit them as well being that they can only hit you if there is a 4 lvl diff so if you are a lvl 24 you can only get hit by lvls 20-28 second if you get hit you get damage protection for 17 hrs so no 1 can hit you for 17hrs its a war game if you dont like it dont play. There are issues with the game I will not deny but then again its a fb game what do you expect the quality customer service you get from console games that you have to pay for lol get real.

  130. Jack says:

    Yes, this a game and you can expect your base to be hit and I have no problem with that. However, there is so much cheating going on and Kixeye is very slow to respond, if they respond at all. The cheaters take away the fun of the game. I have submitted more "tickets" than I care to count in the past two weeks and have not received any notice of anything being resolved, or cheaters being banned. All I get is the e-mail telling me my ticket was received and they are backlogged, but working on it; a bot acknowledgement.

    Time and much money have been invested by many players and there seems to be no positive response by Kixeye to resolve matters presented to them. To me, I feel Kixeye is defrauding players that spend money with a game that gets more broken with every maintenance they perform and eventually a lawsuit is going to hit them right smack between the eyes…. If they are so backlogged, why not hire more people to handle customer complaints? They are just taking the money and run.

  131. amitesh says:

    my base guardian platoon suddenly vanishes in front of my eyes. It has happened for 3 times in a row now and i have to rebuilt it all over again…… anyone has a clue??

  132. silvermoon says:

    Anyone from a new nice sector full of free depots where to grow up in peace ???

  133. muhammad hashir says:

    hey man there is a bug i can't deploy my all rifle man in a war when ever i deploy my 81 rifle men the game got disconnect

  134. Ali says:

    please help
    i don`t now why this suspend in war commander game ???
    this is my id 1626028

    please remove that suspend

  135. Daniel Ruiz says:

    i have playd war commander and it looks like i am in a good sector for now 205 if you guys dont like your sectors try locating where i am at try adding me on facebook if you like maybe itll be better for you just dont go attacking any random player am lvl 32 just 1 more upgrade left in my base

  136. Daniel Ruiz says:

    if anybody knows what the drones do in war commander please tell me

  137. haseeb says:

    i cant attack to any one when i do the game stuck its too much annoying,this game is good but when it comes to bugs i cant tell u how much i got anger on that…

  138. hashir says:

    thats not fair that u have put all level 9 units at level 9 bulidings atleast upgrade jackrabbit at level 6

  139. Derel says:

    Haseeb my game is the same way. It has been going on for 3 weeks now with promises from kixeye for fixes. They won't help..might as well give up

  140. isaac says:

    el mio carga hasta 99porciento y no carga mas… asemucho que no puedo jugar mas…!!!!

  141. Nomi says:

    Awesome game but not stable……many bugs are inside also there should be events for the players according to their levels what if a lvl34 player has samething to do as a lvl4 player has to……..also verytime consuming game…..lvl6 c.c take 12 days to upgrade.l0lz…….but honestly the game is very good for making friends

  142. Nav Kambo says:

    I have been trying to log onto War Commander for the last 12 hours and it just keeps saying, "Our system is currently overloaded with connections. Please wait a few minutes and refresh." I waited for hours and tried other computers at different locations and keep getting this message!!

  143. lima says:

    fairlybook – Connected with friends and family http://www.fairlybook.com
    It's a social networking site. It helps connected peoples with other. Fairlybook's mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and …

  144. slash says:

    you dogs, rascals war commander designer i always lose the conection and a heavy platoon

  145. FARHAD says:

    hello iam play cheat but now band iam so sorry plz help me iam lvl 31 in sector 121 ID (6920251) PLZ HELP ME

  146. farhad says:

    plz help me iam so soryy plz help me again no play cheat plz help me plz thanks

  147. samer says:

    who can remove the band?id band

  148. hashir says:

    hey man there are no sickle syndicate base
    what should i do now?

  149. ram says:

    i am in suspended. what can i do?
    anybody have got answer…..

  150. Ginger says:

    How is it you kill someone’s base and within 5 minutes there base has moved and looks completely untouched ??

  151. jérém57 says:

    comment es qu'on peut faire monter le niveau des oil et metal deposit? merci de me rep car je galere…

  152. Knightjun sector 255 says:

    how can i access war commander in the Philippines? Every time i try to open it the message says "war commander is not yet available in your country'. Please can you assist.

  153. hanen says:

    how we give a dog to a friend as a present in the game of war commander

  154. chesuta says:

    please fixed the problem here in my country philippines i can't play war commander already.

  155. allan says:

    war commander is not yet available in your country sign up to be notfied when the game is released

    pls! help me

  156. dan says:

    Reason alot of you in phillipines cant play, is the banned the country due to all the cheats and hackers form phillipines, and the big problems a few phillipino groups have brought to the game. Blame the cheaters and hackers from your country.

  157. Deni says:

    Your War Commander account has been suspended

    Cheating is not Tolerated

    If you have any questions regarding this please
    go to support.kixeye.com/mail and submit a support ticket. Make sure to give us your user ID (17058753)

    CAn open my acct?? please help me

  158. derek says:

    After 6 months I'v epulled out of my war commander "habit" . . the game is pretty much designed from the ground up to extract money from credit cards. Yes, it can be played slowly and painfully without paying, but the constant new techs and upgrades, coupled with the new high volume challenges mean that the only way to succeed is to trickle feed money from your credit card.

    So Im giving up a leve31 base and all the work that went into it. . but pretty much the game is made to soak up your platoons and your money. Avoid avoid avoid

  159. Hussanini Parwana says:

    How Im Unsuspended my account Help Me Brother*

  160. dangi says:

    pls war commander unlock my account this my ID (12242563)

  161. ORTOREAN says:


  162. DOORMAN27 says:

    Got fed up of the game and started playing Battle Pirates, with Pirates you can fight for res and not have to coin if you don't want to.

  163. RAP-2 says:

    well I think this is a great game to play, I've been playing now for two in hafe years and it took me awhile to to level 33 , when my Aliance sent me a chat while playing and it asked me for a security code and it didn't take and facebook put a suspention on my account, now I can't play ,…..so I say its a great game to play'

  164. HolyHounds says:

    i played bout 8 months good game but does have to many bugs and i dont use coins lol im a free play
    and if u dont have a 3 gig cpu dont bother with game all u do is dc or crash on load

  165. You can remove the suspension of an account? user ID (10094293)
    Se puede quitar la suspencion de una cuenta? user ID (10094293)

  166. john says:

    Not bad game if you don’t matter to waste your time and money, poor support and nazi style, they can ban or suspend your account without reason or any explaining (only need to hit some Kixeye friend player), not matter the time or money you have spent on it, only need to search a little at internet, or see their http://corp.kixeye.com/#/en/support page if click at "suggestions"
    you can not write and they have a arrogant flash for you will see they sending your opinion to garbage lol

  167. avtar singh says:

    war commmander

  168. fubar says:

    I lost all my plats due to the game freezing and it wont load now

  169. fubar says:

    i spend my hard earned money on here for dc and cant play. that sucks

  170. mustafa says:

    Why my War Commander account has been suspended?I can`t open my War Commander .Please help me to open my War Commander.My user ID(14182429)

  171. Lautaro Ruiz says:

    cientos y miles de cuentas cancelados por usar cheat engina, ellos sabia que existia ese programa perdo dejaron que miles de usuarios lo usan para poder cerrar sus cuentas y luego pedirles dinero para reactivarlas. estafa de kixeye en war commander hacia los usuarios. timadores !!!

  172. eleexer says:

    just played this game for 3 weeks now and was about to play tonight, a message box appeared informing me that a band of rouges are attacking, i clicked the option engaged and guess what… just about the attackers are completely wasted and another dialogue box appeared asking me to brag about it, another red dialogue appeared telling me there's ERROR and asked me to click reconnect… well, until now, the boring scene replays in a loop… and i couldn't play further… or even log in normally because the scene keep comin back…

  173. john taylor says:

    there is no one to help you, you get no feed back if or when things go wrong, they can ban you from the game in a blink of an eye, an say you cheat, you have no say in the matter. and facebook or any one ells wont do a thing to help you . all in all rip off''s dont bother your self's in this game, it will only cost you money, an give you a bad temper. some one needs to find out wot kixeye are playing at!!

  174. Tom says:

    How can I rotate the screen to see my n opponents base from different angles???

  175. mustafa says:

    le jeux war commander a ete suprime(page indisponible) je sais pas pourquoi

  176. faustino says:

    I have being playing war commender on facebook, it is a good game to play but all I am having is nothing but problams with this game, it just stop, and now I can not get to play the game, this is not right, I go online to get help and don't get any help at all, so can you help me or not, do let me know thank you.

  177. arend says:

    hi im play war commander suspended

  178. Agron Zogu says:

    please open my game that someone had taken the code of Facebook and do not know what happens please

  179. dhenz says:

    hi,how can i play on kixeye,its 403 forbiden.help to sign up on kixeye forum or to play on kixeye.thanks

  180. agron says:

    yo no cat

  181. Tim says:

    Been trying to log on to W C for 3 weeks now just gets up to 82% and stops. I play on F B. Go to Kixeye site but get no help. Go to support page and it says page not found. WHY CAN'T I LOG ON !!!!! Need help with this NOW

  182. Joy Times says:

    Die besten Tipps, Tricks & Strategien für alle deutschen Spieler von War Commander gibt es hier: http://joytimes.de/2015/05/01/war-commander-tipps

  183. Dalius says:

    Please help me unbanned ID is: 27833874

  184. Tike says:

    A wonderful job. Super helpful inftmraoion.

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